Jason’s Mask Revealed!

After weeks of speculation (and even our own little betting pool) about the look Jason will don in the upcoming relaunch of the Friday the 13th series, Platinum Dunes have officially laid the speculation to rest. At least when it comes to the infamous hockey mask anyway. Today, during a set visit report on MTV, Jason’s mask was revealed! Most fans will be pleased to discover the mask maintaining the classic look of the “pre-New Line” Friday the 13th films. You can see the MTV set visit HERE. Also check out the official Platinum Dunes page for an even better look at the mask. Friday the 13th opens Friday February 13th, 2009!

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Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand.

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  1. Now that is WHAT I AM TALKIN ABOUT F#%^& yea

  2. I don’t think anybody has anything to worry about. This film will live up to the original. The mask says it all

  3. I’m so relieved! I was worried we were gonna get a Jason X type mask, or something different but that looks great. Reminds me of the Final Chapter mask. I’m now officially creaming my shorts over this movie!

  4. As a scrutinizing fan, the differences I see are that the nose is bigger than usual (kinda like Michael Myers in Halloween 5) and there is a lot of cheek/jaw room built in.

  5. Maybe that extra space is to allow for his deformed features

  6. I like the cut of your jib, good sir.

  7. Pretty much looks like the Manhattan mask.

  8. I think its GREAT!!! It also reminds me of Part 4, which is what I was truly praying for. I agree that the nose looks a bit bigger, and that the jaw line is a bit more spacious. I am SO freakin glad they are using this one. Did anyone else get cold chills when you watched the vid clip of the guy pulling it out of the box? haha. On a lighter note, I have recently played Pavlov with my two dogs (a year old beagle and a 6 yr old akita) by first playing the original theme on my computer and then pulling the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, which is fully equipped with the mask. Now, each time the dogs either hear the music on TV or see the mask, they get terrified. It is absolutely classic.

  9. Awesome looking mask, but as always let’s hope they get a good actor to portray Jason! I doubt Kane Hodder could make a return to the casting call asking for “lean”. I hope it isn’t Ken Kirzinger. He’s just not Jason.

  10. To the Zen Man; The movie finished shooting today dude. It’s about to go into post production. Jason was casts quite a bit ago. It’s Derek Mears.

  11. i think Derek mears will be good

  12. if you go to frightstuff.com you can get a mask from the mold of part 3 which looks like what they may have done


  14. Nope. I keep up with Ken Tarillo from Frightstuff from time to time. He wasn’t asked to participate to the best of my knowledge. But his mask from part 3 will always be the definitive mask for me. I purchased one of his masks recently and painted it myself. I love it. I will actually be doing a story for this site on Frightstuff in the next week or so. So keep a lookout for that.

    Here is an album with pics of my mask before and after I painted it


    I am also working on a story with Ruste Dowg productions who not only paints these masks for people, but they also make a latex Jason “hood” that accompanies these things perfectly. So keep your eyes out for that story as well.

  15. i wanna get one part 3 style pre ax wound good job painting it

  16. I think it looks too beaten up to be from the Part 3-4 era. What I see is still a Freddy VS Jason beatup mask look, but of course before Freddy slashed it. Still it is a very dramatic looking mask. I think it would work good for one of the adaptations of my books….

  17. They had a chance to use one of ours (as in a Frightstuff mask), but they let the FX guy sculpt his own, like they did in JX. Yeah, it’s close, but it could’ve been exact :(

  18. talkin bout the mold not the coloring

  19. Here’s what they ALMOST had….


    From the original Part 3 mold (same one owned by Ken Tarallo), and painted to Mark Swift’s description by yours truly. Hopefully for the sequel….

  20. Dude this mask looks sweet as hell! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

    This is one of the best Jason Masks I have seen IMO

  21. I think that this whole movie is going to be a remake of part 3, but use the plot points from part 2 like the bawn fire scene to give jasons orgin and the chase scene that leads to jasons cabbin. I think that the supernatural guy is going to be the boyfriend from part 3 that gets his eye ball popped out in a sense but he gets his face smashed into a car instead. Also, they better not make jason superhuman because us Friday fans all know that from 2-4 hes a human that is hard as shit to kill and doesnt get godly powers til part 6. Also, if jason runs in this movie i think thats ok because he runs in part 3 when chasing the girl in the van. Jason should look like part 4 jason but have the part 3 face. I really think this movie is going to be great,I mean i wish they just make a sequel to jason and have tommy jarvis in it rather than a remake but its been so long since jasons been on screen and its gonna be a remake done right unlike shitty halloween, they better have harry manferdini do the score or have the same feel

  22. squeezin a guys head till his eyeballs pop out is kinda super natural but i get exactly what your sayin

  23. Well I watched the MTV video and yes, the mask looks a bit different from the original one, but nothing drastic. I think it looks great. Maybe not perfect, but still great. I’m just trying to keep my expectations in check. By the way, thw MTV write-up said that Jason had a crooked spine and a shoulder that sat a little higher than the other. Not exactly the look I’d go for, but its interesting.

  24. this is going to be sooo fucking cool

  25. i hope they use the same music.and i would love to see them bring tommy jarvis back again.tommy!!!! die!!!!
    tommy!!!! die!!!!
    tommy get the hell out of here!!!

  26. they said they were going skinny dipping….and i not skinny enough.

  27. I’m very pleased! It defaintly lives up the old ones and has a huge Final Chapter feel! If I didnt know any better, I would think it’s from TFC. Kudos!

  28. Thank God!!!! Classic, man! F!#% Yeah,…this should really be very interesting….feels like it has that “Final Chapter” vibe,….can’t go wrong with that. They are off to a great start, it seems. I’m so happy, I feel like Rick Flair!!! WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  29. Where’s the axe mark? If they’re aiming to fit this chapter along part 3 & 4 it should have the axe mark on it, dont you think?

    First mistake with this whole reimagining/reboot,whateverthefuck you called it.

  30. Well, I don’t think it was ever said that they were aiming to fit it along part 3 and 4. This is an entirely different entity. A lot of fans have said that judging by what’s been told to us that one could place it around part 4. But this is a new series altogether.

  31. from what I gather
    its going to cover 1-4
    he’s going to wear the pt2 bag as well the hock

  32. There can’t be the axe slash yet, that was a totally significant scene in part 3. I agree that they have to have Tommy Jarvis in this one. When they do the sequal to this one they should introduce the character using Corey Feldman and flash back to a few scenes in part 4. But show him as an adult. The guys that they had in 5 and 6 just didn’t cut it. I think that he could do just as good a job if not better

  33. As far as it being beaten up. It is a goalie mask after all. A few pucks must have hit them in the face first.


  35. The mask looks fine. I’ll wait till the end credits roll to get all gooey aboot it.

  36. This mask looks damn awesome, i hope NECA or any other company will publish a recast like the FREDDY VS JASON Mask and glove replica, i`ll be the first to order it !!!!!!!
    Greetings from germany`s biggest Jason fan

  37. Where is the thong that Jason wears while killing campers? I am disappointed that they didn’t havea pic of that.

  38. I wonder if there gonna have Ralph in the movies like the original 2

    Your All Doooooooomed…this place has a Death curse !

    Loved that character!

  39. joe your an idiot
    shouldent you be on the sleepless
    in seattle site???
    teen reality shows.

  40. i meant or watching teen reality shows.

  41. The mask looks great! Too bad the real Jason won’t be wearing it, Kane Fucking Hodder!! I have faith in Derek Mears but it’s just not the same without Kane. Hopefully one day he’ll be back behind the mask, until then bring on the new F13th baby! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Kane Hodder in a fucking thong - hell Yeaa-NOOOO! lmao

  43. what the fuck are you even doing on this site joe!!!
    you fucking idiot

  44. man its 3:11am here and im wasted.
    im watching friday 6
    i love these films
    cant wait till the new one!!!

  45. im a teenage frankenstien
    the local freak with a twisted mind
    alice coopers soo fucking cool!!!!

  46. I say ban Crazy Ralph for his foul mouth.

  47. I remeber reading somewhere were Crazy Ralph was intended to be Jason’s father at one point. Or maybe it was the grave digger in the 6th one.

  48. If it wasn’t for Friday the 13th I think I would have started listening to Alice until way later.

  49. I thought this was a remake of the first Friday the 13th???Jason did\’nt come in killing till the 2nd film.What happened to the mom?

  50. Who wrote the rules on remakes, Baxter? No one. :-)

  51. I think that they will have Jason drown right at the beginning and then his mother freaks and kills a few people right off the bat. Like a day later, or hours later instead of years. Then Jason see’s her get killed.
    Then when they go to open the camp again it is Jason right from the beginning.

  52. the mask looks good but that doesn’t make the movie, it’s how the character portrays the roll.

  53. i say ban Joe Pierce for being an idiot.
    no body cares about your stupid thong jokes you moron!!

  54. I don’t get why people are still so hung up on the fact that Kane Hodder won’t be playing Jason anymore. Sure, I was a little gutted when I heard he wasn’t going to return, but Derek Mears seems like a perfect choice to take the character back to basics. And let’s not forget several other actors played the character before Hodder did, and they all left their mark of Jason’s legacy. Hodder was awesome with all his fire stunts and how he developed specific movements for the character, but let’s give the new guy a chance!

  55. yeah a great jason hahaha. he played in all the crappy movies

  56. i have 2 agree hodder was great but he happenrd to be in some of the worst ones

  57. The new movie will be awesome…oh man i cant wait…i own all the friday the 13th movies…cant wait to get this one…the mask is sick, perfect for the movie.

  58. I hope the mask will be available in stores or something, it looks really dirty. thank God its not an uberjason mask, that really would kill me

  59. I hope the mask will be available in stores or something, it looks awsome! just glad it isnt an Uberjason mask, that would really kill me

  60. this mask is a shit its = to rob zombies halloween copy copy copy copy fuck you jason MICHAEL MYERS RULES OK??? JASON IS A COPY COPY FOREVER

  61. Jeez… having an aneurysm there? Too much caffeine maybe? The veins must be ready to burst out of your forehead. Why even bother coming to a Friday the 13th site if that’s how you feel? Grow up & don’t waste space with such pointless, immature bitching.

  62. What does Rob Zombie’s Halloween have to do with Friday the 13th, apart from them both being remakes? Zombie already fell on his face with his attempt at resurrecting a franchise, give PD a chance before you slate them!

  63. I agree, this is a Friday site, not a Halloween site. Although I liked the Halloween remake very much, I still am a big Jason follower and can’t wait to see how he’s doing back in the woods again. And does anyone know if there’s going to be a bit of explanation of how jason became a very hard to kill person?
    Anyway, I’m glad there’s a new Friday coming up.

  64. I doubt he’s going to be immortal in this film. He became that way in the later ones as he had already been killed and the only way of resurrecting him was as an indestructible zombie. They were also trying to compete with A Nightmare on Elm Street by upping the fantasy elements. In Part 2 and 3 he was just an ugly psycho so I’m guessing he’ll be something similar in this movie

  65. do any of you guys think they will make this movie and then do another one with a whole new backstory. even all the way back to when the first two were killed and the fires. opinions???

  66. sweet mask it is awsome

  67. the mask is fucking awsome

  68. and it looks like the freddy vs jason mask

  69. i did not know this movie comeing

  70. and i heard about the website at youtube

  71. that’s a sick ass mask nice details

  72. i LOVE IT

  73. I’d make the character a collector of hockey masks- opening the door for multiple masks, multiple materials, and alternate colors.

  74. It looks like the VS mask

  75. One thing about the film is that jason was not in the original ether way i’m still going 2 c this movie no matter what those film critic says about the flim i’m a film critic myself n i would defintly give the mask n film a 2 thumbs up n 2 toes up.

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