Camp Crystal Lake in Japan?

Posted 07 Aug 2009 in New Fridays

fridayjapanI missed this news back in February. Apparently, in the weeks leading up to the release of Friday the 13th, a lake located in Japan was renamed to Crystal Lake as a promotional event for the film’s release. Yamanaka Lake, which is adjacent to Mt. Fuji was chosen as the lake for which to have the honor of being called Crystal Lake. Check out the pic below of the lake and thanks to daizab for sending in the information.


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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. The Gill-Man (07 Aug 2009, 16:07)

    Looks friggin’ cold!

    Awesome promotion though!

  2. dan (07 Aug 2009, 16:43)

    haha! Thats really rad

  3. yellow misfit (07 Aug 2009, 19:07)

    crystal lake and snow looks good together

  4. Filip83 (07 Aug 2009, 22:06)

    that is a cool idea for a promotion!

  5. johnfivethree (09 Aug 2009, 7:23)

    Shame its just for promotional purposes, as it looks nice.

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