Happy Friday the 13th: Looking Back

It’s that time of the year again. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and it’s the last Friday the 13th of 2008. The next time our calenders read Friday the 13th will be Friday, February 13th, 2009. That day will be a very important day in movie history for Friday the 13th fans. Will movie goers  leave the theater with that classic feeling they had when they initially saw Jason do his dirty work for the first time? Or will they walk out with a sour taste in their mouth feeling that things simply cannot, and will not ever be the same when it comes to Jason? With that, I take a look back at how I became a fan of Friday the 13th in the first place.

Many of us have our memories of Friday the 13th. Many of us simply grew up on the franchise, while some fans caught onto the craze in later installments of the series. No matter when you hopped on board, we all love the series for different reasons. And we all became fans at different times in life, and in many different ways.

My love for the series can be traced back to a young age. I must have been 6 or 7 years old. That would have put the time period around 1987. Camp Crystal Lake had already been stalked through six films, and I, unfortunately, was not quite old enough to take those films in. These were the days when a lot of people in my area still didn’t have a VCR. In fact, we hadn’t had one long. For a year or so, we had rented one whenever we wanted to watch a movie. We’d bring home that big black briefcase. My family would argue for a few minutes about how to hook it up. Someone would finally get it right. They would brag. Then we’d sit down and watch some random movie that my parents had picked out. But no matter what it was, we probably loved it, or at least pretended like we did.

But I can still fondly remember the day that, by chance, I was officially introduced to the Friday the 13th series. I had an uncle who was very “VCR savvy”. He had HBO and would record each and every movie that came on there as if he thought they were going to stop shooting movies and he would have the last supply of motion pictures on earth. He would cram 3 or 4 movies on to a VHS tape and place them neatly on a shelf in his bedroom. They weren’t organized onto each tape by genres or anything of that nature. They were just random movies, on random tapes. I compare his old bootleg VHS tape collection to someone filling a room full of necessities as if the world was going to end at any given minute and they needed to survive. This of course led to him being like the family video store. We would visit him, and My brother Jeff (4 years my senior) and I would spend a lot of time in there checking out his video collection. Jeff would read me off the titles of each movie. One day he read the title to me “Friday the 13th part 2″. He knew exactly what this was. His eyes lit up. He knew it was a horror flick. And he knew that technically we probably shouldn’t be watching it. We brought it in there and said that this was the one we wanted to take home and watch. My parents, not knowing much about movies at the time, didn’t mind at all. So we took the tape home. Sandwiched between two random western movies, was the movie that started my love for the Friday the 13th series. Friday the 13th part II. My brother and I sat there in amazement watching Jason tear through the teens at Crystal Lake. My parents never paid any attention to the fact that we were watching a horror flick. Thus, my love for the character Jason Voorhees was born.

I come from a very small town in Kentucky. Everyone knows everyone in my hometown. These were the days that there were no large chain video stores. (That town still doesn’t have any.) Yet there are video stores on every corner. Little mom and pop chains dominate the area. And anyone who is a horror fan knows that it’s this very type of video store that always housed the greats of the genre back in the VHS era. So my uncles collection and these very video stores made it very easy for Jeff and I to catch up on the Friday the 13th series. We rented these greats again and again and again. Every time we went to the video store, it seemed like we managed to talk our parents into getting us a Friday the 13th flick or some other random horror movie. My parents at one point tried to stop our love for the genre because they felt we really shouldn’t be watching them, but they eventually just gave in. We were greeted with Friday the 13th part VII and we were quick to jump on the “waiting list” to rent it. That’s what you had to do when you wanted to rent a movie there because the stores only got in one copy of the tape. And when Jason Takes Manhattan hit, we did the same thing.

My love for the genre and the series continued throughout my entire life. At some point, my brother pretty much lost complete interest in the genre, but my love only grew stronger. I eventually gained possession of my very own Friday the 13th VHS collection which I would schedule weekend marathons when Friday the 13th date would roll around. I’m very proud to say that, though I caught on a bit late due to my age, I have been a Friday the 13th fan for 20 years.

With that said, I am putting my faith into Platinum Dunes to deliver the goods on the next calendar Friday the 13th. I hope they do us proud. And until then, let’s enjoy this last Friday the 13th of 2008. Get out your DVD’s, your old VHS tapes, or whatever you have to do and enjoy a good old fashion Jason marathon! No matter how old we were or how we discovered the series, the one thing we do have in common is that we can share our memories of this amazing series, and we will forever be fans of the man behind the mask. Happy Friday the 13th everybody!

-Tony Carroll

About the Author

Tony Carroll

Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand.

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  1. my love started in 84 I was 6. Friday the 13th part 3 was on cable i remember sitting at the dining room table entranced by the creepy funk music at the beginning and the hulk in the hockey mask stalking teens.I used to make hockey masks out of paper plates and i still have pictures of me(Age 7) at my moms wedding reception playing friday the 13th stalking my cousin.

  2. That’s awesome! lol. Thanks for sharing. I too used to make masks out of paper plates. I also went through my share of pillow cases back in the day. My mom didn’t like me cutting an eye hole in her good pillow cases. So that didn’t last long. But I went through my fair share of those cheap Halloween hockey masks that were sold back then that looked absolutely nothing like Jason’s mask. I would cut them up and color fake blood on them with markers etc. Eventually the straps would come off and I’d have to wait a year to get another one.

  3. I was already familiar with the series having seen the first movie and The Final Chapter but my interest with F13 really started in 1986 or ‘87, when I visited my parents’ friends in the hills. Everyone went out for a few hours and left me alone with a rented copy of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. I was eight or nine, and it scared the shit out of me, but thrilled me at the same time. To this day it’s still one of my favourites of the franchise as it’s so fast paced and fun. Since then I spent my childhood staring at the VHS covers in my local video shop until I could convince an adult to buy me a copy. Ahh, the innocence of youth. Horror seems a lot less exciting to me these days. Maybe it’s old age, lol

  4. Great article. My own love for Friday the 13th started much the same way. My Grandfather used to stash porno movies under his bed. One night I went over there for a family dinner and snuck off on an alleged bathroom break, snuck into his room, and stashed one of his movies in my pants pocket. Yes, that’s a porno film in my pants, no i’m not happy to see you Grandma. I was one of those kids fortunate enough to not only have a television in my bedroom, but also a vcr. When I got home that night I popped in what I thought would be a porno film, but instead it was something much much more exciting. Friday the 13th Part 4. Part 4, I thought…where’s parts 1,2, and 3! I loved that film so much from the moment it began and haven’t stopped loving it for 15 years. I was so in love with the film, that I never managed to return it to my Grandfather’s house! Years ago, when he was on his death bed, I brought it to him and told him the story. He laughed and told me to keep it. I will always cherish that memory, that vhs, and of course, the Friday the 13th series.

  5. I fell in love with the Friday movies in the mid-90’s, my dad would watch just about anything that came on our premium movie channels, and one night Showtime started running a one of these movies every night. I had no clue what I was getting into, but after the 3rd night I was hooked, and the rest, as they say, is history.

  6. My memory of the series was strong. I grew up watching Friday the 13th when I was seven or so, the first film that I remembered watching was Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives, from that point on I automatically fell in love with the series. I had to track the rest of the sequels down, I loved this series very much. I always loved it when Jason would stalk his victims at Crystal Lake and have his way with them. The one that was very memorable for me was Part 3. I thought it was very creepy in a good way, I loved how the kills were executed in this. I would make masks out of tin foil and I would even go as far as making Jason figurines out of foil as well. I would always love to make machetes out of foil also. Then I started drawing Jason killing people, that’s how much of an impact the series had on me. I became crazed with the series, one day I rented part 4 and the tape broke. So I talked my father into buying me a copy of part 4. I later then bought the other series as well. I remember buying a copy of Jason Lives at the video store in this one mall, the guy behind the counter was trying to talk me into not buying Jason Lives, he was giving me excuses that the movie was gory. I did not care, I had to complete my collection. It was until a few years later in 2000 I completed my collection of the Paramount series. I was very proud of myself, when my birthday came in 2002, I discovered the DVD boxed set of Friday the 13th and I had ordered the Making of Friday the 13th book, so I bought both items for myself as a little birthday gift. That is my fond memory of how much Friday the 13th had an impact on my life. It was one hell of a ride and I enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow is very important and this is the fan in me, tomorrow is actually Jason’s birthday. So a big happy birthday to the character we all fell in love with.

  7. Another random Friday the 13th memory for me comes from playing with action figures as a child. Of course there was little to no Friday the 13th merchandise back in those days. So I used my Casey Jones figure from the Ninja Turtles line as Jason Voorhees.

  8. I’m glad that there’s merchandise out there now. We need to see more Friday the 13th memorbilia, when I have kids I’m going to pass my horror collection onto them and let them watch horror movies around the same age that I started to watch them.

  9. Very nice read. Hopefully the Friday the 13th series and Jason Vorhees will go on to pass the same feeling to more horror fans. I remember the first time i really remembered a friday the 13th movie was. “Friday the Thriteenth: The Final Chapter” I saw it when i was 9, and i thought Cory feldman was a real bad ass doing the G.I Jane thing by shaving his hair and going postal on Jason. Thats one scene in the series that will always be in my head. “Die! Die! Die! Die!” Heres to many more memories of Jason and his many victims :)

  10. About 1993, I had never watched a horror film before, but I seen Friday the 13th part 5 on a shelf and decided to watch it(I never used to watch movies in order). I didn’t really care for it, but then somebody told me to watch the first film and then watch them all in order. I have been a hardcore Jason Voorhees fan for years now. The Friday the 13th films were my first in the genre and I will always remain loyal to the series. Looking forwards to 2009, time to see what Platinum Dunes can offer

  11. I can remember when I was a kid, my Dad and I would rent them at the video store and would stay up late and watch them together. I forget what the first Friday movie I saw was, but I remember all of the good times it had brought me over the years.

    I am a huge fan of the series now, owning all of the movies, and some figures and masks… its just something that my Dad and I will share forever. Why just last year at Universals Halloween Horror Night in Orlando, I flew down just because Jason was in the line up of characters to be featured in his very own Halloween attraction! It was fantastic! Walking in Crystal Lake was an amazing experience that I’m glad I could share with my family and girlfriend! Can’t wait for 2009’s Friday!

  12. It’s actually Jasons official birthday today, Friday, June 13th. The exact date of the first movie and jasons birthday. this is gonna be a good one.

  13. This might sound a bit funny, but I started loving the series because of the old NES video game. I would rent it from my dad\’s video store when I was little, and play it for hours. One day my dad mentioned that it was based on a movie with the same title, and I got intrigued. So I went to his store and rented either part 3 or 4, can\’t remember now. And so far, for around 16 years now I have been a huge fan. And they say that video games corrupt the youth =P

  14. My love interest in Friday the 13th series started about mid 90’s. I was born in 1984 and was about 12 when I saw part III first time. It was the only part in my video store in my whole town (there were 3 stores I guess). I watched it and I loved it! I didn’t even know the history of Jason at that time. He wasn’t even Voorhees in this movie. After I watched it - I wanted more. But there was one BIG problem - I live in Poland - stupidiest country in the world. There were no other parts of franchise in my town (about 35000 residents). I remember finding part I, II and IV in other city but was unable to watch. But that dat has come! Main tv station aired part I. I recorded it and still have the tape. It was unfortunetly a cutversionbut I loved it any way. So I saw part III and part I. My friend loved it very much too. We then noticed Jason goes to Hell in local video store. No, we didn’t rent it immediately. We were waiting a long time before we saw it. And, yes, we loved it! At this time we didn’t even know there were 9 parts. But one day we found 3 books with movies on VHS available in Poland! And guess what - there were descriptions of all Friday the 13th flicks. But there wasn’t a chance we could see it in our home… And about 10 years ago my wishes started to become true! Another tv station aired part II (first time in my life - it was sooooo excitindg!) and part III - without any commercials (first time in my life)!!! Then they were aired one more time and that was it. Nothing more. Until about 8 years age when another tv station aired part IV and V. I was like in hypnose when waiting for this. Movies were aired with about an hour delay. But I recorded them on tape! Meanwhile I got a chance to buy part VI-VIII! And my dreams came true! Then Jason X came out. And about 5 years ago main tv station aired all 8 movies every week during summer (A few years earlier the same thing did TV Norge -channel I didn’t have). And guess what? I recorded them! A few months later, in winter, tv aired all parts again. This time I ripped them on my computer and ever since I have them on my drive and on couple DVD discs. In between I bought first (uncut) part on DVD and Freddy vs. Jason (it wasn’t in cinemas in Poland:-(). And about two years ago my sister bought me chinese edition of From Crystal Lake to Manhattan DVD BOX SET on british eBay. Chinese means just a few marks on the cover - the movies are in english. Meanwhile other tv station aired uncut part I and I recorded it of course… Jeez! So much! Besides I made my own 4 paper masks and paper machette, cleaver and pitchfork… Yes, I am crazy! But I love it!
    Tonight - F13 marathon starts!

  15. Anyone know any more information?

  16. i was lucky enough to have a huge horror fan in my grandmother.she always took me to the theater to see horror flicks like dawn, the exorcist and halloween.but seeing the original friday at the drive-in always stood out. it was great!and im pleased to say i have seen every movie on the big screen.

  17. My first Friday the 13th was part 5. My dad took me to the theatre to watch it, not knowing what kind of horror movie it was. It was fantastic for my first true horror film. I remember my dad at the dinner table that evening talking to my mother about it. I still remember him saying, “… and that girl was completely in the buff!” Totally leaving out all the gory details.

  18. HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th EVERYBODY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON. I am 35 and My first friday movie was the first one and I saw it at a DRIVE IN - WOW it was great. I have been a fan ever since and have gone to the movie theater every other time a new Friday movie came out. I have the dvd box set - minus Jason goes to hell and jason X - to me THOSE WERE FAKE RIP OFF Friday movies. OH and KANE HODDER WAS THE BEST JASON.

  19. Great story on your love affair with F13. Tony I can definitely relate to renting the VCR in the black briefcase! I remember my first exposure to F13 was on Sandhill road. I went with Robert Collins to his grandmas house and we watched Part 5. I remember being scared to death, but couldnt stop watching it. I have been a fan ever since.

    Way to be nostalgiac!!!

  20. I actually am old enough to have seen the original when it came out in theaters. Remember, when it came out, horror movies, for the most part, were not gory. I think people who are younger are now desensitized by gore and it is a joke. Anyway, I took a date to see it. I remember, the part where the girl gets the axe after she pulls back the shower curtain. At that point, I looked at my date and asked if she wanted to leave (lol!). We stayed. The next week we were back with another couple, watching it again!

  21. great story got into the series because i was born on a Friday The 13th, Feb 13th 1987 and am excited the next film is coming out on my birthday

  22. My first experience with F13 was part 4. My friend had a sleepover birthday party with probably 8-10 8 year old boys and his dad let us rent it. While it didn’t scare me initially, it was rather fun having a group of young boys all excited about seeing nudity in a film :). After that I rented parts 1 and 3 at my uncle’s when I was babysitting his kids. I watched both back to back that night and didn’t end up sleeping the rest of the night, and having bad dreams the night after. After that, I was hooked. I snuck into the theatre to see part 5, and was lucky enough to have one of my younger aunts come with me to see parts 6 & 7. I’ve been to every opening night since then. If you have a few extra bucks, pick up the book Crystal Lake Memories. It provides some cool background interviews from stars, directors, etc for all the movies. Plus, it shows some cut shots you may not have seen.

  23. Happy 62nd Birthday, Jason Voorhees!
    Everyone have a happy Friday the 13th!

    My love for Friday the 13th started at age 5 when I first watched Friday the 13th Part 7 on Spike TV. I immediately fell in love. After Part 7, Part 8 followed which I also loved (at the time). I, as soon as possible, rented Part 1. And loved it. Then, soon to following 2, 3, 4, 6, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and finally after getting my Friday the 13th DVD Collection set, watched Part 5. Friday the 13th is arguably the best horror series/franchise ever made in my opinion. Many people will argue, Freddy’s best, or Michael Myers was first, so he’s the best.

    Yes, those guys kick ass, but no one holds a candle to Jason Voorhees, the greatest movie psycho ever created!

    Regards to all those great fans like me,
    Kenn R.

  24. i am 24.as a kid the friday the 13th movies scared the crap out of me but i wanted to gang out with my big brother and his friends when ever they watched them just so i could tag along.i remember in part 7 i was probaly 7 when that came on tv and we were wacthing it,i got so scared i begged my brother to change it he said its ok he only kills 3 people in here.(what a load)any ways a couple of years ago i had a dream about the movies and became a diehard fan of the films.ever since i ve bought posters,movies,toys,i sculpt jason,i draw jason,i took a store bought halloween hockey mask and made it a replica of a jason mask.i put all the holes in it and painted it up.the movies are also a reminder for me of the 80’s when i was young and life was simple.happy birthday jason

  25. I was in between kindergarten and 1st grade when i rented my first horror movie, The Final Chapter, and I can say it changed my life. i’ve never see any movies as many times as i’ve see all the Fridays, and i love them all except JASON X. Part 4 is def. my fav. of the originals, and Jason Lives is my favorite of the zombie trilogy. We are trying to organize a Friday based drinking game for Jasons birthday party tonight, gonna pick 2 fridays with the highest body counts, and take a shot everytime somebody dies, and 2 shots everytime someone gets naked.



  26. Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

    Hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to the new movie. I love how the site has been evolving, and the update blog is an excellent idea. Three cheers for Dusk! :D

    Take care,

  27. Ah, memories! I remember it was about 1983 & I was 6 years old, my older brother was watching part 1 with his girlfriend @ the time in the basement w/ the lights off. I was just being a nosey pain in the ass and wanted to see what they were watching. I guess it was the thrill of doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing and I only saw about 15 minutes of it because I got caught and kicked out. I’d say two years later I got to see part 4 in it’s entirety and was hooked! Again, it was the thrill of watching an “R” rated movie, which no one knew I was watching because my brother had taped it off of Showtime on cable. Just the title alone sends goose bumps all over me and a chill of excitement down my spine! I wanted to go to summer camp as a kid just hoping I could see Jason! Crazy right?! These movies never scared me, just excitement. Unfortunately, I never saw Jason on the big screen until Jason X! I tried to get into JGTH in 1993 but I was only 16 and the theater was strict and wouldn’t let me in!! Oh well, i saved myself 8 bucks (at the time it was cheaper!) since that is IMO one of the worst sequels of the franchise. Can’t wait for the remake or reboot or reimaging….WHATEVER they’re calling it of F13th! It sounds promising! Long live Jason!!!

  28. It’s awesome reading all these memories so I think I’ll post my introduction to the series. I was born in 88 so I missed alot, but in 95 or 96 I saw Part 6. I was like 7 or 8 n all my friends were staying the night at my one buddy’s and we convinced his mom to rent us some “scary movies”. We got Friday the 13th Part 6, A Nightmare on Elm Street movie and The Birds. I love F13 and The Birds but I hated Freddy haha. We were all obviously scared half to death, but from then on I fell in love with the series. So I too missed alot because of when I was born but I’m just a big of fan as anyone else. This Friday the 13th will also be the first one I get to see in theaters (besides Jason X or Freddy vs Jason).

  29. My first memory of Friday the 13th I was about 7 or 8 and Jason Lives was on BBC 1. I remember there was an advert for it and i kept thinking it was coming up next but it wasnt on until after the 10 O’Clock news. I remember it was a school night and I was allowed to stay up. I watched it and loved it, so I made a paper hockey mask (which wasnt a good idea because it was very windy the next day, lol). But after that I only ever caught Part V, VIII and the first one and i wasnt into them for ages until I reached like 16 and i got hooked on horror movies and I decided to buy a Friday the 13th movie. I bought the Final Chapter and I aboslutly love it, its my second favourite Friday movie just behind Part VI: Jason lives. Now Im hooked and love most things Jason and know loads about the series. I cant wait for the reamigining, sounds like a great idea and is sounding like it could be the Ultimate Friday the 13th movie we\’ve always wanted :D

  30. Well reading most of these I am guessing i am older than most. My introduction to this wonderful series was extremely traumatic and sparked my lifelong interest all the same. I was living in a small town in Virginia when the first one came out. I was 5 or 6 at the time. My teenage cousin got stuck babysitting me last minute, which you can imagine really pissed him off, since he had quite the hot date that night. I managed to convince him to take me along to the movie stating it would be our secret. By chance his hot date had a little sister the same age, and to distract me from them, brought her too, to occupy my attention. Back then we did not have a movie theater, but had a drive-in situated right in the middle of the woods. At this time the scariest thing i had ever seen was probabally dracula or the mummy. I had know idea what i to expect, and really did not even know anything like this existed. I didnt even know the words serial killer or mass murderer. As i watched in horror through my fingers covering my eyes, I was terrified beyond belief. Needless to say I was traumatized for many years, and my cousin was grounded till probabally the time he graduated. I was up all that night scared to death and throughing up drive-in chili dogs. For probabally 5 years after that point I could not sleep without the light on, and could not go to bed without looking under my bed for someone to shove an arrow through my throat,ala Kevin Bacon in part one. Eventually my fear of this sparked my interest in other movies and my next endevour was Halloween 2. Eventually i could not stop renting every horror film in the video store till i saw them all. At this point they could make Friday the 13th part 86 jason goes to oz to fight the munchkins and i would still go pay my hard earned money to see it.

  31. I simply love reading these stories. Keep em coming folks!

  32. I was 12 in 1987 when I first watched a FT13. Part VI. Within 2 months, I had rented the first 5 and had the entire back story memorized. Looking forward to the 2009 edition as it seems to be getting back to the basics. Nothing, however, will ever touch the first 4 from 1980-1984. They ARE canon. Happy Friday the 13th!

  33. I believe my first Friday experience was when I was 8 years old. My mother and aunt loved to watch horror movies and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to watch the first film with them. When Jason came out of the water at the end, I almost shit my pants. Having my mom and aunt squealing loudly probably didn’t help matters. As much as the first film scared me, the surprise ending of Part 2 scared me more and remains my favorite film of the series.

    One summer, Showtime played Friday the 13th Part 1 through 4 and I got to stay up and watch them all. Those 4 films kick ass and I truly believe if the remake is going to be a success, it needs to have the feel of those 4 films. The people behind parts 1-4 took their time and built suspense leading to the kills. I don’t think Harry Manfredini is given enough credit for what he contributed to the series. If you ask me, I think they should let him do the music for the new film.

  34. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about the origins of my interest in Jason - the Friday films were always “just there”. Going back I believe I saw part 2 on TV, and during commercials they showed a tv spot for part 3D which was coming out theatrically down here in Australia. By the time I caught up with them on home video as a full fledged fan, it was for The Final Chapter - how bummed I was that I’d gotten to the punch so late. Ah, if I only knew what was to come!

  35. I am 24 yrs old and I can remember having my friends spent the night on friday the 13 in thrid grade so we could watch USA UP ALL NIGHT because they were showing three or four Friday movies in a row. Those were the good ol days, anyone else remember USA UP ALL NIGHT?

  36. I definitely remember USA Up All Night. That was the first place I ever caught The Toxic Avenger. I also remember various Friday the 13th films being shown from time to time.

  37. yea that blonde broad hosted ,am i wrong in thinkin gilbert godfrey hosted it too for a while

  38. Yep. Gilbert hosted it at one time.

  39. Happy Friday The 13th everyone. I hafta say that my love affair started with the original in 1983, when I was 2. We used to RENT a VCR (haha….lower-middle class and proud of it) and everyone in my family, uncles, aunts, everyone….got together and watched part one in a VCR that the top popped up on top. Anyone remember those? Anyway, my uncle had a date at our house and when Jason makes his epic first appearance, my uncle screamed like a child. From then on, I was hooked. Every time I was sick and had to stay home from school, my mom would let me rent one. I can’t tell you how many times I would play hookie from elementary school JUST to make a visit to camp crystal lake. Then I got smart and started recording them off tv, especially when Joe Bob Briggs would show them on The Movie Channel, and he would just get hammered while talking about them…hahaha. Damn I miss those days. I still average watching one or two a week, and my love affair with them will go on until I die.

  40. I remember my dad took us to the drive inn to see parts 1 and 2. My favorite to this day is Friday the 13 part 3 in 3-d. This was my first real 3d movie & my sister was under the seat,she even spilled her drink all over her.I wish they would have the 3d version on dvd.

  41. When i was about 5 or 6, Friday the 13th part 3 came on TV ans scared the shit out of me (and my dad). it was like watching “that movie you don’t remember the name to but you remember how much you liked it and how much it scared you”. i recall seeing Jason run out of the lodge in the chris’s dream sequence and practically shitting my self. Then one day, my grandmother (yes my grandma, bless her soul) bought me part 6. looking back, it is one of the best films to get you started into the series. From there i didn’t rent the movies, i bought every one. I have the masks, sideshow figures, posters and so on.

  42. I know most all of us have all of these films easily accessible to view on DVD etc. But it’s a shame that these days, the Friday the 13th series isn’t playing all over network TV. I can remember it coming on each and everytime Friday the 13th or Halloween rolled around when I was younger.

  43. I don’t about all of you but I am watching all my Fridays tonight, I’m on part 3 right now and dont plan to stop until Jason takes Manhattan!!! Happy Friday the 13 to everyone!!

  44. my older brother turned me on to the friday films
    when i was about 7.back then my mother hated me watching them and forbided it but i used to sneak up late at night
    when everyone was sleeping and i fell in love with them.
    parts 1 2 3 4 are the best before they turned him into a walking zombie.i liked it best when he was mortal.

  45. i highly recomend toking on a joint and drinking a
    5th of jack while watching these movies.
    its just gotta certain feel to it lol.

  46. but i can enjoy them without it too.

  47. doomed your all dooomed.

  48. my thing whole started 1999 when i was 3 or 4 my big brother told me something about people telling the legend of jason vorhees on a camp fire in a movie so i that i reallt need to see it! and my grandpa who is like 75 years old now. he had the 1st,4th,and 7th and so i saw the 1st on and it was amazing!

  49. I was born in the 90s so the series was before my time. My first experience was probably when I was 8 or 9 years old and just become a horror fan. My grandfather bought me Jason X and Freddy vs Jason on DVD. I didn’t even know who Freddy or Jason was at that time. The DVD quality wasn’t very good, I could only see first 15 or 20 minutes of them.

    A few months later, I found the first 2 films online, and rented them. After seeing the New Line films on DVD, I preceded to download the rest of the series on LimeWire (they’re not available on DVD where I live). I remember I had no knowledge about them at all watching them, but was still entertained. Having watched all of the films, I’m probably one of the youngest Friday fan ever (13 years old).


  50. Friday the 13th. has been my favorite out of the horror movie genre. I think the series got ruined when Paramont sold the rights to New Line Cinama. They TOALY ruined the Friday movies and Jason’s look. The movies went from being a serious and scary horror movie to being a cheesy, campy, bubble gum poppy crappy franchise. That’s why I’m on the fence with this remake.

  51. paramount has there hand back in this one and its the first time where there having jasons story return to the lake and making Crystal lake an important character again. friday the 13th is back in the name.It almost seemed like new line wanted to screw with the legacy of Jason. so far seeing the mask makes me feel like at least there on the right track.

  52. thats a sin ya dead fuck
    i really dont want you to call e that anymore.

  53. Man, I remember exactly how I was introduced to the series. My parents had a video tape pull-out cabinet that had various movies and home videos. Now, I was only about 6 or 7 years old, so I wasn’t really aware of the horror genre, but I knew there was something special about the tape I was about to pull out and watch just buy the cover. It was the tape for part VI, with Jason’s mask right there, with his grave right below it. It just looked so cool, I put it in the VCR right away. From that moment on, I have enjoyed every entry I eventually watched since. Funny story, at the time I wasn’t that good with roman numerals, so for the longest time I thought it was part IV. Later on, I visited my aunt’s house and I stumble upon her recorded copy of part VIII. Eventually, my mother got Cinemax, and the channel had a couple nights of showing the movies in certain order, like one night of 1 to 4, then another night had 3 to 7, and so on and I recorded all of them on tape. I’ll always remember part VI as the one that introduced me to the series, and the horror genre in general, which is in turn my favorite of the entire series.

  54. I don’t know if this matters at all but I guess I’m the only gay fan of the Friday the 13th franchise..hehe, at least that’s how I feel.

    Anyways, wow looking back for my earliest memory of Jason it’s kinda hard, so far I’ve felt like the movies and the character has been with me all my life.

    I guess me, like many others, catched with the flicks on VHS, I remember my dad’s family to be big horror buffs and they used to buy those cheap bootleg VHS here in Mexico, I got a hold on part IV & V, watched them alone and be terrified, stupid me watched them backwards, first part V and the IV, it confused me at first, lol

    Anyways, right now I’m 30 (fuck, i’m old) and have many things Jason related, the Sideshow figures - which I discovered by mistake at a horror convention - , the Crysyal Lake memories book and the Making of Friday the 13th, etc.

    I’m looking forward to the new movie, but as many said I know it would never be the same. Hopefully it would give the franchise justice and would bring NEW BLOOD into the movies. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!

  55. I was about 6 years old when I grew interested in Jason. I remember seeing old school hockey masks worn on Halloween, I did my investigating and it lead me to Crystal Lake. The first one I ever saw was part.1 which didnt even have Jason or his hockey mask in it…I loved it anyways. By the time I was 9 or 10 I had seen all of them. I remember USA UP ALL NIGHT and TNT’S MONSTER VISION every friday, i’d catch all the classics. When Jason X came out I couldnt of been more happy, it was the first Friday that I could experience in the cinema. I was far to little when 8, 9 came out…Anyways 1-4 are the true classics, but despite what people say I liked when New Line took Jason, personally I think they did a better job than paramount after the 5th one. Jason is a good guy, I’m 19 years old. He was around 10 years before me and almost 20 since I’ve been here…cheesy or not, you cant kill a legend.

    happy friday the 13th everyone!

  56. and just agreeing with Chris P. I feel like i’ve grown up with Friday the 13th and in away I’ve grown attached. It amazes me that kids as young as 13 know and love it to. the new film will be epic. Paramount and New Line together…the only thing i never understood is why New Line never used the working title “Friday the 13th”, Jason goes to Hell, and Jason X i suppose were quite appropriate anyways.

  57. I remember when the first Friday came out. I was 9 years old &was just mesmerized by the poster. I wanted to go see it so bad, but my parents would not let me at the time. It finally made it to cable movie channeles the next year. I finally got to see part 1 when I was 10 & it has been my favorite ever since. I grew up with the Friday franchise & it is a big part of my life, as I am a collector of F13 memorabilia. Many good memories of Friday the 13th!

  58. I can’t remember my year or age, but when I was very young my parents were flashing through TV and told me “Halloween” was on. (I heard about the movie on Tv and asked them about it). Looking back, I realize it was the ending to ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’. I didn’t watch any of the movies regularly until a few years ago. All I need now is Part 9 to have seen em all, and 9 & X to own em all.

  59. I am 35 years old and remember my older brother and his friends renting the first 2 Fridays (including the VCR in the black case!) back in 1981. I was 9 years old at the time and wasn\’t allowed to watch the death scenes but remember loving these movies. Then I remember watching Part 3 on First Choice/Superchannel Pay TV back in 1983 and being scared shitless! I actually had the 3-D poster of Jason smashing through the window with an axe in my bedroom. To this day, Part 3 is still my favourite. For my 11th and 12th birthdays we rented parts 3 and 4 respectively. These are more than just movies for me, they are like snapshots of different periods in my life and watching them brings me right back to that time period. I still feel like that 11-12 year old kid sometimes when I watch them and remember arguing with my friends about how Jason was sooo much cooler than Freddy. LOL (Although, the first Nightmare is pretty excellent!) I am looking forward to this new Friday. Even though I know it will never capture that special feeling I had growing up with the original films, at least it may remind me why I love this series so much and hopefully will turn a whole new generation onto these films. I just hope they don\’t screw it up and have rap music and MTV party sequences. If the producers have any clue at all, they should know that all people want is an old-school Friday. Lets hope they deliver.

  60. dont bother watching part 9 its trash and not worth any jasons fans time

  61. As a fan i remember watching the original ..not only did it scare the hell out of me but i loved how gruesome the Death scenes were . When i got older i had to own the movies so i started collecting them along with watching them dozen of times…. i wasnt happy with Part 9 ( aka Jason goes to Hell ) … they started making the Jason character too mythical and digging too deep into his orgins and that usally starts to make the character watered down. Then they came out with part X … jason in space… the series was flushed down the toilet untill Freddy vs Jason ( which wasnt bad considering it was made in todays world ) - Lets hope they dont kill the series By not paying attention to details which made the first a classic and the secont even better ….

  62. bring back old scholl friday the 13th!!!!!
    the music
    the plot

  63. school***
    forgive my spelling my piece of shit key board is fucked!!!!!!!asy

  64. My first exposure to Friday the 13th was when I was seven years old. My babysitter was only about fourteen, and she loved all horror movies. She especially loved Nightmare On Elm Street part 3. I can’t tell you how many times I had to watch that scene where Freddy says, “This is it Jennifer, your big break in T.V.!” But, I digress. She took a break from all that Freddy mania that was going on in 1988, and played Friday the 13th part 6 for us. I loved how funny it was, and the part where Tommy Jarvis is rolling his face in that girl’s crotch always made me laugh. I loved that movie, and my babysitter quickly rented part 7. The next year my family had to move (military brat), and I couldn’t get my parents to allow me to see any of the new movies. When I hit thirteen years old my mom passed away. My dad was a pretty big wreck from this, and would rent me anything I liked so he could go drinking with his friends. I started out with Friday the 13th again, this time watching the movies chronologically. I fell in love with part 2’s Ginny. Part 3 made me laugh, part 4 shocked the hell out of me and was the first of any of the movies to give me nightmares. Part 5…what can I say about part 5…Ooo baby, ooo baby…there’s a man with no life in his eyes…I think that movie is one of the unintentionally funny films I’ve ever seen. Anyway, kinda long ramble there, but I love these films.

  65. Oh, and I think part 9 isn’t trash. There are a lot of awesome kills. Namely the metal pole that rips through a camper as she’s cumming…that was sweet!

  66. sense were all telling our childhood memories lol
    I wasnt around in the 80’s lol so i never saw the movies in theaaters or whatever, BUT, i remember in 1998 1999 my dad allowed my older brother to watch Halloween 4 and i snuck in to watch it too me and my brother fell in love with the series! and one day we were at blockbuster and we rented friday the 13th part 4 just because we thought it was about Michael Myers (even though it was titled Friday the 13th, we thought hey its a holiday it must be about the same dude) so anyway we watched Jason and my brother was obsessed with it. For halloween he was Jason and i was Michael and wed have a big JASON VS. MICHAEL moment. but ya after we saw part 4 we rented every single movie excpet part 9 because someone told me it kinda sucked. and now i cant wait to see the remake!

  67. Well, I remember when I saw Friday the 13th Part 4:The Final Chapter for the very first time when I was 4! It was soooooo cool! I fell in love with the series! Then I saw Part 6! Then 2! Then 3! Then x! Then 1! Then Freddy vs Jason! Then 5! Then 8, Then 7! Then 9 wich sucked!LOL! Then I wathced the whole series in order and I loved it! Jason is my idol! I grew up with the series! Yep, The series will be very much remebered! Such classics! Yep, the good ole days! I’ll never forget Jason! His memory will live forever!:)

  68. The first time I\’ve ever watched the first Friday the 13th in 2001 I was 14, I didn\’t really care much for it. My buddy and I was watching the Halloween movies on halloween night 2002 and we stopped the VCR to take a little break from them, and we changed the tv channel to TNN and the ending of Jason lives was on. I loved that ending. My friend started telling me a little bit about the other films & jason and that made me want to view the others. I watched Jason goes to Hell and liked it, so I started to watch and collect all the others in order on VHS. Once I got to Part 3, It was my favorite one and still is to this day. I\’ve been collecting some hockey masks from the series. This past Friday the 13th I can say I had two days off and spent the entire day watching ever single Friday film/ all 11. I was drained but did it. I can\’t wait to see the new remake! it\’s going to be great!

  69. The first Friday I saw was the first one. This was when the Final Chapter was in theatres and my brother was bugging my folks to go and see it. Instead we ended up renting 1 and 2 as well as Superman 3. Yeah pretty weird, we couldn’t find the 3D one anywhere. My brother freaked me out 3 times in a row, when Jason comes out of the water. I watched them both under a blanket with him scaring the crap out of me at every chance. He would always rent them when friends would come over for movie nights and I always hid in the background when they watched them. You know it isn’t cool to have your little brother around. The first one that I saw in the theatre was the 7th one and it was awesome. When the chick gets smacked against the tree in a sleeping bag, people just roared and cheered. If it wasn’t for Friday the 13th I definatly wouldn’t be as big of an Alice Cooper fan either.

  70. I think if they were on the right track with Freddy VS Jason and that movie will be just a glimpse as to what were are going to be treated with.

  71. I am 39 years old, and my first experience with Friday the 13th was around 1981, my parents were divorced and I was spending the weekend with my dad. Well, he was making dinner around 8 or 9 pm and the movie came on. I got to see all the way through the first two kills, and then my dad figured out I was watching and turned the channel.

    Well, of course when I got back to my mom’s house I looked up the next time it was on, which was around 3am in the middle of the week. I didn’t wake up in time, and by the time I snuck downstairs and turned the volume all the way down so I could carefully turn the tv on, I saw a lake with an almost glass like surface in the daytime. As I continued to watch, I saw a boat floating in the middle of the lake, with a girl in it. Well of course soon after I saw young Jason explode out of the water and drag the girl into the water. I was hooked forever. I will always love this series, and hope this new version will stay faithful to the feel of the originals.

  72. My first taste of Friday the 13th was in my grandmothers bedroom, where I was watching the first movie in complete darkness, and just 1 meter away from the T.V. set. I think I was about 10 years old, and remember how scary the Chi-chi-ma-ma sound was. every 2 minutes I would change the channel, so scary it was!
    by the time Mrs. Voorhees was decapitated, my grandmother (who was apparently watching downstairs) yelled that I should come downstairs and grab something to eat. Thanks to my mom I learned that Jason was jumping out of the lake to grab Alice. Since then I’m a true Jason fan, and began to watch all the flicks that came after that. When I came at the Video store, I discovered there were more than six movies, and so I rented every part of the saga.
    But that wasn’t enough for me: I wanted a hockey mask, and many years later, and thanks to the internet I now have a huge Friday collection, that just keeps on groing.
    From soundtracks to masks, from clothing to actionfigures, you name it and it’s in my collection.
    So, thanks to a little boy who supposedly drowned in a boyscout camp lake, and who hardly doesn’t say a word, I have got the greatest hobby a guy could wish for.
    I can’t wait to be in theaters soon to watch the guy who started it all.

  73. I have loved Friday the 13th since the early eighties. I’m 31 now, but I was about 6 or 7. I used to stay up late whenever they would be on either HBO or The Movie Channel. Sometimes the USA network. Anyhow, I remember my older brother would go to the drive in to watch them. Thats’ what the early one’s were….Drive in flicks. After Part 4, the whole formula changed, and every one after The Final Chapter, I have been disappointed with. Part 4 was when the series was at it’s peak of popularity. I really hope this new one brings back that feeling of the first 4. I’m not getting my hopes up too much. Especially after the big disappointment from Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I heard something about showing Jason carrying his victims, and it’s sounds kinda like what Zombie had Michael do in his Halloween. The first 4 movies formula worked the best, so why doesn’t anybody bring the formula back? I remember the Friday films in the early eighties, and they were true Horror movies….Nothing over the top, nothing campy like the later ones. I hope Platinum Dunes brings that feeling back in this movie. I see alot of good things they have brought back, like the Part 3/4 mask….The sign is like the one in the first Friday. Little details like that mean so much, and sets the mood & tone of the movie. I really hope they get Harry Manfredini to do the score!!! It needs the music from Parts 1-4. For example….Try watching the early Friday movies with the sound off.

  74. another memory for me was probally in 1988 when i was 4 it was around october and me and my family and my cousins
    went to a haunted house that in cluded jason or what i like to call the cheasiest jason ive ever seen.he had on a store bought halloween hockey mask and a white mesh jersey but it stilll scared the hell out of me.then in 1993 at another spook house they had a better looking jason and my little sister was scared so i got the courage and flipped jason off.needless to say my mom did not like that to much

  75. just 1 meter away from the T.V. set. I think I was about 10 years old, and remember how scary the Chi-chi-ma-ma sound was. every 2 minutes I would change the channel

  76. I discovered Friday the 13th around 1989/1990 when Cinemax had shown 4 and 5 back to back on a Friday the 13th. I had that on tape and watched them many times. I eventually caught the others on those good old USA Network and TNT marathons. They were edited, but it was fun. Always looked forward to Friday the 13th as a kid, checking the calendar for the next one and then checking the TV listings in the paper. When the DVD’s came out, I finally bought official copies of the films, except 7 and 8, cause I found out about the box set before getting them. I sold my 1-6 singles and got the box set when it came out. I then got the the New Line films as well. I got the 1-3 deluxe editions (the picture quality alone sold me…no debates here please), and I plan to get 4-8. Guess I’m a sucker.

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