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Friday Conversation: The Vehicles of Friday the 13th

Friday Conversation: The Vehicles of Friday the 13th

The Friday the 13th film series is well known for nudity, elaborate deaths and gore. The iconic symbol of the series is the hockey mask and the anti-hero/monster is Jason Voorhees. These are all common knowledge among the fans and genre enthusiasts, however, has anyone really stopped to think about the vehicles that have defined [...]

'Terror Of Crystal Lake' Available For Limited Time

‘Terror Of Crystal Lake’ Available For Limited Time

Sideshow Collectibles’ Jason Voorhees Premium Statue, ‘The Terror of Crystal Lake’ has been sold out for a few weeks now, but just announced, there are now 12 items available to purchase. If you have been looking to get one of these very detailed and intimidating statues in time for the holidays, then now is your [...]