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Bracket Challenge: Coroner's Carnage

Bracket Challenge: Coroner’s Carnage

Coroners have all the luck. They work crappy hours, but get the benefit of dealing with people all day long that never talk back. Then comes o’l Jason to mess everything up. You would think that Jason would appreciate their handy work. After all he and the coroners have something in common, they all slice [...]

Bracket Challenge: Week 1 Results

This was a huge landslide as Crazy Ralph won by a huge margin.

Jason Goes To Casino: The Final Gamble

Jason Goes To Casino: The Final Gamble

This is pretty much the sort of non-news I don’t waste time on but when I received an email from one “HarryM” I chuckled and decided I should share. Apparently, Jason himself from JASON LIVES, CJ Graham, was hired by Thunder Valley Casino in the past week as their vice president of casino operations. Does [...]