Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason Takes Manhattan

After A New Beginning, many fans feel that Jason Takes Manhattan is the next black sheep in th series. There was so much hype and so much promise with the premise of Jason going to New York that the end result left a lot to be desired. It also didn’t help that the MPAA came down hard on this film as it did previous films. Even more so, it seemed this film was targeted even heavier. 

Although some fans complained that the movie looked like a big budget TV episode and the gore was all but cut out of the film, which kill is your favorite in Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Mantattan?

Kills by Jason Voorhees

1: Jim - impaled with a spear gun

2 : Suzi - stabbed with a spear

3 : J.J. - bashed in the head with her electric guitar

4 : Boxer - hot sauna rock in the chest

5 : Tamara - stabbed with a mirror shard

6 : Jim Carlson - harpooned in back

7 : Admiral Robertson - throat slit with a machete

8 : Eva - strangled

9 : Wayne - electrocuted on a control panel

10 : Miles - impaled on a deck post

11: Deck Hand - axe to the back

12: Gang Banger #1 - stabbed through the back with his own syringe

13: Gang Banger #2 - bashed and scalded on a steam pipe

14: Julius - decapitated by punch

15: Cop - dragged into an alley, killed offscreen

16: Charles McCullough - drowned in a barrel of sewage

17: Sanitation Worker - bashed in the head with a wrench

Kills by Wayne

1: Crew member - accidentally shot by Wayne

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23 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason Takes Manhattan ”

  1. Watching Julius get his noggon knocked off was awsome. That’s my pick.

  2. That was the KO of the 80’s. Julian’s death owns.

  3. Gotta go with Julius getting his block knocked off, but Miles’ comes second. Jason coming out of nowhere on a pole is epic!

  4. This one off my all time favs!!!!!!
    I would have to say the best kill is julius having his head punched off, love it!!!!!!!

  5. I love the way Jason looks at the hocky mask on the building and tilts his head, love it!!!!

  6. Julius is the best kill in part 8. My Mom loves that scene too. She took Me to see it back in 89. I wasnt as impressed with part 8 as I was with part 7. But it was cool to see someone actually stand up to Jason and start punching Him. I and every person in the theatre knew Julius was toast, but how He was going to get it, the suspense was killing Me. I even think Jason kind of had a little respect for Julius. Jason just let Julius wail on Him until He was done. Guess it was something new for Him. And when He punches Julius’s head off, the audience went nuts and screamed and cheered for Jason. I know Jason Takes Manhattan gets alot of crap from people, and I understand why. But there were some creative kills, like the boxer that gets the sauna rock to the chest. That was original and never done by Jason before. Its not my favorite in the FT13th series, but its an ok installment.

  7. Once again, aside from an attractive Canadian cast and a very interesting setting and “an old school direct-to-VHS tape Slasher look”, this one had an interesting premise but by this point, most of the fun was pretty much gone by this point in the series. In mild defense of writer/director Red Hedden, he sounds like a wonderful gentleman in his commentary from from ‘04 and on the Nis Name Was Jason disappointing doc as well as the ‘09 issued Deluxed Edition we all picked-up for the extra scenes and the like. And it’s amazing how nicely both the ladies who played Suzi and Tamera have aged in they’re Deluxe Edition interviews. Hot-damn they’re hot. ;) Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

    Anyway indeed: The MPAA came down so hard on the last four distributed by Paramount which is a shame, but two deaths do REALLY stick-out in my mind for being very unique and oddly (however briefly on screen)and they are:

    Suzi’s torture, prolongued spear-to-the-gut death. Her screams are very feminane and real to me, and it’s a horrible image to see the newly resurrected, slimey Jason Voorhees above you, with you projecting all of your fear onto his now iconic (and new at that time of him getting it from Jim on board) hockey mask, and then to imagine the pain she must of felt. Plus of course, Jason forever remains pissed off, and all of her begging & pleading of course sadly did no good (as we all know it). :(

    Next is Tamera’s as well. Because like Suzi before her, she gets several seconds to truely “see it coming”. Death himself (Jason that is) is in the room with her. First she has to feel pain with getting her head cracked in the bathroom mirror, and then we get the first (once again) very believeable scream, and she see’s her death impending and them her final death scream is timed JUST perfect with the ships main valve whistle blowing off on the hour, and we get that great (just as in A New Beginning) “SQUISH” sound F/X foley. Wonderful image. And we see in the uncut aftermath that Jason repeated stabbed her with multiple shards, so she of course was alive much longer, no doubt.

    If I had to pick my “favorite” kill/death sequence from Part VIII, then I’d say that poor Suzi would will, barely. Because she was sensual & innocent. Very much. She was genuineally terrofied as her boyfriend Jim quickly told her the Voorhees Death Curse legend of Essux County (Crystal Lake of course), and suddenly, THERE he appears wearing the hock Jim brought along to scare her with; looking nice & slimey and water-logged, and she gets a true old school ice-heart bastard prolongued quick torture scene with a spear into the gut. It’s also interesting to note Jason’s aim is amusingly off in this installment, where as just a few back in Parts 3 and 4, he was dead-on balls accurate (in Paul’s case no pun is really intended). So he has to go after Jim a second time. Interesting.

  8. Miles – impaled on a deck post

  9. Got to go with that bastard McCullough. Damn that was brutal. To be drowned in a barrel full of junk and rain water not to forget a floating dead rat must be the worse way to go. When ever i see that part I always wonder how they did it without risking the actor life for real.

  10. jason takes manhatten is definately not the best entry in the series but the hockey mask was cool and i think julius getting his head knocked off then it rolling down the roof and landing in a garbage dumpster was pretty cool!

  11. Julius’s death was sweet!!! Gotta love the KO kill!!!

  12. The sauna rock in the chest.

  13. This movie even though it is considered bad, I never get tired of watching it for some reason. To me this was the final true Friday the 13th since it was the final film to be produced by Paramount. This movie did not exactly offered anything new as far as kills but it had some good ones. My top 5 are: (5) Eva, (4) J.J, (3) Charles McCullough, (2) Tamara, (1) Julius. Julius’s death was great and almost comical in a way, when his head falls into the trash, he was a great character and had a great death scene. I would have liked to have seen the uncut death scenes of both Tamara and J.J., I remember there being a scene where Eva found Tamara’s body all slashed with glass shards, we did’nt exactly see that in the final film, same with J.J., I would have liked to have seen Jason acually bashing the guitar on J.J.

  14. Obviously Julius’s is bad ass, but Miles getting chunked onto the antenna was cool. Supposedly that had him land on it and squirm but they cut it out. There’s apparently a lot of footage missing from this movie I would love to see that kill uncut.

  15. One word: Julius.

  16. I think Julius – decapitated by punch is the winner but I also loved the scene where Jason throws the cook (FVJ Jason (Ken Kirzinger) into the mirror behind the counter. Don’t know if it killed the guy but scene always makes me cheer.

  17. Julius loosing his head was the best from this film!

  18. Julius – decapitated by punch
    Best kill in the film, period!

  19. Julius

  20. I am a big fan of the Sauna Rock kill!

  21. Not going to say anything about this entry.

    The question is favourite kill; mine is the whole Tamara kill, her seeing him come into her room and then killed naked in the shower with a shard of mirror - to me that felt like the closest thing to a good ‘ol Friday kill in this entry.

    Now thinking of it, I may just buy JTM…it’s gotta be dead cheap by now. And I’ve not seen any SE DVD bonus stuff.

  22. While Julius’ death is great the one that did it for me is probably the most simple. Admiral Robertson. I think what I found cool about it was the set and the execution. (No pun intended) It had a good set up and when his throat was cut the shot slowed down to slo mo and it just added a really eerie, powerful sense to the scene. My fav hands down.

  23. The only death that really stuck with me after watching this movie was Jason’s decapitating punch to Julius’ head, and it’s all due to the wonderful POV shot as the head goes tumbling down the roof before landing in the dumpster. If I remember correctly, Julius actually got in a few good punches before “losing his head”, which is better than most of Jason’s victims fare.

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