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Bracket Challenge: Jason Hunters

Bracket Challenge: Jason Hunters

Jason has attracted a lot of attention over the years. His fan club has grown more and more in the past 30 years. But every so often he attracts those people that don’t particularly care for him. In fact, they go out of their way to let him know [...]

Bracket Challenge: Week 2 Results

 Both divisions last week were major victories. The upcoming week will be more challenging.
Garris: 57 votes
Tucker: 9 votes
Landis: 1 vote
Williams: 1 vote

Axel pimped his way to an easy victory and moves to the next round.
Axel: 63 votes
Phil: 11 votes
Assistant Coroner: 5 votes

Joe Bob Briggs' Friday the 13th Marathon

Joe Bob Briggs’ Friday the 13th Marathon

I loved Joe Bob’s shows and nothing was cooler than watching his Friday the 13th Maraton that ran on TNT in 1998. I watched all six movies. I wish I could have recorded the whole show, but luckily a fan was able to record half of his show and post it on YouTube. Below are [...]