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Maskworks' Campfire Legend Boasts Retro Jason

Maskworks’ Campfire Legend Boasts Retro Jason

There has been a bit of a renassaince in the likeness of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 2. We have seen a lot of masks, busts and lifesize Jason dummies created of late for the man known as ‘Hillbilly’ Jason. Recently, Maskworks have acquired the mold for Campfire Legend which was created by [...]

'Srigala' Brings 'Friday The 13th' To Indonesia

‘Srigala’ Brings ‘Friday The 13th’ To Indonesia

Everyone knows that Friday the 13th inspired countless ripoffs and began the slasher boom in Hollywood. The number of films that were created were inspired by numerous plot points created by Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham’s film. As prevalent today as back in the early 1980’s, Hollywood is known for the rinse and repeat mentaility [...]