Brad Fuller’s Friday Sequel Tweets: The Half-Yearly Report

Brad Fuller: Platinum Dunes partner, producer of Friday the 13th (2009), and sometimes Twitterer. He only pops up sporadically, and when he does it’s to answer the same questions over and over. No wonder the poor man feels the need to take a breather from the social network, if only the quality of questions were better perhaps his answers would be meatier. Though it’s entirely possible there are decent questions going out and he specifically chooses the softballs to answer. Note to self: test this.

We’ve just tipped over 2011′s midpoint which sees the producer locked in quick q&a over Platinum Dunes’ forthcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action pic and the not-coming Nightmare on Elm Street sequel. He’s pretty much exhausted the Friday the 13th sequel questions, so let’s round up the relevant tweets and see what we got!

@RavenEAP @derek_mears I am ready to get started, but the final decision isn’t mine. Saturday, 18 June 2011 1:04:16 PM via Twitter for iPad in reply to RavenEAP [Re: fan request for sequel]

@superchecco still waiting for the studio. Saturday, 18 June 2011 1:02:22 PM via Twitter for iPad in reply to superchecco [Re: Release date]

@jpgor: @bcfuller - is it true Friday part 2 canned? What happened?”let’s wait and see what happens 11:33 PM May 12th via Twitter for iPad

@daveminyard: @bcfuller Is there anything us fans ca do to help get F13 and NoES made?”thanks, just support them when/if they come out 2:01 PM May 10th via Twitter for iPad

@mikemawson82: @bcfuller please do everything in your power to make another elm street and Friday the 13th” I am pushing. 11:33 AM May 10th via Twitter for iPad

@danny21fanone believe me, I want to make another, but Warner bros. Needs to tell us they want another. 6:45 AM Apr 30th via Twitter for iPad in reply to danny21fanone

@baumer72: @bcfuller U couldn’t produce F13th indepedntly, right? Besides money PD owns rights now, correct, or WB.”they own the rights 11:18 PM Apr 26th via Twitter for iPad

@CraigKocher: @bcfuller would you rather 2d or 3d for the new F13?” 3d 9:44 AM Apr 25th via Twitter for iPad

@chimrichells: @produce the film independently and release it the festival route.” and where do you suggest we get the money? 9:44 AM Apr 25th via Twitter for iPad

@LivingHell2010: @bcfuller any news on friday the 13th?!”not this week. 8:03 AM Apr 22nd via Twitter for iPad

Landing at lax in 15 mins. Got to keep pushing Jason rock up this huge mountain. 12:53 PM Mar 31st via Twitter for iPad

@AtwotheH part two it is then. 6:55 AM Mar 28th via Twitter for iPad in reply to AtwotheH

@RavenEAP i love kane hodder, but if I am making another f13 Derek Mears is going to be Jason. 6:54 AM Mar 28th via Twitter for iPad in reply to RavenEAP

@Freshjim he was great to work with. I hope we get to work together again soon. 6:52 AM Mar 28th via Twitter for iPad in reply to Freshjim [Re: Jared Padalecki]

@gottabezac we won’t give up. 6:49 AM Mar 28th via Twitter for iPad in reply to gottabezac

Friday the 13 th, part two ( or is it the 13th?) we won’t give up. Dont you either. 12:07 AM Mar 28th via Twitter for iPad

Many people are asking for updates on elm street and f13 sequels, but sadly nothing has changed. Its depressing. 9:40 AM Mar 9th via Twitter for iPad

I share your frustration. I miss Jason and Freddy also. Thursday, February 10, 2011 2:00:52 AM via Twitter for iPad

As for Freddy, as far as I know, there isnt even talk of writing another script. 1:23 AM Jan 30th via Twitter for iPad

Shannon and swift wrote a great script. We are ready to go, when new line is ready. But as of yet, they are not ready. 4:38 PM Jan 29th via Twitter for iPad

First, let’s talk Jason . 4:30 PM Jan 29th via Twitter for iPad

Lots of rumors out there. I want to set the record straight on freddy and Jason 4:29 PM Jan 29th via Twitter for iPad

Incidentally, the most valuable insight I gleamed from compiling these tweets wasn’t about part 2, but part 1: responding to “if you could’ve done anything different with the F13 remake, what would you have done and why?” Fuller answered simply “less nudity”.

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7 Responses to “ Brad Fuller’s Friday Sequel Tweets: The Half-Yearly Report ”

  1. well I am sure the no one wants them back to make the next movie that’s why there is no news . the other 2 partners of the movie know that the fans really did not like the 2009 reboot so when they have the right people to wright a good script we will have a new friday the 13th

  2. What about Todd Farmer?

  3. Please check out my article on my a sequel to friday the 13th is a must.

  4. here is the website address:

  5. I’m a f13 fan and I loved the reboot. I would love for them to do another.

  6. Even if they get going in the next 6 months we are looking at a 2013 release, which might be good for marketing. There are 2 Friday the 13th’s on the calendar in 2013, September and December. Just something to think about.

    Also check out the band DEILVJOY on Sacrifice Records. They have a 8 minute tribute song to Friday the 13th called “Relax with a warm cup of Jason”

  7. I would love 2 c this thing get started already. Although i would like 2 c something new. I liked the remake the charters have 2 be sharp & cutting edge

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