Jason Excited For Friday the 13th To Arrive

Laughter comes first, then thoughts of how cool it is to see Jason opening up a can on his poor victims, have led me to post this great video by Robot Chicken. I am sure a number of our visitors have seen this video. However, for those who have not seen the video, you are in for a treat. For everyone else, enjoy it again!

I just love that Jason walked by the calendar and does a double take and then gets so excited. This proceeded by getting the hockey mask out of mothballs and getting a goodnight sleep beforehand. Awesome!

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15 Responses to “ Jason Excited For Friday the 13th To Arrive ”

  1. Hah! That is awesome! F13 Eve!

  2. I saw this one what a classic! LOL

  3. one of the best, great stuff!

  4. Someone please post the video of Scooby Doo goes to Crystal Lake. I’ve seen that one before. Classic!

  5. This is a great video, love it. Looks like the Final Chapter figure made by Sideshow.

  6. Love this so much.

    Have it saved to favorite video’s on Youtube.

  7. I have this video on my facebook page and another video…Love them to Death

  8. Here is another link to a great Jason tribute Video…

  9. This was more gory than the remake!

  10. Hilarious. I love Robot Chicken.

  11. Loved it the first time I saw it. Honestly forgot about it till now and laughed out loud seeing it again.

  12. I almost cried at the end the first time I saw this.

    I remember this was hard to find on YT for a long time. That’s a nice copy of it.

  13. I love the video!!!
    Love too see moe off those!!!

  14. I love this clip, the one where Scooby and the gang visit Crystal Lake, and Horror Movie Big Brother (With Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, Leatherface, and Ghostface)

  15. I love that clip. The first time I see it on tv, I thought “Is that Jason??” when the clip first show Jason in bed. And I was right on the money!! :)

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