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Clarification On Friday the 13th Sequel News

Clarification On Friday the 13th Sequel News

So, today turned out to be a bit busier than our typical Wednesday here at One of our in-progress stories that was not meant to be made public at this time, was inadvertantly released publicly on our website for a short period of time and pulled immediately. This story was picked up by site [...]

Behind The Scenes Wednesday: Junior's Head

Behind The Scenes Wednesday: Junior’s Head

We are going to start a new weekly blog highlighting behind the scenes photos from all of the films in the franchise. There will be no uniformed pattern or theme, but rather a more random approach to the images that are displayed. It is absolutely possible that images we feature in this weekly blog will [...]

Jason Voorhees' Hockey Jersey Stays In Vegas

Jason Voorhees’ Hockey Jersey Stays In Vegas

By now, I am sure that you have seen the Halloween costume combo pack that can be purchased with a generic hockey jersey and hockey mask. The jersey sports a hockey mask logo and was a cool little idea for kids and adults to enjoy. However, Jason would look so much better wearing an official [...]

‘Kill!’ Store Opens, Kane Hodders’ Book Progresses

I really do encourage people to follow the progress of Kane’s book, Kill! at the official website Even if you’re a fan of Kane or not, I believe his biographical book will be a fascinating insight into the world of cinema, not only from a special effects standpoint, but from an overall production point [...]