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Sequel Facts…

Hi everyone. Not a huge update. As you all know the Dunes gang are all about the Elm Street remake at the moment. (The less said about Nancy=angry goth social outcast the better am I right?). But you know this is a small but vital bit of news I think we missed. Im sorry if [...]

Final (Almost) Box Office Tally For New Friday

Now that Friday the 13th is all but out of theatres, I thought we should all take a look at how the movie fared throughout the last 6 weeks. I know that we are all aware of how much the movie dropped off after opening weekend, but this movie still made a lot of money [...]

A Second Chance For Friday The 13th

A Second Chance For Friday The 13th

Just a reminder, if the new Friday The 13th is still playing in your area, why not grab some friends and go give it a re-appraisal? There’s something about seeing a movie a second time that tends to feel more relaxed and free of anticipatory pressure. Seeing it on the supposedly unlucky day helps, too [...]

DeadPit Radio Friday the 13th Review

DeadPit Radio Friday the 13th Review

I love listening to these guys, so I thought I would share the link to their feature “DeadPit on the road “. They usually do a video log of their trip to the theater before they view whichever horror movie is out at the time. They then review the movie afterwards. Since a couple of [...]

Better Get Cracking, Platinum Dunes!

Better Get Cracking, Platinum Dunes!

As I began reading this when I found it, I was almost salivating with excitement, till the timeline had me scratching my head, then realization dawned on me with an almighty “DOH!”

DVD Covers Revealed Already?

DVD Covers Revealed Already?

These covers for Standard and Unrated versions of the new Friday on DVD have been floating around various blogs. But something about them doesn’t sit quite right with me - for one there are a number of really awful design decisions (i.e. placement of taglines and other elements in relation to each other) that call [...]

Friday The 13th (2009) Stills Archive

Friday The 13th (2009) Stills Archive

What, you think just because the movie’s out that is gonna let up with the good stuff? Think again! Today I archived 29 Publicity Stills in our Friday The 13th Gallery which will continue to grow into a multimedia haven for Jason fanatics.

Friday the 13th sequel officially announced!

….Well, yeah but as of yet there is no greenlight, as some insiders say. It is very likely that Marcus Nispel will not return to direct the much talked about sequel.

Mark Swift And Damien Shannon Speak

Give this interview a read. Friday reboot writers Mark Swift And Damien Shannon discuss their screenplay work on the flick, things that were cut even before filming, references to the other flicks, and even candid thoughts on their Freddy Vs Jason. It’s five static pages long, and a pretty smooth (and funny) read.
Crave Online: What [...]

Jason Voorhees Vs The Box Office: Round Two

How did Jason fare in weekend 2 of the reboot’s run? Early figures are in from Variety and Friday The 13th placed fifth with $2.73 million.

Fan Costume (New Jason)

Check out this fairly authentic-recreation of the Derek Mears Jason costume. Dude even wore it to the midnight premiere! Great job! Thanks to ’samowemeg’ for the vid.

Friday Soundtrack On iTunes and Amazon

Friday Soundtrack On iTunes and Amazon

I know a lot of you do not like the soundtrack, but for those who care it is available at iTunes and Amazon. Two things make me mad about the release. One, there is only one track for Jablonsky’s score. Two, you have to buy the whole CD. You can’t even buy the one track. [...]

How To Survive A Jason Attack

Check out this fun piece by Larry Carroll over at MTV. Do you have any tips of your own? Be sure to add them in our comments section below!
Are you wondering if the new “Friday the 13th” has more or less drugs, sex and killing than the original films? Are you wondering if any of [...]

Stephen Romano Sounds Off On Remakes (Including Friday The 13th) - UPDATED

My favorite writer in the universe has got to be Stephen Romano, author of the groovin’ faux-Grindhouse bible Shock Festival and screenwriter of the premiere Masters Of Horror telemovie Incident On And Off A Mountain Road. As one of the few to make the concept of “wild deformed killer in the woods” absolutely terrifying (See [...]

The movie references in FRIDAY THE 13TH *SPOILERS*

Like the filmmakers have been claiming for months, the new Friday the 13th flick (a remake of sorts) heavily references the first four movies, from its major plot points to individual scenes. Here’s a selection of homage highlights, but how many more did you pick up on?

Platinum Dune responds to new Friday success, fans reactions, and more!

Caught a blog over at Platinum Dunes official blog. Brad Fuller discusses the success of the new film, along with fans opinions and how he does read them. He also talks highly positive about how he wants to do a sequel.

Reflecting back on a killer weekend, can you say sequel?

It’s 5am Sunday morning and my [...]

Jason Is Not A Fucking Weed Farmer

After getting a slew of emails I assumed were practical jokes I decided to investigate and sure enough, many folks out there are under the impression that New Jason is killing to protect his blunt. Jason & Silent Bob here we come? No way punk. Here’s the best summarization I’ve seen of this strange phenomenon:
I [...]

My Turn: Friday the 13th (2009) review

If you’re a fan of an old school horror classic, odds are, one of these days you’re going to hear the inevitable. Your favorite horror flick is going to be remade, reimagined or whatever fancy term them will ultimately come up with next. That said, with a chorus of moans, groans, cheers and applause, it [...]

Deleted Scene: Jason Unmasked

Thanks to ‘The Question’ for posting the link in another topic. Here is Jason unmasked. Remember you can see more looks at his face by checking out Tony’s photo close-ups of the Action Figure here on F13thFilms.
When pressed for details on a possible director’s cut for the DVD release, he replies: “They asked Cameron [...]

Jared Padalecki On Friday The 13th

Jared Padalecki speaks about the old and new Friday The 13ths and more:
“Before I got the script, honestly my thought was, ‘Man, I really like Friday the 13th,’” Padalecki said. “I’d seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that they had done and I loved it. That was a really good movie. That was a really well [...]