Daniel Farrands Speaks About His Name Was Jason And Future Friday DVDs

Here’s a great new interview with Dan Farrands, (pictured here at last year’s Writer’s Strike with The Shape) the friendly director of His Name Was Jason (now availible, for those of you sleeping inside a zipped camping bag). Pay close attention to his comments about the DVDs for part 7 and 8. Long lost scenes perhaps? Speculate away.

Jason Voorhees has carved his place into American pop culture and is one of the most recognizable cinematic killer in horror history. Now nearly, 30 years later, see how it all happened! With over 100 interviews with cast and crew, behind the scenes footage and dozen of film clips spanning the entire Friday the 13th series leading up to the 2/13/09 remake, there is no better way to get up close and personal with one of the most feared icons of our generation.

BD: What made you decide to do the documentary?

Farrands: I was the editor and, I guess you could call me the co-publisher of “Crystal Lake Memories” with Peter and Geoff Garrett. We had pooled a lot of resources and money into creating “Memories” and it was a big success with the fans, everyone seemed to love it. And it wasn’t long after that that we approached Tony Masi who had done the Halloween documentary, and talked about how it would be an interesting time to do a documentary [on Friday]. But nothing happened for a while, and then the anniversary was coming up, and the remake was announced, and we kind of just put our heads together and said “This is the time, there’s going to be a lot of interest because of the remake.” So the timing was right.

BD: Can you take us through the process of setting up an interview? Many of these people must be hard to find since they are no longer involved in filmmaking…

Farrands: Well the good thing was that we had the contacts because of the book. So all of those people were reachable, so it wasn’t like we had to start from scratch and contact agents and introduce ourselves. And Peter was kind enough to make introductions for all of the people I hadn’t met during the process of making the book. So it was a nice synergy, it worked out really well. And since we had a limited timeframe, it was good to deal with a subject that was so familiar. It was a lot of just calling people, dealing with scheduling. Thommy Hutson, one of our producers, did a fantastic job of getting people lined up. We pulled it off.

BD: Was there anyone you simply could not FIND?

Farrands: A couple people. Some people had sort of chosen to stay away from it… like Melanie Kinnaman from part 5. Certainly Kevin Bacon was someone we really tried for, and Thommy had a couple conversations with Kevin’s people, and they were actually really nice, and even sort of enthusiastic about it, but at the end of the day they just said “no”. One I really tried to reach out to was Marta Kober, Sandra from part 2. She has literally just gone missing, and her family is really concerned for her. I guess she had some issues. I found some relatives that I was able to reach out to, and they said “We don’t even know where she is and we’re very concerned.” It’s pretty sad. So she’s certainly the most difficult one to track down. And a guy named Alan Hayes from part 4 (Paul), we’ve been chasing him for a while and it turns out his name isn’t Alan Hayes at all! His name is Clyde Hayes, and we got in touch with a manager who used to rep him and he didn’t know how to reach him either. People have gotten out of the business and moved on, it’s a challenge to find people who have moved on with their lives.

BD: One thing that people are going to be curious about is why the New Line films don’t have any clips…

Farrands: That’s a situation of studio politics. What happened there was we had been reaching out for months to New Line, and we were doing the show right after Warner Bros. had sort of absorbed New Line. So the people who we had worked with at New Line (when we were doing the book) had been laid off. And New Line couldn’t have been MORE supportive when we were doing the book, and I’m sure they would have felt the same about this. But unfortunately, it had become a Warner Bros. clearance issue; we ended up having to go through the standard channels of Warner Bros., and we’re working with a limited budget on a show like this, and we’re trying to explain that to everyone from the legal people to the producers of the remake to the people who handle these library titles, and trying to explain that this is only going to help promote their titles, their films. But it all kind of fell on deaf ears and they just kept quoting us their standard rates for clips, and at the end of the day we just couldn’t afford to pay the rates that they were charging us. Paramount was very different, they were very generous. We still had to pay money to show clips from 1-8, but they gave us a deal where we could show them aggregate for a lower rate. Warner Bros. wasn’t willing to do that, and I think it’s unfortunate; I think the show would have been a lot better if they had been more cooperative and helping us get something that would have helped promote their franchise. Believe me, it was extremely frustrating to all of us.

BD: And I understand Paramount is going to release special editions of a few more of the films now?

Farrands: Yeah, after we finished His Name Was Jason, I was contacted by a guy who produces the special features for many of the Paramount DVDs, and he had been searching for a guy who really understands the franchise. And I think they had run into some issues on the reissues of Parts 1-3, and Paramount wanted to do new things, new material for 4-6, and consequently we’ll be doing 7 and 8. They wanted somebody with a lot of knowledge to bring something new to the table. And after the things we didn’t get on our show, it was a great opportunity for me to come in and work with the people who actually own this material and be able to give fans more of what they want. I can’t promise that it will have everything that everybody has always wanted to see, but we’re getting there. We’re making progress. We’ve found some amazing things that nobody has ever taken the time to look for. My editor Andrew Kasch and I have just been scavenging the lowest dregs of the Paramount vaults to find the things that fans want to see. We’ve have limited success with some things, but we’re working on it and believe me, there’s so much passion behind it. We’re doing our best to put something out that will hopefully make the fans more satisfied than they were with the previous versions that Paramount put out.

BD: Anything specific you can tell us that we might see?

Farrands: It’s still being worked out, I can’t say a lot. There will be some scenes, especially in part 4, that fans will be VERY interested in seeing. That’s all I can say right now. But there are quite a few clips that have been recently uncovered thanks to our work. And it was a lot of work!

BD: And when will those be in stores?

Farrands: 4-6 will be coming out in June, I’ve been told. And 7 and 8 will come out after that, and I am hearing there will be a new boxed set before the end of the year, but I don’t know if that is official yet.

BD: Will there be Blu-ray editions for any more of them?

Farrands: There’s some talk, I don’t know what they are specifically planning.

BD: OK, so now that we have the Friday documentary to compliment the Friday book, when are we gonna see the Halloween book to compliment the Halloween documentary?

Farrands: (Laughs) That’s been talked about for a while! The difficulty with Halloween is that the rights to the various films are owned by so many different people. You have Universal Studios involved, you got Dimension/Miramax involved, and now you got Disney involved because all of the Dimension movies that were made before they split up with Disney remained at Disney, so that’s another avenue you have to deal with when you’re trying to license photo rights. So it gets complicated and expensive, but it’s something that has been talked about for a long time. If we could do it, we’d love to do it. It was a weird thing when we did “Crystal Lake Memories”, it was two studios and the stars just aligned. We did it at a time when there wasn’t a lot of activity in Friday the 13th. And Peter saw the value of doing it, and I think it was after the fact that the studio people were like “Oh, THAT’s what you were doing!” I don’t think anyone saw it coming. Now that people see the value in something like this, they’re all going to want their share of the coin, and make it more difficult to do stuff like this. I’m just proud that we got that book done. But again, if we could do Halloween, and someone came along to make that deal with the photos and things like that, of course we’d jump on it.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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13 Responses to “ Daniel Farrands Speaks About His Name Was Jason And Future Friday DVDs ”

  1. Well, at least people are actually looking for footage, now, instead of just saying, “Oh, we don’t have that.”

  2. I would love to get my hands on a Blue Ray box set with all the special extras they are talking about. But that sounds like a year or maybe more from what i read in that article, and since they had released Part on Blue Ray i was hoping it would have come a bit quicker.

  3. Wow this is really interesting. I hope there are some good features for part 4. I just wish they had unearthed some footage from part 2. But in His name was Jason I was pleased to see some on set pics from part 2.

  4. ” One I really tried to reach out to was Marta Kober, Sandra from part 2. She has literally just gone missing, and her family is really concerned for her. I guess she had some issues. I found some relatives that I was able to reach out to, and they said “We don’t even know where she is and we’re very concerned.” It’s pretty sad. So she’s certainly the most difficult one to track down.”

    Whao, that IS super sad. :(

    I most certianly hope she is okay, wherever she is in this bickering world. I know from here on the official site, lookin’ at “Where are they Now?” and on the movie database, that many here in the U.S. have left Los Angeles and New York City and quit acting and the business, but Martha’s story kinda scares me. Did it anyone else?

    Anyway I read most of this today on http://www.horrordvds.com where I post as captain_brandon as well. So I’m excited for the rest of the series, I mean the first 8 films as there’s the rest from Part 4 onward to go, comin’ out in Deluxe Edition’s, later on this year. I’m a sorta sad “completeist” of all things Jason Voorhees, so I’ll no doubt pick up the regular single disc Deluxe Edition’s and the new boxset from a 3rd party seller on Amazon once it hits a street date.

    Very cool news to hear that they’re actually lookin’ for footage, but man oh man, that story has me down …

  5. i knew that cut footage was sitting in their vaults! finally somebody’s digging through it! as i’ve said before to all of those who claim everything that isn’t in the r-rated cuts is lost forever, when they’re sure it will make money, it’ll show up.

    obviously they’re not gonna find everything-some deaths were reshot right off the bat because they new they would get cut, but if it was in a print that went to the MPAA, there’s a good chance we’ll get to see it…and soon apparently. i can’t wait. i’m so happy this series is ALIVE again!!

  6. hmmm that’s a shame about marta kober. i’ve always wondered why she never participates in any of the interviews and retrospectives. i had always hoped she’d show up in some more stuff over the years…i used to have a HUUUGE crush on her. probably still would.

  7. Awesome. Maybe we can finally see an uncut Part Seven….

    And I wonder what he’s talking about, from Part Four…

  8. This article has made me VERY happy!!!

    He said that he thought there would be another box set by the end of the year. Hopefully they would put some incentive in the box set for those of us who have already bought the deluxe editions, like an additional bonus disc. Of course I know that we should be grateful for whatever they’re able to find, and I’d prefer anything that turns up to just be put on the deluxe DVD’s themselves. But maybe that could be a way for them to release anything they might find from 1-3.

  9. Wow thats a real shame about Marta. I hope she’s doing ok and I feel bad for her family because they must be so worried. Hopefully we’ll hear from her in the future. Another person we never seem to hear about is Jeannine Taylor. She just disapeered.

  10. I find it interesting that he mentioned a possible Halloween version of “His name was Jason.” His colluage Anthony Masi already produced something similar with “Halloween: 25 Years of Terror”. However, I would love to purchase a “His name was Michael.” New material is new material.

  11. I haven’t picked up any of the re-released DVDs yet since I have the box set and if I were I would get a pt 3/ But now they definitely have my attention with the 4, 6, & (finally) 7!!! But maybe I should just wait for the next box set? Damn… decisions.

  12. You can see all the cut scenes from part 7 on you tube. Be quick though Paramount are sure to get rid of it

  13. I went out with Marta once and knew her and her mom as a member of my synagogue in Queens. I miss her alot. I couldn’t even bear to watch the scene from Pt.2. If anyone knows, get in touch with me though myspace. Thanks much.

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