Artist Jerrod Brown Creates Acrylic Friday The 13th

Artist Jerrod Brown has created stunning acrylic based artwork for some of the most popular Sci-Fi and horror characters from the last couple of decades. He has a unique eye for capturing certain key moments from respective films and elements and his work would be a unique addition to any genre fan’s collection.

Recently, the piece that he created pertaining to the end scene of Friday the 13th (1980) was discovered by our website and the backdrop of the scene with the demented Mrs. Voorhees really tells the entire tale of the film. The curse of Crystal Lake, and really an entire phenomenon, can summarized in this one artisitic work.

To see more of Jerrod’s work, visit his Facebook page

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4 Responses to “ Artist Jerrod Brown Creates Acrylic Friday The 13th ”

  1. Very nice, I love it!

  2. Very nice! You should show this to Adrienne King! Bet she would love it.

  3. Pretty cool. I like this guys artwork.

  4. This acrylic artwork is really good. He should do more on the other films in the series.

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