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Happy Friday The 13th! I’ve made some screencaps of the MTV set video. Enjoy. Featuring Amanda, Jared, Derek, a Crystal Lake cabin and more shots of the fan-pleasing mask.










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  1. The mask looks great. I can’t wait for the teaser trailer at least…

  2. like what i am seein so far

  3. Like everyone else on here I’m sure understands, the Friday series has a “feel” to it… know? Like a way Camp Crystal Lake is supposed to feel. I hope they truly capture that “feel”. I felt the remake of TCM fell short of that “feel” the original had..and Zombies Halloween fell MISERABLY short…and with Friday being my fav, I hope they dont fall short this time

  4. KC, I know what you mean. I hope the new movie has that classic “feel” to it as well. I’m just glad this isnt gonna be like the Halloween remake. Rob Zombie completely ruined the character of Michael Myers, and it sucks the new movies are gonna be based off Zombie’s interpretation. Thank god with the Friday remake, they arent messing with Jason’s backstory.

  5. classic feel you read my mind!!!

  6. So far everything seems ok, but I’m still afraid that MTV is going to f*ck this up.

  7. can’t wait. the mask is the same, maybe that’s a good thing!

  8. I\’m on the fence with this whole thig.  T mask looks two worn and beaten up for my taste on what it should look like.  It\’s suposed to be sort\’ve new looking,  it looks to muck like Fredy V.S. Jason\’s version.  I want to seen what Jason looks like in this and there should be different stages of Jason in this rangeing from young to older and I\’m not to down with the movie being set in modern times either,  I don\’t know but they realy shouldn\’t fix what isn\’t broken.

  9. I’m on the fence with this whole thing. The mask looks two worn and beaten up for my taste on what it should look like. It’s suposed to be sort’ve new looking, it looks to much like Fredy V.S. Jason’s version. I want to see what Jason looks like in this and there should be different stages of Jason in this rangeing from young to older and I’m not to down with the movie being set in modern times either, I don’t know but they realy shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken.

  10. The mask looks really no diff. from FvJ (Which is okay but part 3-4 would be better homage to the linear story throughout… never-the-less it’s JASON so bring him on!!!

  11. Penhall:

    Glad you agree that the movies, ESPECIALLY 1-7, have this “feel” that no other horror line can come close to. I think the mask is nearly perfect, which helps, but the way the camp and lake look is something I am really hoping for. I hope that the new one really captures that and makes me feel like the early ones did. Every time I am close to a lake and a campsite to this day, I get “that feeling” and I almost immediately want to go home and put part 3 or 4 in and get that feeling. The original TCM had a GREAT feel too, where you really felt the Texas heat and the loneliness of the characters felt. I hope the woods are over exaggerated and the cabins as well, if you know what I mean?

  12. The moment I saw the mask for the first time I fell in love with it. The mask is perfect, it’s just like that of part 4, they really did a nice job making it look all banged up and weathered. I’m looking forward to seeing Jason in action on February 13th. I hope to see more set visits soon since that’s what it said at the end of the MTV short teaser.

  13. I think the mask is nearly perfect, which helps, but the way the camp and lake look is something I am really hoping for. I hope that the new one really captures that and makes me

  14. I’m just worried about MTV co-producing the film. I hope they don’t try to push for creative control. The last thing we need is for the new friday to end up like the rest of these politically correct after school special sorry excuses for a horror movie.

  15. kristen, i agree a hundred and ten precent. don’t see why mtv was allowed to co-produce in the first place. you’d think with paramount, new line and platinum dunes that they’d had more than enough money to produce the movie.

  16. I think the mask kind of looks like the one from part 4. If you think about, the mask has to look worn and beaten up because hockey masks at this date and time look nothing like the ones from the 80’s. And I really hope MTV doen’t ruin this movie. Every since hollywood went politically correct back in the 90’s the entertainment industry has gone all to hell. It’d be nice if the new friday movie ends up like the old ones, with a creepy atmoshere and some realistic characters. But it will more than likely turn out like the typical politically correct horror films of the 90’s and up. But on the other hand they might shock us and make a great horror movie regardless of MTV’s involvement.

  17. Sh*t, I left the p out atmosphere.

  18. Here’s and episode from the series TWO GUYS DRINKING AT A BAR that does a FRIDAY THE 13th EPISODE.

  19. Okay, here’s the link

  20. I think the mask looks great. Just a few minor differences in it than Prt 3, but nothing that makes me feel worried in any way. To me, there’s really no such thing as “too clean” when it comes to the mask. I think it’s scarrier when it’s dirty. Plus, he walks around in mud and dirt all day. It’s just more realistic.

  21. I’m more curious about the rest of the movie. I really hope they explain why Jason never tried to contact his mom at all as he was growing up after he drowned, or, if he did, why she didn’t take him back in. By the way, has anyone ever noticed that in the original F13, Jason looks like he’s in his early teens when he drowns, and since then they’ve just been making him younger and younger in the flashbacks? Someone mentioned this new movie would be based in modern times. Have they announced that for sure? Also, alot of people think they’re just remaking the first three movies all in one. I think what they’re doing is borrowing pieces of the plots from the first three (Jason drowning, his mom’s killing spree, the hockey mask) for this new movie, but the main plot will be fresh. Anyways, the new TCM was pretty scary and full of gore, so I think this New Friday will have less goofing around and more of a serious tone. The music from the new TCM was great too, so I think it’ll be great in this movie as well. Jason hasn’t scared the hell out of me in a long time, so I’m ready for it.

  22. Oh hell noooooo, I think we should have learned with Jason Goes to Hell that explaining things only mixs up the backstory and goes more ilogical everytime they try to bound all the movies.

    All I want to see is a good adrenaline ride with Jason wacking up teens in gory ways and great chase scenes. the end.

  23. I think it is going to be in modern times, since the mention of one of teenagers googling Camp Crystal Lake was mentioned in one of the spoilers. They are making this more of a sequel rather than a remake, which is a good thing, we haven’t seen a good Friday the 13th movie that scared the shit out of us for a very long time and this is the start of a brand new series that will not disappoint. Derek might be the next Jason Voorhees in the future depending how well he will act in this movie which I have no worries since he’s dedicated to this role and will not disrespect it.

  24. Lets hope they make it as scary as the orginals.. i mean the look and feel of the movie ( as from what i see in the images ) look great…an old school style . Lets hope they can revive the series . respect the series …and fans will come to see it..i’ll be waiting for the new one !

  25. fuck yeah bout time we saw the mask mate

  26. Just great!. I have no bad feelings about this whatsoever. I don’t care if MTV is involved or not. The producers are huge fans and they are making a movie for the fans.

    The mask is fantastic. I was worried the most about the mask. I didn’t want them to “experiment”. It looks like it did in Fridays 3 and 4. Everything else looks great as well. I agree about the “feel” of it, but disagree with the comments about Halloween. I felt there were moments that did have that feel, especially the last half. There were moments there that felt more like Halloween than a number of the sequels.

  27. They’re not making a movie for the fans. Platinum Dunes makes movies for the box office. As long as they see good profit when it comes out they don’t give a shit if the die hard fans are happy with it or not and we’d be fools to think otherwise

  28. I was hoping for a picture of Jason’s thong that he wears while killing campers.

  29. thong???

  30. Hey Joe, it was funny the first time. If you want, I can ban you from both posting as well as simply viewing the site. If you’d like that, let me know, I’ll pull my ban thong on over my trousers.

  31. Wonder if were gonna see who plays Crazy Ralph - hes another fav. of mine !

    They better have him in the new movie !

  32. I just read an on set story where the scene they were shooting was jason carrying a girl back to his cabin with her mouth ductaped WHO DO THEY THINK HE IS THE GREEN RIVER KILLER. The jason i know stalks through the woods killing with reckless abandon then maybe stashes your body somewhere in the woods so he could move on to the next victim.they got him kidnappin bitches. what next is he gonna videotape himself pissin on broads ,maybe he could have a foot fetish.

  33. I really hope that “ductape” rumor isn’t true. That’s not his style. If it is true, maybe this Jason will actually have a heart and let some of the kids go with a warning, or maybe instead of killing them, he’ll just scratch them a little, orBLAAAGHHH!!!…sorry I just threw up. Anyways, maybe Jason will have a dance number in this moviBLAAAGHHH!!!…I threw up again…Hmmm? The moral of the story is: Don’t screw with Jason, PlatinumDunes. Please.

  34. jason mother is talking to you!!!


  36. When the hell was this on MTV? I’m gonna try youtube to see if I can find it. Can’t believe MTV has a part in producing this flic! That could be a killer here. I’ll keep the faith though since I’m a looonnngggg time die hard fan.

  37. i think this remake is gonna be pretty good.I think that they need to make Derek Mears a brutle jason. THats what jason is about. He is brutal. In jason x he pushs that girls face in that dry ice water and smashes her face off the counter. Thats awsome. Jason has his own type of killing. Michael myers stalks and kills but not brutal. Freddy toys with them and kills not brutal.Jason dont toy and he kills Brutaly. They need the jason were he is smashing heads in. And slamming them off trees. But other than that.. the mask looks incredible..looks like a good movie. After this movie, they need to end the series of Fridays. if there gonna make another movie with jason in it. IT needs to be freddy vs. jason vs. would kill to see that movie. That would be the biggest movie that has came out since god knows what. And i have what i think would be a great way to get michael and jason in the same movie.

  38. i was reading comments form other viewers.. and i saw something about ductape? ..they better not make jason put ductape around somebodys body or mouth.. If there putting it around there body thats dumb. becasue jason is stronger than anyhuman or anyother icon killer. He dosent need no damn ductape to make somebody be quite. But in my opionion they do need to follow the same story type as Rob Zombies halloween.They need to show jasons mother killing. why was she killing .and why he was mental and why he drowned. And everything. but my idea for the FVJVM movie. They need to start the movie off where jason was walking out of crystal lake with freddys head from the first movie. Then freddy goes in michael myers dreams from ressurection and wakes him. Then he pulls michael out of there and puts him in jasons why soo freddy can regenerate. Then let jason and michael battle it out witch is what every one wants to see im sure. and take it from there..but thats my idea..and freddy can wake michael even thought its not halloween cause he woke jason and it wasnt friday the 13th. Soo i think that would be a great idea..and freddy at the begining of FVJ he said ive serched many souls threw hell and i found one and it was jason …soo that means he has serched there other killers…but i was reading that they was gonna put PINHEAD in the end of pinhead sucks..jason or freddy would both dominate him..they NEED MICHAEL…FREDDY VS. JASON VS. MICHAEL

  39. I have a good feeling this movie will turn out to be pretty good. The way they described Jason is a dream come true for most Friday the 13th fans, a very horribly disfigured face, a holster for his machete and tattered clothing. This can be a very solid Friday the 13th movie, that is if they don’t screw up the backstory, which they won’t. I mean, Pamela’s going to be in the story, it’s just so that she is in a flashback as well as a very young Jason. Maybe they will have a scene where they show Pamela Voorhees getting decapitated, and the survivor girl Alice if that’s her name gets pulled underwater by young Jason, then it slams into the present. There’s many different ways of telling this story. One thing I know is, when it comes time for the DVD to come out we’re going to actually get an Unrated Friday the 13th movie, which is exciting because we never got one before. Not even Freddy vs Jason was Unrated. This should be exciting.

  40. Jason doesnt take prisoners and thats what that scene said to me he was taking a prisoner. and i dont like him living in an abandoned me one of the reasons jasons an Icon is part 3 thru 7 you saw Jason doing only 1 of 3 things stalking, Killing or dieing.when he wasnt doing that he was out there in the woods somewhere and you never saw him other wise. If he takes a girl back to his cabin ductaped then she will sit in the corner scared while jason does god knows what(stoking the fire making a sandwich)it takes away from his mystery.some might say he had a cabin in part 2 and dont get me wrong part 2 is a good sequal and horror movie but nothing about part 2 made him an icon.

  41. Why the hell is Jason even in this movie? Ms. Voorhees was the killer in Friday the 13th!!!! Jason didn’t come around until Part 2!!!! This movie will SUCK!!!!!!

  42. I have mixed feelings about him taking prisoners. I thought it was going to be something different, when I read that article I thought the person who did the set visit misinterpreted the whole thing. Who knows maybe they’ll change it as it’s being edited right now. Here’s hoping for that latter.

  43. Hello All.
    Wish I could be more positive about this, but now I know MTV are producing…
    Shame, cos I just saw Prom Night and all it did was make me nostalgic for Old-Schoolers like Friday

  44. Hmmm. Better reiterate.
    What I mean is, now that MTV are co-producing I can’t see this being an all-out, brutal, blood an’ guts type Horror. I been wrong before tho.
    We NEED this to be old-school. Don’t get why they keep turning stuff like Prom Night out. Just watered-down, weak versions of the slasher flicks from the 70’s

  45. Dusk, have a sense of humor! Man, touchy about a seriel killer, aren’t you?

  46. dusk ban his gay ass plzzzz


  48. It must de interesting.
    Some screens look like TCM-2003.

  49. Goddamn it! I can’t even check up on the F13 remake without reading a bunch of pussies comment about how bad R.Z’s Halloween was. all Zombie done was give Myers a real story, that “Shape” bullshit was lame, the psychopath was much more scary. With the new Friday I hope Jason is a real flesh and blood person and not some weak ass “back from the dead” horse shit. they thought he drown as a boy but he didn’t, that kinda thing. Could happen in reality is and will always be scarier

  50. WalkingDead420, you were obviously born after 1980. You have zero respect for TRUE HORROR movies. (70’s / 80’s slashers) These remakes are terrible!!! They always suck and this movie will be no different. If they want to remake Friday the 13th, then remake Friday the 13th, not Friday the 13th part 3. You say that John Carpenter’s Halloween sucks? You should be banned from commenting on all horror sites……what a loser!

  51. okay, This remake looks good
    im okay with it bieng in modern times to!
    and honestly
    i LOVED Rob Zombies Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Your not supposed to get the old “feel” Your supposed to get a brand new feel. And I got that from ALMOST every remake ive seen. But I didnt like the Fog remake and i kinda liked the Black Christmas remake (but they shouldnt have had every single person die.) lol anyway i think this will be good!

  52. So, I guess it’s ok to curse? How about banning those who use the “F” word, etc?

  53. I’m afraid I’m in the group of people who thought Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake sucked! The first half is all trailer trash (though kinda interesting) but the second half is pretty much a carbon copy of the original, with scenes and even dialogue lifted from Carpenter’s film. Pointless really. And people are bound to reference other remakes as that’s all Hollywood is producing these days (and Platinum Dunes is the main offender!)


  55. do you mean WAIT for the movie

  56. they have given him jacked up hair,a crooked spine, a cabin on a lake and a fetish for ductaping broads and dragging them back to the fore mentioned cabin. they turned him into Roman Polanski with Scoliosis

  57. Not to get too far off topic, but what I objected to most in the Halloween remake was the characterization of Michael Myers. I dont wanna see him as a long haired chubby kid in a Kiss t-shirt that tortures small animals. Whay explain EVRERYTHING about Michael? Why show his white-trash home life and stripper Mom? It sucked, IMO. I think its a lot better and scarier for Michael to come from a normal family and have no reason at all for killing. He just did. Not because he was picked on in school or abused. It was lame. The whole movie was lame. And Rob Zombie is lame….in my useless opinion.

  58. I have no problem with Jason having a cabin. He’s got to live somewhere, especially if he’s still a human in this one. Unless he actually did die when he drowned as a boy, and his skin just took a really long time to start rotting for some reason. It’s probably more like a shack, like in Prt. 2. I hope we see Ol’ Mrs. Voorhees’s severed head, rotting away on a nasty shrine too. Jason loved his mom enough to keep her head in a shack in the original movies, so I see no reason why, even though this one is a “reebooted” and modern-times version, Jason wouldn’t take his mom’s head and put it in a cabin/shack/special place in this one. Of course, this only applies if they stick to keeping it simular to the events of the original series. If not…well, I still think a cabin’s okay. THE GUY KILLS FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT! THE LEAST WE COULD DO IS GIVE HIM A DANG CABIN!!!

  59. WHY ISNT KANE HOODER THE JASON? whats up with this new guy

  60. Well Drew, you’re right, I was born after 1980. 1983 if it’s any of yours. I didn’t say “John Carpenter’s Halloween sucked” I just liked the flesh and blood psycho in the new one better and I’m a violence hound the more the better. I meant no disrespect to you or anyone else, opinions are like fears, everybody has one. My favorite slasher flick is Sleepaway Camp, the ending was killer, Slaughter High was the shit too. Christian Sellers on the other hand, that “trailer trash” shit is getting old you sawed off little bastard, what’s that got to do with anything? You keep talking shit about where and how people live and one of these days you’re gonna end up just another tragic tale of someone running their mouth when they should have kept it closed.


  62. Is This A Sequel Or A Remake!!

  63. he is gonna be human so i guess that it will be a remake. and Didnt jason have a cabin in part 2? so whats the problem with that? and I loved Rob Zombie\’s Halloween because it was different. I loved how in stead of Michael trying to kill his sister he was just trying to uhh be with her. while killing everyone that was in his way. lol the movie was reaally good!

  64. Yeah it was done quite well. I thought it was pretty cool that he wore the mask as a kid.

  65. we are not supposed to know where he is when he is out there in the woods thats what made him mysterious and an icon like i said before part 2 did not make him an Icon if you know too much about jason it will ruin him i dont wanto to know what he does on his down time.
    ductaping was from a set report on

  66. it also said he has a crooked spine

  67. I cannot wait for this movie ,bugger the old one,
    move with the times ,,,rob zombie has and so should you old hasbeens ,,,its our time ,,you old farts had yours ,
    bring on FRIDAY THE 13TH ,,,,,BOYDE,BOYD

  68. we will see if it lives up to the originals boydee
    we will see.

  69. Okay, so everyone is agreed? You all hate the TCM and Halloween remakes? Here\’s what I say about them and the upcoming F13, the original TCM (1973) was a poorly budgeted, scripted, and acted film that created an awesome mood. It had an atmosphere and is more like a piece of art now than a film. Screenwriter Kim Henkel even admits it was just based on poorly remembered stories a relative used to tell about Ed Gein. So at least the remake tried to string together the events of the original in a way that told a compelling narrative, and I think gave Leatherface\’s family a better back story than any of the four original films. Carpenter\’s 1978 Halloween is similar, it was written as a series of ways to kill babysitters. Not til they came up with Halloween 2 did they shoot extra scenes for the TV version of the first film that added the \

  70. added the “family connection” story. So the original Halloween is also effective mostly for atmosphere. Zombie’s Halloween has a fleshed out story. It’s pointlessly violent and the director’s cut is practically useless (rape escape, anyone?), but the script is kinda solid. No other Halloween can make that claim. The first Friday the 13th had a better story than TCM and Halloween combined, but it had very little story at all. F13 was an conceived as a way to string together SFX shots, Savini’s glorified resumee. So, if they apply all the story from parts 1-4 to this film, they may be able to get an hour and a half of coherent plot. Jason should have a cabin, his character was deepest in part 2 when he was frightened and lonely, living in a cabin in the woods and sacrificing teens to his mother’s head. Even that depth is glossed over in the originals. Jason, Michael, Leatherface, and even Freddy deserve remakes… their originals were poorly conceived and executed. Dracula is the most filmed character in movie history and he didn’t get a coherent telling of his original story until the 90’s. So watch the movies, decide on their quality and weave the remakes into their respective mythoses just as you did TCM: The Next Generation, F13: Jason Takes Manhattan, NOES 5:The Dream Child, and Halloween: Resurrection. If you can look past those steaming lumps o crap, you can maybe look past Jason wanting to Duct tape a slut to take her back to the shack and kill in front of Mommy’s ever-praising head. No? I didn’t think so… FANBOYS!

  71. we\’re all getting a fresh jason and for that we should be happy. unless you have personally put up money to make this film quit bitchin about hair,spines,ducttape and cabins. i think we can be happy our favorite slasher may have a film made that finnally focuses on the legend that is jason. give it a chance before you shoot it down i mean it cant be any worse than jason x

  72. a killer with a cabin and ductapin bitches is just that a garden variety killer i can rent 20 b horror flicks 4 that so ill bitch all i want

  73. deepest? frightened and lonely? this aint what is this the diary of Ann Frank????

  74. Ok heres what i got to say about The argument about the Remakes ( Regarding Halloween , TCM )

    Everyone has said the Halloween Remake ( by Rob Zombie ) was good - im not saying Tyler Mane ( who played an older Michael Myers ) did a bad job …heres my problem with the remake. ANYONE who has seen the original classic knew 2 things …. 1. Myers killed his sister and was sent to the mental hospital and 2. He broke out and returned to kill his other sister Laurie Strode ( who had no idea she was the sister of Myers ) — once they started to go WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overboard and explain his backstory - the movie became a joke. In the remake they did that — if the “my dad was an a**hole and kids treated me like crap” excuse the reason why Myers became a brutal killer then EVERYONE would become a serial killer.
    They used the easiest storyline to explain the origin of Myers and did the same to the Jason & Freddy characters — which is the reason why they franchises slowly became a joke and started to use more “supernatural” or ethical reasons to explain why they all kill…when in fact we dont care about why they became psycho’s …the whole 80’s horror genra was about scary brutally insain slashers who did everything they could to get the one victom they were after . Once you go into along and simply backstory — you start taking away from the series… ( jason goes to hell being an example ) —

    These Writers should stick to a fairly simple script and not try to dive too much into the Jason Origin - just stick to what we know best — a Hockey masked ( disfigured ) psychopath in torn clothing holding a machette and waiting for his victoms to hack up ….leave the “my mom didnt love me b.s” in the other movies .

  75. hopefully this new film wont be a funny comedy horror like they do in most movies these days. If they pay attention to the way jason acted in 2,3 and esp. 4, (the best Friday of them all) they will do it nicely. My concern is in big movies they should never have hollywood names in the movie (actors wise). It should be a cast of very well acting ‘unknowns’ so its a little more real. the new lead in the film is from many movies and im not liking that already. if they use the original music (1-4)it will be amazing. the music went wayyyyy down hill after part 4. anyhow hope they don’t screw this up like the other remakes. glad to see others out there are paying attention to this site and leaving feedback, thats pretty cool. cheers!

  76. This looks like it will be great. Can’t wait.

  77. Look, we are ALL fans on different levels (mine beyond obsessive since 5 yrs. old now I’m 24) and we ALL have different outlooks on the series past and forthcoming. Personally, Jason himself has always made me smile and was ALWAYS there for me. We all have super-heroes at ANY age and JASON was always mine… We now, sadly, live in a time where people cash in on brilliant creations vie movies, games, and music. Re-making them is a HARSH thing to do. (especially coming from a view when they try to change or alter something you personally enjoy.) For damn near 30 years “FRIDAY THE 13TH” has become a household item for some, and NEEDS to stay that way. I myself hope that they do not try to change what is already done. I understand they want to get quick ca$h from ANYONE asap. H/E, if they are going to (and they will) I hope they don’t make Jason do this “kid-nap or w/e it was. HE is NOT Freddy, he surely isn’t the lame Michael Myers, nor is he a cannibalistic chainsaw-wielding inbred. He’s JASON VOORHEES New-Line Cinema! He is NOT the be tying girls up, nor is he supposed to look “Sad” behind the mask. You ruined his approach when you fed him to your blue-eyed blonder hair cas-cow Mr. Kreuger, now you want to re-visit events over 20 years ago? Do us a favor; By all means bring us JASON VOORHEES-big, bad and deadly… Not someone with somber in his eye and remorse for teens doing bad things! If he didn’t brutally attack and slaughter them in his unique ways of his hobby-the franchise wouldn’t be around for you to alter the way of thinking for fans of any age or levels! so DON’T DO IT! WE WANT BLOOD, SEX, BAD ACTING, and JASON violently slicing through victims like he’s reaching a high-score! ‘NUFF SAID right?

  78. remakes recently have SUCKED (except halloween) this looks so good even though its not showing much, lol. but i can’t wait til this movie comes out. is there any official word on when the trailers/teasers are gonna start airing?

  79. when you explain too much it kills it

  80. i agree with Corey - we do want the bloody, kill with no mercy, get his victom at all cost Jason - ( to the dirctor of this movie ) just PLEAAAAAASE dont give us a sad sob / lame backstory to make us feel soo sorry for Jason. They tried the same crap with michael myers in the new movie and it was terrible…and dumbed down his origin. If you want to basically explain how he was treated like crap for being a deformed freak fine but dont have him making buddies with some kid who defends him and make it like he’s just “misunderstood” ….
    hes an overprotected Mama’s boy who was treated like crap by other kids and came back to get revenge for his moms murder ( because he was a mama’s boy and she was the only one who gave a s**t about him ) ..simple as that !

  81. a funny thought, I bet if they had the internet back in the 50s, we would have blogs of people bitching about Hammer remaking Dracula with Christopher Lee, and ranting about how great Bela was.
    Remakes are gonna happen, and maybe, just maybe it will be good, and if it isn’t, we will still have the original to fall back on. People who hate Horror of Dracula, can go back and watch the old universal one. And honestly, I do like alot of the remakes. Except the Wickerman, that one was shit. So I am excited about this. Its less of a remake and more of a reimaging of the film, make it the way we always saw it in our heads as kids, and let the newbies see it and if they like it, let them go and find the original and make up their own mind.

    but then again, this is just my opinion, and random thoughts that run through my brain, you can disagree or agree all you want. At the end of the day the movie is still coming out

  82. I once said WWE’s Kane could make a good Jason because of his features. This guy has the same touches and looks to be the perfect pick for our dear Mr Voorhees.

  83. One thing that bothers me though is after watching the MTV behind the scenes clip is that that woods itself doesn’t seem to have that feel. I’m from and still live in Southern New Jersey and the first 4 movies , even though only the first one was filmed in Jersey, had a “Jersey” feel to it and they kept that feel up untill part 5. then after part 7 it became a joke. But maybe you have to be from Jersey to understand that or I’m just being to picky.

  84. Im from central JERSEY and they should have made the new FRIDAY THE 13TH in Blairstown like the 1st one and JERSEY has the camping wilderness feeling ive been to TEXAS its not the same im pisst.

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