Friday the 13th Blu-Ray Boxset

Bloody-Disgusting reports that they have learned Paramount is planning a Blu-Ray boxset much like the previous boxset. Please read the following:

“This past Tuesday Paramount Home Entertainment released the original Friday the 13th on Blu-ray, while sticking parts 2 and 3 on DVD (again). We learned over the weekend that Paramount is already prepping to release a brand new box set including the first eight Friday the 13th films on Blu-ray. Much like the 2004 DVD release “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan”, the box set will include the first eight films, as Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and Freddy vs Jason were made by New Line Cinema. No word on if they’ll be uncut or not - let us pray.”

Let’s hope for the goods on this boxset!!

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. cool! i’d really like it!

  2. I’m down with this, although I just got Part 1 on Blu-Ray and Parts 2 & 3 on DVD again, so it’s annoying they couldn’t have announced this a week ago!

  3. i sure hope all eight films will be on separate discs unlike the dvd box set and also i am really hoping part 7 will be uncut and the lost alternate endings will be found for part 3

  4. i also hope that if uncut they release it on dvd also because some of us cant afford a blu-ray player

  5. Thee are actually very affordable players to be found. Some under $200. Here’s a link to a player at Wal-Mart.

    $198 Blu-Ray PAYER

    I know there are more out there that are cheaper.

  6. So where does that leave people who have already bought the first movie? The bastards, they really exploit the fans

  7. I just bought all 4 new friday dvds last week! I already watched His Name Was Jason & tried out part 3 in 3d (although the effects are still pretty horrible in my opinion)

    Good thing I didnt open the blu ray for part 1 or part II. I guess I will be returning those two due to the revelation of this news.

    Will those assholes just release ultimate definitive blu rays so we can finally have the best editions possible. Id be fine with waiting a little while as long as they release the best editions possible

    According to my count there is what at least 4 different versions at least of Part 1 released to date JEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ……

  8. Guess Its Time To get a Blu Ray Player I have a question I have a non High def tv thats I love and Looks great and its big am I able to hook it up to my tv and home theater system?

  9. Hi guys,

    We’ve just created to promote the new film. If you want the full experience - check out - two girls we sent to camp at the real Crystal Lake - check them out on live webcam :-)


  10. I was just reading this news on a thread on over at and commented.

    I don’t mind this, however, I am not too excited. After all, I’m one that honestly prefers my old school exploitation (such as Cummingham’s first Friday, Hooper’s TCM, ect) to look a certainly gritty way. Playing the any DVDs on an up-grade to HD player makes them look fine enough for me.

    However, the ultimate Friday the 13th fanatic that I am, I also want them to release a standard-new DVD set of this, just as they did the BlueRay Friday recently and all of the standard-def releases as well. It’s only fair to us.

    I’ll post after while what I want on this supposed ‘Definate’ boxset (I’ll simply copy & [aste my message).

    In the mean time, you all can check out this about the up coming extended cut of the new Friday ‘09 coming in a few months to DVD:

    Hmmm exciting news, but I sure hope the new fiml didn’t get hacked to shit in the editing room ;( …

  11. I have a strange feeling that this is just going to be the previous box set on blu ray…

  12. Tony,

    Yeah indeed; me too. HOWEVER, I would love it and look forward to it if it was also on standard-def re-mastered in HD, and with finally all uncut first 8 films and with new commentarie tracks, hour long “making’s of” and and sound re-mixes.

    I wonder if anyone else besides me finds the Paramount film studfio highly intersting? After all, who else would TOTALLY squonder to the good will of his buyers/fans/consumers or whatever phrase have you, and would keep re-releasing the EXACT SAME SHIT over & over again? Truely to get inside their minds to see how they’re think, all of the higher-ups, would truely be an experieance for me and many others, ya gotta admit.

    If they would simply read letters and e-mail, and yeah I know they don’t give two fucks about e-mails bt even still, they chouldn’t done this perfectly like two or so years ago. Just sayin’ is all …

  13. One word sums up their thinking ………. Money! How much money can we get from the fans that we did not care about for so long. If not for the fans keeping this franchise alive for almost 20 years after Paramount let it go, they would have buried everything Friday a long time ago. I thank New Line for keeping things afloat, even though a lot of fans on our forum don’t accept their films with open arms.

    I love all of these movies and hope that we too can finally get a definitive box set. However, most everything we have received to this point has served me well enough.

  14. i dont have a blue ray player but lets all pray some OR ALL will get UNCUT!

  15. i really wonder if Paramount knows how much money we give them…First, we buy all of the single disc releases, next we buy the box set, next we buy the first 3 in special edition form…now they want us to buy an all new Blu-Ray box set???

    I hope they know that us fans are expecting A LOT from this release!!!

    (i also hope they release it to DVD as well)


  17. i believe part 3 on blu ray is supposed to be in 3d as well as 2d but yeah i have a feeling this will just be the previous dvd box set i sure hope not though because i hope part 7 will be uncut

  18. Oh yeah,

    It will be a sure buy. I bought part one blu-ray last week and the picture improvement is drastic. I don’t really mind if the picture as been a little trimmed, but still, let’s hope that they correct this mistake for the Boxset (hey Paramount !)

    I’m so looking forward for part 4, 6 and 7 with the blu-ray PQ !

    By the way, am I the only one who tought that the 3-d of the new release suck? The 3 D doesn’t work well for me and I tried with a LCD, a plasma and a projector, the same problem on all. I can see the double picture even with the glasses, if I close my right eye I still see the double picture, as if the red filter won’t match the tint of the picture!

  19. Uncut, Uncut, Uncut!!!
    I will not buy the same thing over and over.

  20. Mr. Moe!

    I am so glad you said something - I was so pissed to finally have it in 3D and to see that Sh* sucks - the only scene that looked remotely good was the baseball bat when the kids are playing stickball in the street..and some of the scenes in the begining with Harry and the store -fish etc.

    On the Blu Ray box set - I will buy it b.c i am a sucka! Hopefully it has more special features..and not stuff that Bracke has to put together (I love Peter, but maybe Paramount should do something about the special features on their own!!)

    I am watching 1-10 this week to prepare for the new one! and I am reading Crystal Lake Memories again…I cant freaking wait>..

    There are about ten of my friends and co workers going too! We are all pumped!

  21. uncut never happen folks.

  22. What exactly is that thing Chris? I had to confirm that I’m over 18 (which I’m way past). IS it some kind if chat room? My name was entered into it and the chick on the cam started to say hello. Not into the dirty web cam porn thing anymore, lol! j/k! Just curious what it’s about before I go into things. Thanks!

  23. I’m going out on a limb here…but, I have to say that watching part one on blu-ray was phenomenal, picture and sound are excellent. Part 2 was ok. Part 3 in 3d worked fantastic for me…I don’t understand what all the complaining is about, and I saw it origianally in the theatre. Was it as good as that? Nope. But technology wise, it never will be. It’s not possible yet. Am I pissed off that I bought these DVDs and a blu-ray set is coming out? Yep. Do I think Paramount will put out a blu-ray boxset and then put out and uncut blu-ray boxset set a couple of years from now? YEP. It sucks.

  24. Hi Pete, is a prank whereby you fool your friends in to thinking it’s a live webcam of 2 girls at Crystal Lake. It’s not porn :-)

  25. Well, Well, Well…what did I tell ya’ll friends. They fucked them up with no good extras or extra gore. Part 1 was the same damn shit that i’ve owned now for almost 3 1/2 years. I only bought the His Name was Jason and it was totally worth the money. Paramount released a statment last week that they had no plans on releasing the uncut versions right now.

  26. These definitely has to be uncut! :-)

  27. Im Having Marathons right now myself Ive been watching and following jason since i was 5 I am the same age as the francise so im not looking forward to the 50th anniversary lol :)seeing the 30th is enough for me I cant wait for this new movie 6 long years without Jason I just hope its as scary and great looking as The Texas Remake Im just happy Rob Zombie didnt direct it I like his music but he cant write a decent script If it was up to him it would be Crystal Trailer park I just hope It Makes #1 this weekend

  28. Am i the only one that has come to conclusion that except the one or two exceptions thus far we will never see uncut versions of these movies. Im begining to wonder if uncut footage even exists. I mean come on not to many movies from these days had uncut after the footage was cut it was dumped. And where there is uncut people have already seen it cause i dont know about you guys but i saw the uncut pieces of the first movie a couple years ago on another friday site.

  29. it’s been confirmed by numerous people who have worked for paramount that the footage is in their vaults, but remastering it and inserting it is not easy…it’s also very expensive. that’s why we’re not getting it.

    harry mandfredini says he scored part 2 when it was uncut, which is why the music doesn’t flow at some of the parts where they censored it. that footage would be fairly easy to reinsert…about as easy as it was to reinsert the my bloody valentine footage…sure they didn’t master that all to well, but i’ll take it.

    as for the rest of the movies, some stuff was cut before scoring, so reinserting it would be a huge job. like in jason lives, listen to the cut footage on the boxset-the music doesn’t match. it’s more than just a couple of frames to add back in. tom mcloughlin would have to sit down and really do some work on it…that’s another factor-the involved people have to be willing to do it.

    basically, some of them are doable, some are not. for those that are, the potential profit would have to justify what it would cost to do it. i think it would but maybe i just live in a fantasy world.

    but there’s no doubt the footage still exists…over the years we keep being told it doesn’t exist and gradually more and more surfaces. people have been saying the footage from part 3 would never see the light of day, but in ‘his name was jason’ they actually have a shot of a couple censored frames from andy’s death.

    i’d say the biggest problem is, it’s film. for NONE of these releases have they actually gone back and mastered film. they actually took their old fullscreen masters that were used for the VHSs and cropped the tops and bottoms to make them widescreen. a company that takes shortcuts like that is going to need MAJOR persuasion to do something like recut from film.

    but back on topic, i’m already sold on this boxset. i can’t wait to see the full series in hi-def. i’d pay double for uncut, but i’m not gonna get my hopes up…i try not to get my hopes up with anything from paramount. they don’t pay attention to detail, don’t care about quality of the product, and they’re just not very talented or hard-working people, in my opinion.

  30. already got friday the 13th part three on blu ray already here in the uk

  31. CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!

  32. Friday the 13th’s part 2 and 3 to make US Blu-Ray release on February 24th!!!

  33. i just got the pt 2 & 3 imports yesterday. part 2 looked AMAZING!!! part 3 was a little disappointing for me though…some of the black tones have this white grain in it that almost looks like static. for me it wasn’t much of an upgrade over the DVD. but as for part 2, you just GOTTA see it. it’s so awesome.

  34. sigh-…I really wish they’d just announce stuff so the consumer can make a choice ahead of time. Triple dipping isn’t cool…NOT COOL AT ALL. I’m tired of buying this **** over and over.

  35. I wish paramonut would stop f*cking about and release all films as they were meant to be seen . Why Birn out 2 & 3 here in the UK on blu-ray and not over in the states the same time and don’t give us Part 3 in 3-D It’s pissing me off .I may wait for this blu-ray box set.

  36. CAnt wait for this my blu ray player is up and ready :)

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