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Friday The 13th & Variety Magazine

Variety, the long-running movie industry trade magazine had an important impact on Friday the 13th. The iconic title image of the logo smashing through glass originated in the first Variety ad, boating “the most terrifying film ever made” - before the film was made. Nay, funded even. The advertisement is what started Sean Cunningham’s office [...]

First Look - Friday The 13th: The Ultimate Collection

Here’s what sloppy seconds trumped up in a pretty new outfit and trotted out onto the street looks like. I’m repulsed, but strangely attracted. Sometimes it sucks being a man horror fan.

No Jason In Mortal Kombat? Blargh!

I just got the new Mortal Kombat today after an agonizing wait of several weeks because my Ebay purchase had a 50% chance of being identified and seized by Customs - y’see, the game was banned here in Australia for reasons to convoluted and silly to explain. Coincidentally the law was rectified today but I [...]

F13th: Tommy Jarvis – Chapter 12

Picking up where the story threads of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning left off, Friday The 13th: Tommy Jarvis is a 16-chapter fan novel written by Christopher Highland serialized here on Friday The 13th Blog. Previous Entries Chapter Twelve

Upcoming Friday The 13th Blu-Rays, DVDs & Boxset From Paramount

So we know a bastard cropped reissue of the reboot is coming from New Line’s home division but over in Paramount land plans are afoot to drop a stack of Friday the 13th releases onto the market on October 4. Now obviously you know that Paramount will almost always disappoint you, so no never-on-blu-ray releases. [...]

Comic Digest: Jason Vs Michael Myers in 1984!?

Far prior to the internet (and this beloved magazine turning to garbage), Fangoria as guided by editor “Uncle” Bob Martin was the place for things you couldn’t see anywhere else. Circa 1984 the Maniac Match-up contest was held where readers could write/illustrate a cartoon/comic strip pitting Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Leatherface against each other. [...]

Quentin Tarantino’s Friday The 13th That Almost Was

One of the most forgotten footnotes in Friday the 13th history is one that would fail to take the series in a high-profile direction but would indirectly provide a platform for the 2009 reboot to actually happen. After the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie stalled, New Line felt there was nowhere else to go [...]

Friday Fans: What Do We Call Ourselves?

An undervalued aspect of a fanbase is how we identify ourselves between each other and to outsiders. We’re Friday Fans one and all, but that’s just a generic default that states the obvious. It’s what we are but not who we are. I guess Mama’s Boys would be accurate as far as relevance to Jason [...]

New Friday Sequel’s Arrested Development

So here we are over two years after Friday the 13th (2009) was released, with little in the way of hard progress on a sequel. Kind of defeated the purpose of launching a franchise reboot/revamp in the first place. Development Hell - the process of rewriting and rehiring with no finite endpoint in mind - [...]

Obsession: First Photos & The Whitfield Sessions #2 (Shoot Begins)

Obsession: First Photos & The Whitfield Sessions #2 (Shoot Begins)

In pre-production I interviewed Tim Whitfield about that portion of the Friday the 13th: The Obsession webseries, and now the first day of filming has been locked so like the proverbial kick in the nuts I’ve kept Tim from resting so he can answer some new questions. Also, the first pics have been released via [...]