30 Years Of Fear Package Winner Announcement

Congratulations are in order as we have a winner of the 30 Years Of Fear Package presented by Creepy Tees. Cinemaslavejoe is now the proud owner of a custom 30th Anniversary Friday the 13th T-Shirt as well as a signed poster by three of the cast members from Friday the 13th (1980), which include Adrienne King (Alice Hardy), Ari Lehman (Young Jason) and Ron Milkie (Officer Dorf).

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and a big thanks to Erik Nash and Creepy Tees for partnering with Friday the 13th: The Website for a great contest for fans of the greatest slasher series in the world!

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6 Responses to “ 30 Years Of Fear Package Winner Announcement ”

  1. Congrats to the winner! :D And have a very fun-filled Friday the 13th everyone! I am offline for the rest of the day. Stay cool!

  2. This is great news! Thanks so much! You guys made my week. :)

  3. congrats CinemaslveJoe! Its an awesome package. I bought it when it first came out and I very happily display my poster framed in my “man cave”! I also wear the t-shirt all the time!

  4. congrats!

  5. Congrats!!

  6. Congrats, thats an awesome shirt and poster.

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