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Something interesting to take note of today is that the domain expires. Now, some of you may not care too much for such news, but for those fans who like to closely monitor the status of a potential sequel for the Friday the 13th franchise, this may interest you.
Warner Brothers used to promote [...]

Friday The 13th: No Man's Land Trailer

Friday The 13th: No Man’s Land Trailer

Last week we brought you behind the scenes photos and information on the new fan film, ‘Friday the 13th: No Man’s Land’. Now, Light Beam Productions have released their first trailer for their film. It plays very much like a teaser trailer, but leaves you knowing what you are going to expect. Check out the [...]

'The New Blood' and John Otrin Behind The Scenes

‘The New Blood’ and John Otrin Behind The Scenes

Mr. John Shepard is probably one of the most hated characters in all of the Friday the 13th films. His alcohol induced domestic violence against Mrs. Shepard in the beginning of Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood did not earn him any sympathy when his daughter Tina collapsed the dock on top of his head. [...]