NECA’s 19 Inch Jason (2009) in depth review and gallery including NEW JASON UNMASKED!

It certainly won’t be long now! Jason Voorhees will be knocking off an all new group of teens next month as the relaunch of Friday the 13th hits the big screen! It’s a great time to be a fan of Friday the 13th. A new movie, new DVD’s and a ton of new merchandise! This includes all new action figures to haunt your collection! We’ve already showed you the amazing Cinema of Fear Jason from the good folks at Mezco Toyz! In fact, we’ve offered you a chance to win one of your own! (enter if you haven’t). And now, we are giving you an in depth look at another Jason figure, this time from the folks over at NECA! Want to win one of these as well? I’m sure you do! Well…stay tuned!! I’m sure that just managed to wet your appetite! Onto the review…

NECA has never strayed away from detail and this figure is no exception. Packaged in the traditional cardboard box, with clear window, Jason stands at a hulking 19 inches and is a pretty heavy figure. The detail is really good and accurate judging by the pics I have seen from this new movie. The paint job appears to be spot on. Jason’s rugged attire shows signs of wear and tear. The sleeves appear frayed and dirty and the pants are torn and tattered. His hands appear dirty and you can actually slide the huge machete into the sheath on the side of his leg!

Jason comes packaged with an alternate head so you can have your choice of displaying him in his traditional hockey mask, or if you prefer your Jason bagged! The hockey mask is completely removable and gives us an early glimpse as to what Jason is going to look like with the mask off! So I guess you could say this figure contains spoilers! And for that very reason, I have put the maskless pics at the very bottom of this review since not all readers will want to see that before seeing it on the big screen. One flaw with the hockey mask that I didn’t quite understand is that the longer portions of Jason’s hair are actually attached to the mask. Weird choice but it’s a non issue since I can’t imagine anyone displaying him otherwise.

The articulation is as good as it needs to be with this figure. He is articulated at the shoulders, the waist and has some articulation in his wrists and arms so that you can pose him with his machete. The heads attach on a peg that is ball jointed and you have a pretty good range of motion. The legs of course or non moveable.

One flaw with this figure is that It’s often hard to get the figure to stand depending on your set up. Sometimes it’s necessary to adjust the arms and body parts accordingly so that the weight is distributed evenly. The lack of accessories may dishearten some people as the only weaponary choice you have with Jason is his gigantic machete, whereas others will not be phased by this as the machete is the obvious choice for displaying.

Overall, this figure looks absolutely beautiful when displayed with the rest of your Jason collection. It’s a towering addition that looks awesome standing next to other 18-19 inch figures. If you are a collector and you run by this one at your local specialty store, you’ll very likely feel inclined to pick this one up. Be sure to check out our massive exclusive pic gallery at the bottom of this article containing a LOT of pics! For more information on NECA products be sure to visit them at














Enjoy our huge pic gallery! And be sure to head over to BENEVOLENTSTREET.COM for even MORE exclusive pics!

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17 Responses to “ NECA’s 19 Inch Jason (2009) in depth review and gallery including NEW JASON UNMASKED! ”

  1. damn hes one ugly son of a bitch

  2. I feel that the maskless Jason is the perfect mix of Jason’s unmasked look in 2-4.

  3. I have that figure and I must say it’s absolutely bad ass.

  4. Very very nice. I like the face…good combination like Tony said.

    I can’t wait to get this!!

  5. Yeah, I totally love the new unmasked look of Jason. He looks more part 4 to me (my favourite). It’s realistic, scary and agressive. Two thumbs up!

  6. i like every thing but the whole white eye

  7. Looks like a mean figure, I’ll have to get me one of those. I like the face, even the eye, but the hair is the trickiest part of a figure. It just never looks quite right if you ask me..I love that you get a good look at the jacket though, I’m trying to combine two jackets into one of my own.

  8. This figure of Jason looks really good and very detailed. Hope to see him next month at my local mall for sale.

  9. I really like the new look. The white eye and the long hair make him look very different, I like it. I’m disappointed that the hair is attached to the mask though. Dumb?

  10. the face looks good… when i first saw the hair i was like “wooh, nice dreadlocks” so other than that i’m likin it.

  11. very scary!

  12. I LOVE Jason’s new look here! :-) Looks like a combo of parts 3 and 4 to me. I don’t really see a lot of the part 2 influence though. If he can just look like this in the movie that will be REALLY COOL AND AWESOME! :-)

  13. I have this figure too; he’s gorgeous and very heavy! He is also very detailed and he photographs wonderfully. But. I had no idea you could take his mask off! I am too timid and hadn’t tried that! but I will now!

  14. Love this figure thank so much Neca one bad ass!!!!!!!!!! toy company.I gave ideal Neca would ever do any more Jasons and they where the best at it.Neca please make a Jason Live figure.A 7\

  15. I’m trying to order this on the Neca website but I can’t find out how to order it. Any ideas?

  16. When will the dvd b out?

  17. We will be getting this one in soon for sure, nice blog :)

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