AMC Fearfest Week: Trivia The New Blood And Jason Takes Manhattan

Tonight, Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood and Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan will be airing and below are the times they will be showing. All times are for the Eastern Time Zone in the U.S.

We also will be chatting with visitors about these two films tonight, in this blog. So, if interested, stop by and let us know what you think.

As part of our new contest to win the awesome replica Friday the 13th Part 3 hockey mask, which is generously provided by jasonlivessince1980, trivia questions for the next two Fridays in the series are below. Please answer the questions below and submit your answers to For full details of the contest to win the Part 3 hockey mask, check out our rules and information! DO NOT enter your answers below in the comments.

Showtimes For Thursday October 21st, 2010

  • 8:00 pm Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood
  • 10:00 pm Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
  • Trivia Questions For Thursday October 21st

    1. Why was young Tina upset with her father in The New Blood?
    2. What object that is used to kill by Jason is later found by Tina stuck in her house?
    3. A compilation of stock music from Harry Manfredini’s past Friday the 13th films and new music from Fred Mollin were used for Part 7. Music from which earlier Friday the 13th film is used when Jason walks toward the van outside of the party house where the teens are frolicing about?
    4. Who’s head does Robin discover upstairs in the party house in Part 7?
    5. What character and their death was reshot in Jason Takes Manhattan?
    6. What was the working title for Part 8?
    7. What two actors portray Jason in Part 8?
    8. Which main character in Part 8 had the actor replaced a week or so into production and with whom?

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    294 Responses to “ AMC Fearfest Week: Trivia The New Blood And Jason Takes Manhattan ”

    1. I will be chiming in about half way through Part 7 tonight. Everyone is more than welcome to start chatting when Part 7 starts tonight, however. We had a great discussion last night. It was a lot of fun!

    2. These are some really good questions. Great job! Answering them should prove one’s deovtion to the series. LOL.

    3. The questions are hard! I will try to be on to chat tonight. Tje last few nights look like fun.

    4. I just sent out my answers for today’s trivia questions and I forgot to put my screen name Johnny after my responses .

    5. No worries, Johnny. I got you covered. ;)

    6. !. Tina’s father hit her mother.
      2. Tent stake

    7. Shit, I didnt know the last answer.

    8. wherever the little red dot goes…ya-bang

    9. It’s finally over. jason’s Home…great movie line

    10. neat music in this one

    11. Arise…Kane Hodder! lol

    12. So somebody asked on the F13 Part 7 IMDb page why Jason left Tina alive when he came out of the lake, as well as not going right to the party house to take care of all of those easy targets, but instead somehow ventured like 5 miles away from the lake. LOL That IS an interesting question, isn’t it??

    13. I always wondered that myself. He rises, sees Tina, Tina faints and Jason walks down the road instead of killing all those nubile teenagers right there in front of him…lol

    14. The timeline confused me. Tina as a child kills her father, while Jason is still in the lake. So, Tina returns fifteen years later and jason is still there ? All this time, Jason was in the lake ?

    15. Oh well. This is the best Jason make-up ever. EVER! I love this movie so much! I can pretty much say that this is my favorite one even though a lot of people seem to not like it. I like Part 7 the most, and then Part 3 is behind that one.

    16. Tina is one of my favorite final girls. Lar really comes off as a tortured psychic psycho chick.

    17. I know rangerdave, it’s a hard timeline to follow. But here is one that somebody on the Part V IMDb page came up with and it seems to make some sense.

      Part 1 - 1979 (originally 1980 but Part 4 retconned this back a year)
      Part 2 - 1984 (five years after 1)
      Part 3 - 1984 (a day after Part 2)
      Part 4 - 1984 (a day after Part 3)
      Part 5 - 1989
      Part 6 - 1990
      Part 7 - 1990 (intro); 2000 (rest of the movie)
      Part 8 - 2001
      Part 9 - 2003 (this obviously has to take place shortly befor Freddy Vs. Jason)
      F vs J - 2003

    18. Man, trying to make sense of the Friday timeline is almost as painful as trying to make sense of the Terminator Kyle Reese is John Conner’s dad paradox thingy. Ouch. I need an aspirin. I just busted a blood vessel in my left eye…

    19. Do you have to submit the answers to the questions on the day or just by

    20. Hey look the shot from part 4!

    21. its a shame how edited the theatrical version of this film, never mind this tv edit. this could have been a very effective sequel.

    22. makes some sense.
      I can’t believe the police would allow anyone near the very same spot where Jason was killed, again. You’d think the police would drag CRYSTAL Lake where Jason was drowned, to find Jason’s body and get rid of it. Especially, since three of their own was murdered by Jason. I’d want to find out if he was dead.
      Instead, they allow people to move back in the same area and live ? That’s why this one never made sense to me. And two houses goes up where the camp was in the previous film ?

    23. @rangerdave: These movies were made in the 80s, they don’t need to make sense.

    24. the beauty of these films is that they dont have to make sense. logic be damned-they’re still entertaining. just mindless self indulgence. i’ll admit i got into these films as a kid and did not care about timelines or police procedures. but thinking about it now, yeah, the cops would have dragged the lake and retrieved jasons corpse. he would have been revived after that. no tina. it makes sense. oh well.

    25. This one has some decent murders, but repeats a few murders from previous films. i don’t know. Seems they kind of rushed this film, instead of developing a storyline, other than Tina.
      I do like the way Tina and Jason square off.

    26. just look at jason himself. his appearence has changed in every sequel. nothing makes sense. but still we watch. lol

    27. @rangerdave: what kills have been reused?

    28. most would agree Trent from the remake was one of the biggest a$$holes in the series-if not the biggest. How about Melissa? could she be a contender for biggest bitch, or does the honor go to Tamra from part 8for pushing Rennie overboard? I think I just answered my own question.

    29. This movie would be so much better if it was released uncut and I mean even the non gore scenes, they add a little more to the movie and flesh it out a tad but we’re probably shit out of luck.

    30. Melissa is the biggest bitch IMO and at least Tamra is fairly attractive.

    31. “I do like the way Tina and Jason square off”

      And I think that is why this is my favorite in the series. The ending of this one is epic to me. I have this crazy fascination with telekinesis so the end battle between Jason and Tina practically makes me cream my pants. Excuse my terminology but I freakin LOVE this movie!! LOL!!!

    32. Aww shit here come pussyface.

    33. Part 7 just isn’t one of my fav’s, even though some enjoy it. The first 6 were scary or suspenseful. This one’s kill scenes are kinda predicatble

    34. With the kills shown in there full glory this is the most violent, and while not suspenseful, it is a Jason fans wet dream. He looks awesome and is so violent(cause of Kane). If you guys have never seen the head crush in it’s full glory you are truly depriving yourselves.

    35. Timateo keep on enjoying it

    36. oh yeah the full on head crush is gold. man i wish someone form paramount would pull their head outta their arse and do these films justice

    37. I do like the way Dr. Cruz gets it. that is a classic kill scene. everyone in the theatre I was sitting in, was cheering Jason

    38. LOL rangerdave, the only thing that could make this one any better would be the inclusion of a “head in the crotch” shot. LOL!!!! ; )

    39. Well according to JCB, the director, the only uncut footage left is from his VHS workprint, but a skilled editor could clean it up and add that back in for the hardcore fans. They did it with My Bloody Valentine, why not do it with a bigger higher grossing series.

    40. it costs money they don’t want to spend on editing it for the few who would actually rush out to buy it.

    41. right on,

    42. from paramount’s perspective, it doesn’t make sense to spend that kind of moolah

    43. why spend extra money on editing, when people are going to flock to the film, anyway ? that’s what the producers are thinking

    44. anyone have a tough time answering tonight’s questions? gotta hand it to Jason Fury for coming up with these tough questions.

    45. I hope JF gets on here soon. I feel weird posting without him here. It’s like going to someone’s house for a party that they are throwing…except they aren’t there. LOL!!

    46. I do miss the theatrical version where the totally nude girl gets pulled down into the lake depths by jason

    47. It’s the scene that makes no sense. If they’d just add back to other part this scene would actually make sense. Paramount just cared nothing about this movie, it’s rather sad.

    48. it makes sense to put up a budget for a new friday flick to hit theaters because mainstream audiences go to see them as well, but not too many mainstream audiences will buy the 37th blu ray edition of friday the 13th part 7. at least thats what i’ve read about other similiar projects like the real version of halloween curse of michale myers

    49. @thevengefulmachete: I knew all of tonights except for one. The other nights have been a little tougher, course, I’ve seen 7 and 8 more times than the rest cause USA used to play the shit out of them. Each night has a few that are quite hard, thats for sure.

    50. The only question I’m stuck on, but have somewhat of an idea about, is the music question. The rest I have in the bag. LOL

      This tool shed scene always confuses me. I can’t mentally make out the layout of the inside of the shed. LOL Like why didn’t Maddy leave when she crawled under the wall the first time and Jason walked around to the back of the shed?? Couldn’t she have left then safely??

    51. The curse of Michael Myers - the Director’s cut is excellent, but hard to find. It explains everything the theatrical version doesn’t

    52. O shit here it is, doubt they’ll even have to edit this one, but they did, goobers.

    53. Hey everyone,

      Long time Friday fan here who has been visiting this site since…. gosh I cant even remember how long its been. I just got home from my basketball game and I decided to actually participate in this chat instead of just reading what everyone else wrote.

      Part 7 is definitely one of my faves in the series… probably my third favorite (behind 1 and 4). Go get them Jason!

    54. @rangerdave:I think you are referring to the producer’s cut. The director’s cut is actually the theatrical release with gore added to it. The producer’s cut is going to be my Halloween movie this year along with to first two, of course.

    55. @WAR41: nice of you to join us!

    56. i believe in director’s cut baby steven is michael’s clone. in producer’s cut he is actually michael’s son.

    57. @WAR41 welcome!

    58. Hey WAR41! Glad to have another person joining us tonight! I think this is the last night we’re doing this from what JF said. Probably not a lot of people will be on tomorrow, especially since it’s going to be one of everyone’s least favorite movies in the series.

    59. Hey guys!

      “Hunter gatherer seeks nourishment.” :)

    60. Thanks thevengefulmachete and Timateo! JGTH was actually the first Friday I saw in the theater so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember being very sad after I saw it because I thought I would never see another Friday (yes I was that naive).

      I had a chance to see part 8, but I went to see NOES 5 instead.

    61. And why does Jason cut off his head??

    62. I love JGTH. I think everyone here knows that.

    63. Hey guys…discussing Halloween 6. I love that installment! Even the regular theatrical version. I’ve only ever seen the producer’s cut scenes by themselves, and in really bad quality, on Youtube. Would any of you be willing to send me a burned copy if you have one?? I’d love to see the good version of it. And also, I want to make sure I’m reading this correctly…are there actually then THREE versions of the movie??? A theatrical cut, a director’s cut, AND a producer’s cut?? I’ve only ever heard of the producer’s cut besides the theatrical cut.

    64. so, now she figures out it’s Jason in the lake ? Who else would it be ? lol

    65. @jasonsfury: Probably because they used it in Robin’s original kill and then they were like well we made it, might as well use it.

    66. @rangerdave. Exactly. :)

    67. @Timateo:Yes there are 3 versions, the directors cut is basically the theatrical version with gore from a different source added to it.

    68. The New Blood is a great audience participation film, much like Part 3.

      I was reading that some people were having trouble with the music question above. I knew that would be a tough one!

    69. JF you’re here! Did you read my other post?? LOL I had said it felt weird posting without you here because it was like being at someone’s house for a party but they weren’t there with you. LOL

      And I love JGTH too! If I’m home tomorrow night, which there is a good chance for, I will definitely get on here to talk about it!

      @WAR41 that’s funny because JGTH was my first Friday movie in the theater, too. I was only 13, but man it was awesome! I had already been watching the other movies for several years before that, so I was so stoked to get to see one in the theater. That may be why I liked it more than most people. LOL

    70. JGTH kicks ass, not as F13 really but as a movie in general.

    71. I love these interviews with Tyler and Kane

    72. Jason X was my first in the theater, sigh.

    73. Wasn’t this scene re shot in the house from part 4?

    74. Timateo, I did see that. Funny stuff, man! Glad to see you guys came in to talk about Part 7 before I was able to. Very cool!

      The interviews with the guys are awesome! I like seeing them talk about their characters.

    75. That cat just keeps appearing in these sequels. he’s a prelude to Jason entering

    76. I gotta be honest… I have never had a friday the 13th marathon on my own. It is great to see them back to back like this just to see how they progressed over the years

    77. Wylde86, you’re on fire. Bingo. This scene was shot in the Jarvis house in California!

    78. Thanks Wylde. That’s interesting. I can’t believe I didn’t know that! I am a HUGE Halloween fan!

    79. Cruz is about to get it. Get

    80. @WAR41: I love watching this as a marathon, I try to do it at least once a year.

    81. Dr. Crews is a definite Puss!

    82. @Timateo, same with me… I had been watching the movies for a few years before I saw JGTH. I was 12 when I saw JGTH in the theater. Haha I went by myself to see Jason X years later. Surprisingly none of my friends wanted to see Jason in space!

    83. Ok, this is the part that seriously made me want to jump into the screen and rip of Dr. Crews’ face with my bare hands. What a f**king coward…to put Tina’s mom in front of him like that. Complete pu$$y. God I hate him.

    84. Kane Hodder brings so much to this series. He brings a whole new persona to jason.

    85. It’s alright Timateo Bernie won’t be getting up and dancin anytime soon after Jason’s done with him.

    86. Hi everyone, glad to see you all enjoying the new blood!

    87. And people hate on Kane so much now. I still can’t figure it. Why, because he says Jason doesn’t run. Big deal. He helped carry this franchise during the down years in the 90’s

    88. Hey shape! It’s been fun. Is this you’re fav?

    89. IMO…Crews doesn’t get it nearly as violently and as painfully as he should have. Jason should have chopped his balls off and force fed them down his skanky little throat. And ripped his intestines out when his hand was on its way back out. All in brilliant HD. lol

    90. Kane was the reason the franchise still runs. he saved the series, when it was on life support.

    91. Kane did an awesome job and can’t really be compared to the earlier Jasons. He was playing an unstoppable, zombified, killing machine, while they were playing a crazy fucker that missed his mommy. If you were dead and rotting you’d probably find it hard to run too.

    92. Question for you all…. does it bother you that Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason and the new Friday the 13th were not a part of this marathon? Obviously the new Friday would be difficult as its currently on premium cable, but Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason have been on basic cable in the past.

    93. @WAR41…I had mixed feelings about Jason X. Honestly, I didn’t like it when I left the theater after seeing it for the first time. But it’s one of the F13 movies that has instead grown on me more and more over the years. Plus it was Kane’s last performance as Jason, so it deserves special recognition if for no other reason than that one.

      Awwwwww shit! Things are about to go down with Tina and Jason! LOVE IT!!!!

    94. This is a marathon of the original series as far as I’m concerned, so no not in the least bit.

    95. I am a litle surprised they didn’t get Jason X in here to finish off Friday with JGTH. If they were able to get JGTH, which is a New Line film, then Jason X should have been included.

    96. Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason are running on other networks, like USA channel and Sci-fi. They may have the rights, I don’t know

    97. The mechanical effects in Part 7 are amazing. Great work by Magical Media Industries!

    98. I said the other day that part 3 had the best “chase scene” but I find think this ending might be a tad more epic!

    99. It’s cool that you can see Jason’s one eye through the eye hole in the mask!

    100. @WAR41 (again LOL)…I’m ok with them not playing Freddy vs Jason because that has always felt more like a NOES movie than a F13 movie to me. And the new F13 is still too new to be part of this kind of a nostalgia marathon…again in my opinion. But yea, I think they could have included Jason X with JGHT tomorrow night.

    101. ANd I cannot believe that Kane took this entire roof on top of himself. Unbelievable!

    102. I wish you could see the mold and bone more, if you can find them there are pics showing this that just look insane.

    103. I love the way that mask comes off Jason’s face. a classic

    104. Damn, just chunk a bitch, lol.

    105. Was Melissa’s death supposed to be a sort of homage to Marcie from F13 Part 1?

    106. Kane almost knocked himself out falling through those stairs! He said the back of his head was close to hitting the stiars. Ouch!

    107. Best thing about the effects in this movie is that they actually paid tribute to ALL of the damage to Jason’s face from over the years. I love that about this movie. That kind of attention to detail deserves some serious accolades from the fans!

    108. kane cared about the character. he really understood jason. IMO. he’s the best because he tried to add depth to Jason in his body language, making him not only scary but brutal and angry. IMO kane is to jason as robert englund is to freddy

    109. Kane is a monster, willing to almost die just to get the shot, I mean shit he set himself on fire for what was a record time at the time.

    110. @Timateo, I don’t think Melissa’s death was meant to be an homage. It is just one mean kill. Too bad we never get to actually see it.

    111. Kane laid it all out on the line, in every stunt scene

    112. Kane was great in Hatchet

    113. @jasonsfury: Her full death is show on the new DVD in the documentary and it’s not from the worprint it’s from a good source.

    114. I never understood that part when Jason somehow got out of the hole and grabbed Tina. Did he use his Go Go Gadget legs?? LOL!

    115. Red, yellow, and it says gasoline, that must have been an 80s standard for gas cans.

    116. that explosion was epic

    117. Wylde86, most defnintely, I meant in the theatrical run, initially. :)

      That house explosion is epic!!!

    118. HAHAHA OMG this part always reminds me of the funniest thing I ever read on an IMDb page. Somebody once asked how in the hell the house could have exploded like that when all there was was some gas to ignite. And someone replied that Tina’s dad must have secretly stockpiled some M4 explosives in the other part of the basement that we never got to see. LOL!!! So funny!!

    119. Would Jason really have just pushed Nick into the baot? I think a kill was in order.

    120. Sure did take the Stockton fire dept a while to put out that fire!


    122. That fire truck still exists. Did a writeup on it before in the summer.

    123. People hate on part 8. I sorta liked it. Plus, we get our first glimpse of Kelly Hu

    124. Mr. Buechler himself! ;)

    125. Bravo John Carl Buechler!! Bravo!

    126. Porky

    127. Hmmmm, what does everyone think, Jersey Shore or Friday the 13th Part 8? :)

    128. I love the “Ja Ja Ja son son son” part when the Paramount stars come out in the beginning of this one! That really is pretty damn creepy!

    129. Gotta go Part 8. Jersey Shore is garbage. :)

    130. @rangerdave: A young Kelly Hu all 80sed out, O yeah

    131. That opening over the Paramount logo got me real pumped for the film when I saw it in the theater.

    132. I love this ending. a classic

    133. I like this one cause it just has that 80sness about it. It has also been my end of the nighter a shit load of times.

    134. There are parts I really love in Part 8, then there are parts I really despise. A very frustrating movie.

    135. I also love how all 80’s movies that took place in NYC made the city seem like such a shitty murder infested sess pool fool of scum and grime. And now movies that take place there show it in a much friendlier and cleaner tone.

      On a more serious note…I miss those damn towers. A lot. *sigh*

    136. Once again, Jason is still down there and the cops don’t bother to drag the lake, again. I love

    137. What do you guys think about the power lines in the lake? Ha Ha

    138. And yes, the cops never drag the lake for dead bodies!

    139. In regards to the flashbacks with JAson, I was never happy about the fact that he was hown as a normal boy and not the mongoloid. Oh well. ;)

    140. I love how this random mask just happens to have the axe mark.

    141. I thought this sequel had a decent storyline and paid close attention to detail.

    142. Yea I know JF!! They do show him as a mongoloid when he pulls Renny down though, and in the mirror scene. That’s what didn’t make any sense.

    143. The axe mark became just as much a trademark as the mask itself.

    144. @Wylde “I love how this random mask just happens to have the axe mark.”

      HAHAHAHA!!! Yea! I guess Jim must have scene all the F13 movies, too! LOL!!!!

    145. Jason looks badass in this film. He has the total nightstalker look going with the black gloves. But the face underneath, what is that all about? :)

    146. cool murder scenes in this one

    147. Doesn’t help that his hands seem to be covered in a jizzy like substance either.

    148. wow some of these trivia questions have got me stumped, do we have to get all of them right to get credit?

    149. Suzy’s death was always disturbing to me because of how long it lasted and because her screaming makes it sound like she is so legitimately scared.

      On another note…it’s amazing how the landscape of NJ all of a sudden looks very much like Vancouver and the pacific northwest. LOL ; )

    150. A lot of fans say that the movie should have ended after the two get killed on the boat. :)

      And I love that Jason can skipper a boat. He is multitalented.

    151. and jasonsfury its a toss up between 3 and 4 for my favorite friday movie, but I really like the way Jason looks in New Blood

    152. @theshape_78 Yea, would need to get them all right. WHat are you stumped on?

    153. Part 4 is my favorite too, and then JGTH :)

      Did you guys check out my write up on the Diner scene location for Part 8

    154. So if Jason can skipper a boat does that mean that he is legally ordained and allowed to marry a couple if they want him to? LOL

    155. This ship is doomed.

    156. I am so glad people dont’ dance like that anymore.

    157. questions 3 5 and 8

    158. A look at a very young Jensen Daggett. what a cutie

    159. The 3rd question is hard. A lot of people are getting tha wrong in the emails I am getting. I’ll give you the answer…… It’s the music from Part 5.

    160. “Your’re all gonna die. You’re the last ones and he’s come back for you.”

    161. 5 and 8 aren’t hard but you may need to do some research, I’m still working on 3 though gonna have to rewatch it cause I missed it earlier.

    162. @jasonsfury thanks for the help I never would have got that one!

    163. Dammit jasonsfury I was wanting to figure that out on my own, lol, I’ll still check it out anyway.

    164. JJ’s gonna jam in the power room!!!

    165. hahaha OMG I think this movie rates up there with Part V for the weirdest characters. LOL Ladies and Gentleman… I give you Wayne and JJ. hahaha

    166. yeah wylde86 your right I think I can get them, just gonna have to dig a little deeper!

    167. Some Trivia: JJ is now a musician and voice over actress. Suzi, wrote the recent Nancy Drew movie.

    168. I actually like the scene of Jason creeping up JJ while the music is playing. Very cool scene!

    169. I love how the boat’s engine room looks like Freddy’s boiler room

    170. Well, Friday was trying very hard to compete with the Nightmare series by this time. Hence, the Freddy like nightmare scenes wuth Rennie. :)

    171. I want that guitar, Rob Hedden!

    172. I like the trivia Wylde. Awesome!

    173. Ha Ha, I love Julius.

      “What are you taking, Julius”

      “Nothing……but this gun”

    174. @jasonsfury very very true! As I mentioned earlier my dad gave me a choice. I had a choice between Friday part 8 or NOES 5… I chose NOES 5!

    175. I find it funny that this movie has a more 80s feel and instead of pot they use coke as the drug of choice.

    176. Blasphemy WAR41 that’s just Blasphemy, lol.

    177. Hello all

    178. It’s true. The drugs did shift from the 70’s choice to the 80’s choice. Part 8 indeed is an encapsulation of the 80’s!

    179. Hey Gabe! Watching Part 8 right now?

    180. and the leatest Friday goes back to marijuana…lol

    181. Yea, flipping between that and the Phillies game lol

    182. That’s because cocaine is viewed as a very evil drug now. It’s sicially acceptable to smoke pot now. ;)

    183. I like this kill in the saina room way more than the cut version.

    184. I know this is a little late (I should have mentioned it Monday night), but I have a pretty entertaining story about Camp Nobebosco.

      I actually stayed there overnight during my junior year in high school in 1998. And no I am not a boy scout!

      If anyone is interested I will write up the story. Lets just say the ranger was sick of my friends and I by the end of that trip.

    185. original kills

    186. The sauna kill would be better without that lame flame effect

    187. woo hoo! got question 5, now just gotta find 8!

    188. @jasonsfury: The question “7. What two actors portray Jason in Part 8?” is this just referring to grown Jason?

    189. Kelly Hu’s death scene is great

    190. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, makes you make out with old guys and shit.

    191. True, GaBe. They could have eliminated the flame.

      Hey, I would given Tamara an A++ for her project! :)

    192. @Wylde, yea just the adult Jason. I should have been more specific on that one.

    193. @jasonsfury, Cool, thanks!

    194. @rangerdave I love the dance flor kill scene. Very modern for the time and Jason just wanted to choke the hell out of Kelly Hu by the end!

    195. Charles is a

    196. I have to say the weird teleportation thingy is annoying though and I definitely wouldn’t use my hands to choke Kelly Hu, lol.

    197. I know this is a little late (I should have mentioned it Monday night), but I have a pretty entertaining story about Camp Nobebosco.

      I actually stayed there overnight during my junior year in high school in 1998. And no I am not a boy scout!

      If anyone is interested I will write up the story. Lets just say the ranger was sick of my friends and I by the end of that trip.

      That would be cool. Let me know.

    198. Charles: 35% good, 65% bastard.

    199. ALright guys. Listen up to this one. No one knows this yet, but Tamara was originally supposed to be found by Kelly Hu hanging on the hook on the back of the door!!!

    200. Man, Jason needs to take advantage of some of these half naked girls! I’m starting to think he’s playing for the other team lol.

    201. Ha Ha, right on, Keith!

    202. @jasonsfury: Was this actually filmed or just in the script?

    203. Did Jason just cut his throat with the dull side of the knife??

    204. I am not sure about the script right now, but in the notes for the special effects crew and the call sheets, it called for a rig to have Tamara hung on the hook and for Kelly Hu to discover her.

      I am going to do a writeup on that at some point.

    205. Sean doesn’t even muster up any tears for his Dad.

    206. I love how Jason always seems to cut off communications right when they are trying to call out. To bad for him we have cell phones now.

    207. I know, right, Gabe. The gash on the neck suggests you are right.

    208. Well, Keith, his dad was being a prick to him earlier, maybe he was glad the dad was gone. Or, it could be bad acting. :)

    209. @Keith Sean is a cold-hearted mofo!!

    210. To bad for him we have cell phones now.

      Yes, but in every horror movie, the cellphones never

    211. SO true, the cel phones never work. It is truly amazing! But in this film, the electronic devise gets them from the middle ofthe ocean on a small boat into New York. So, technology does work in a horror movie.

    212. LOVE IT when Jason opens that door… best shot of Part 8

    213. Love how Jason is everywhere in this scene.

    214. HA Ha. “Nothin’ …. but this gun”

    215. Would have been great if Julius said “Nothing, but these two fists” lol

    216. Would be even better if he said “Nothing…. but these two guns” and then he slapped his biceps and threw the gun over to one of other guys

    217. Gabe, that would have been priceless!! Way better than his actual line. :)

    218. Why does every one burst into flames in this movie?! lol

    219. Ha Ha Ha, WAR41

    220. How the hell did Jason get up that ladder so fast. Crazy. :)

    221. Does everyone know about the visible sprinkler coming up? LOL

      And also…the music from the Crystal Lake to Manhattan dvd box set is playing in this scene. Pretty cool.

    222. wow I just got a little sad. More than halfway done with Part 8. The marathon is almost over :(

    223. Yea, that sprinkler in the shot is just awful. You would think they would have picked up on that after dailies?

    224. Its that Jason teleportation lol

    225. There is still JGTH tomorrow. You know you want to watch.

      Also, next Friday AMC is showing a ton of these movies back to back all through the night!!

    226. @WAR41…I’m a bit upset that this marathon is about over. But I am really looking forward to the Halloween marathon next week! I just wish the idiots running the site had the intelligence and creativity to get something together like what we’ve been doing on here all week.

    227. @jasonsfury haha of course I want to watch! But unfortunately I will be missing it as I am going to my parent’s place after work and I will likely have to entertain them for a bit before I head out for the night.

    228. This site needs and IRC channel, we could talk about all kinds of shit in there.

      LOL that commercial is so stupid and yet I still laugh every time I see it. hahaha

    230. Phils won BTW!! Now Friday has my full attention lol

    231. Where the hell is the rest of the crew, cooks, waiters, etc…

    232. Yea, they must be with the rest of the students who will eventually go down with the ship. They just all disappear. :)

    233. Congrats GaBe!

    234. I wish the deckhand survived and went to Manhattan with the others. :)

    235. Yea really, no other crew members, or just another example of their tight budget lol

    236. @Gabe Mets fan here… rough year. Waiting for the season to end already! Congrats to you though

    237. GaBe where are you from just out of curiosity? I live in DE, but I’m originally from right outside Philly. So all I’ve been seeing all night on my Facebook page are damn status updates from my friends about the Phillies game. LOL I’m sooo not into that stuff.

    238. Julius is an Olympic swimmer if yall didn’t know. They forgot the mention that again

    239. @ jasonsfury haha the deckhand would have joined those drug addicts in the alley and shot up!

    240. Right, Wylde. Julius is the frickin man! Jason is an even better swimmer. He gets all the way to New York.

    241. South Jersey, 15 min from Philly and 45 min from AC.

    242. War41, no, the gang bangers would have only thought the deckhand was shooting up. He just really is that messed up without the drugs. :)

    243. These damn PA2 commercials keep giving me the chills. Can’t wait to see it this weekend.

    244. What do you guys think about this whole sequnce in New York? Are you alright with most of it in the alleys?

      PA2 does look real good!

    245. Ahhhh Canada lol

    246. Actually Julius, you are still in NJ hahaha

    247. @jasonsfury I really really REALLY do not like how it is mostly in the alleys and not on the streets of NYC. It has always bothered me and still does to this day

    248. A little geographical set up for everyone. For shooting the alley for the cop car running over Jason, Julius in the phone booth, and the boxing match on the roof, they all took place in the alley behind the diner where the crew shot the diner scene!

    249. Jason uses drugs to kill not get high!

    250. @jasongury Yea, drugs DO kill lol

    251. This boxing scene makes the whole New York alley problem worth it!

    252. I like the alleys, most cities I’ve been to if you were running from Jason alleyways would be easier to confuse him plus I like the grimy look.

      @jasonsfury: some interior shots of the diner now would be awesome, the pics you posted I noticed there seems to be a light on inside. I wonder if its still used for something.

    253. Wow, they completely cut the head falling out, USA even left it in back in the day, AMC you make me sad sometimes.

    254. Most recently, the old diner was a home to a Boyscout mini race car museum. I kid you not!

    255. Yea, its passed 11pm should be late enough for some gore!

    256. The Irish cop always makes me laugh. He just seems so out of place. Not sure why?

    257. Now we have a Ken Kirzinger Jason sighting

      And, this flashback is also and as you all know compleltely makes no sense in the timeline. Argg

    258. Dont they knw the irish cop steroetype went out in like the 50’s

    259. Most horrible/sad deaths in the series:
      Alice dying in the beginning of Part 2
      Mrs. Jarvis in Part 4
      Mrs. Sheppard in Part 7
      Ms. Van Dussen in Part 8

    260. Other than the timeline, Jason doesn’t die until part 4, so why would he be chillin at the bottom of the lake.

    261. @Timateo come on, you can’t leave out Mark getting killed. The guy was handicapped haha!!!

    262. AGreed, Timateo. Miss V being killed in the cop car did suck.

    263. I can’t believe McCullough tried to bribe Jason with money. :)

    264. Yea I don’t know why the Mark death doesn’t bother me so much. I’m a heartless bastard I guess. LOL
      But the Ms. V scene is always hard to watch. She’s like the only person in this movie that you truly genuinely care about because she is so sweet and concerned about Rennie.
      So sad. Please…a moment of silence for Ms. V. LOL

    265. They should have gotten Joe Bob Briggs to host this, and they should let him do it every year.

    266. Jason with the cock block!

    267. Jason doesn’t like hanky panky kids.

    268. Quayton Lives!!!

    269. Why do I always laugh when Jason pushes that lady out of the way on the subway? Is that wrong? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    270. Doesn’t Jason always have a nack for creating the block. :)

    271. Yea, I always wondered what the hell “Quayton Lives” is. Ha Ha

    272. @jasonsfury good point… Jason might be the biggest cock block in film history!

    273. hahaha the random guy with no pants on. Only in NYC, right?? LOL

    274. You have to admit that this scene of Jason in Time Saquare is awesome!!

    275. Silly Street Urchin, don’t talk smack to Jason or he’ll…. um take his mask off and show you his face??

    276. @jasonsfury:Quayton was part of the name of a high school band that director Rob Hedden was in.

      That diner chick is Rob Hedden’s sister and we all know who the cook is.

    277. I never get that city feeling till they come out of the subway. The alley scenes just make it seem clostrophobic.

    278. Ah, yes, the high school band. I remember now. Thanks

    279. @Timateo Yea, the pantsless guy always makes me laugh. I never saw anyone like that walking the streets if Time Square.

    280. What about the naked cowboy that sings?

    281. ALright guys, I am out of here. I can’t stand the ending of this film. It’s the only time in the whole series that I actually get mad. Thanks for participating everyone. It was a lot of fun!!

    282. Alright!! Part 7 comes on after this!! I haven’t seen that movie in…well, hours. LOL!!

    283. haha wow jasonsfury! I am sorry that you hate the ending so much! Thanks for running this chat

    284. Later!!!

    285. Later, jasonsfury, had tons of fun!!!

    286. Yea, I now view the ending of this movie as a hallucination. It’s the only way to rationalize it at this point in the series.

    287. I’ll be watching part 7 since i missed it cuz i was at work. Sucks running a liquor store sometimes lol.

    288. @GaBe: most all the liquor stores round here have TV’s in them and the clerks are always watching them.

    289. OMG that random shot of lightning hitting the Statue of Liberty. WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT OF THAT???????

    290. Yea, thats why we don’t have one lol

    291. well, its been fun everyone… glad I participated tonight. Likely won’t be around tomorrow night for JGTH if there is anything at all. This marathon was amazing, lets hope it happens again next year!

    292. Night everyone! Good times. Again! And yes, lets hope they do this again next year! Until then…

    293. The lightning was a reference to her power that we seen in ghostbusters haha

    294. Yes, until next time all!!! Been Fun!!

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