MORE, YES MORE TV SPOTS!!!!!! (Updated)

Wow so I think this is like spot 5, 6 and 7. Some new footage here and there and it all looks bloody great! One has Whitney about to square up to Jason while another shows Clay sticking up posters of his missing sis! Get em watched!!!!

Added below - embedded TV Spot #6!

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10 Responses to “ MORE, YES MORE TV SPOTS!!!!!! (Updated) ”

  1. Yes! I was watching tv last night and saw a trailer for the new friday movie! Looks tite!

  2. i\’m been wating for this day. i love jason yes i do but it time for him to have. some real fights like him and chuckie and michael mires,bring back freddy,jeeper creeper, hell raiser pin, match these guys up and see what you come up with

  3. I think these trailers are good. I hope to see more. I can’t wait until Friday February 13th. Just two more weeks.

  4. Awesome!

  5. Did anyone else notice that if you pause at EXACTLY 11 seconds on the last spot, you can see a glimpse of Jason UNMASKED?!?! Epic.

  6. Simply awesome I can’t wait.

  7. Man, Jason has one ugly mug (pause it like Spartan-099 said). It looks real and scary, unlike the infamous Jack-O-Lantern face in Jason Takes Manhattan.

  8. I paused at 11 seconds and all I see is the mask…

  9. CoreyCage, it’s in this TV spot:

    That confirms we’ll see him unmasked then. Pretty cool.

  10. I can’t wait, the more I see the more excited I get. Please oh please don’t let me down like they did with Transformers

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