Blog FAQ

What is the F13 Blog?

It’s an appendage of Friday The 13th: The Website where we post all news & updates.

What happened to the forum?

The forum became too big and costly to manage. After a server meltdown, the website was sold and the forum put on permanent hiatus. We decided to take the energy that would normally be used on running a forum and diverting it into replenishing the website, which we have been doing over a year now.

How can I discuss Friday The 13th with other peeps then?

In the comments section. Feel free to surf from latest post to latest post and discuss all things Friday.

Can I be an author on your blog?

We are always on the lookout for new bloggers to join up with us, so if you’re serious, shoot us an email at f13admin AT with your background, ideas and availibility. As you can see, we stick to a very small number of writers here as we are very picky.

7 Responses to “ Blog FAQ ”

  1. We’ve just posted the second of a total of five Friday 13th interviews previewing the new film, which your readers might enjoy.

    Interview #1
    Friday the 13th: The Producers — Brad Fuller and Andrew Form

    Interview #2
    Friday the 13th: Danielle Panabaker

  2. Very excited,11 days to go for the return of camp blood.

  3. Had to say that I am disgusted with this new friday the 13th movie. How could they ruin yet another classic! Not to mention that Michael Bay totally ruined Texas Chainsaw. I hate Michael Bay and his cronies. I hope that this movie doesn’t make anything, I am so pissed you guys….We need to protest this bullcrap doodie movie coming out!!!! Damnit!

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  5. Not sure where to post this but I was wanting to advertise a tote back and change purse that I’ve made.


  7. Hello,
    I am hoping I am contacting the right person. My daughter is having her 13 birthday on Friday the 13th, the cool thing is her name is Hope Voorhees…I swear!. She is having a theme party. Can you guess what she wants it to be? We are planning a “Camp Crystal Lake Party”. I am making the invitation to look like camp applications. We are planning to pick up the girls at school Friday in a van with a magneticc sign on it. I am hoping you can help me out with any other details to make it a blast. Please forward my information to whoever can help. I appreciate it. Thank you so much!

    Lisa Lawson :)

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