FIRST LOOK: Pics from Friday the 13th Q & A panel to be featured on upcoming DVD release!


As I’ve mentioned here a time or two, I got the chance to attend a recent Q & A session at The Scare Fest in Lexington, KY, featuring a reunion of those involved in the original Friday the 13th. The Q & A was quite entertaining, often hilarious and covered each panel members experiences in making this classic film that we all hold dear. Though I don’t really want to go over what was said in the Q & A directly since you’ll all get to see it on the upcoming DVD, I do want to share some pictures of the Q & A session. So here you go. Enjoy! And stay tuned. I have one or two more stories/interview with Friday the 13th cast members coming out of The Scare Fest. Look below for many more pics!

Ms. Voorhees herself, Betsy Palmer, enters first and greets her children

In character! So cool

Victor Miller (screenplay) gives Betsy a hug

Victor greets the fans in attendance

Victor briefly discusses is charity

Harry Manfredini (composer) enters and shares a hug with Palmer

Manfredini and Palmer

She was doing the “ch ch ch kill kill kill ma ma ma”!!

Harry Manfredni discussing how the sounds of Friday the 13th came to life

The First Jason Voorhees, Ari Lehman, enters in style

FX Legend, Tom Savini, joins the panel

Savini and Palmer clowning around

Adrienne King (Alice) joins the panel


The entire panel

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Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site Feel free to drop me a line at

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  1. Those are some really cool pictures. My goal in life is to go to a horror convention and meet my favorite actors and actresses who really brought the Friday the 13th franchise to life, those are the people I would like to meet. I would also like to go to Blairstown where the original Friday the 13th film was shot at. I live in San Antonio, about an hour away from where the Friday the 13th remake was shot. I have yet to go to the location. The Friday the 13th movies have inspired me to become a writer and illustrator of the macabre. I love the slasher genre to death. I cannot wait until His Name was Jason comes out, this DVD is not going to be like any other. This is going to be one hell of a documentary on my favorite franchise.

  2. “I cannot wait until His Name was Jason comes out, this DVD is not going to be like any other. This is going to be one hell of a documentary on my favorite franchise.”

    Same here. I so cannot wait, as I’ve said. I’m also a big Slasher and Giallo fan. I would say Zombie epics and some Cannibal tales come next, and general classics from the ’70s and ’80s and some more modern. But Slashers especially. If anyone any give me shit or weird looks, I just explain that they scare me the most, and I find them all quite facinating from several stand points, and I love seeing original, strong willed heroines outwit scary killers and I enjoy the macabre.

    Anyway, bring on the documentary, STARZ our friends! And the eventual loaded with Extras DVD! :D

  3. I wish I could be able to attend at these kind of things, too bad I live in Canada. I am also a huge Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers fan & got a whole bunch of memorabilia but anyways, I hope I am able to get this documentary when it comes out too or at least rent it to see what the people who made Friday the 13th what it is have to say about the huge phenomenon it has become from Betsy Palmer to Kane Hodder. I mostly can’t wait for the new Friday to come out cuz it’s gonna be killa, I haven’t been this hyped up to see a film like this since The Dark Knight which was also the illest “superhero” movie imo that i’ve seen to date ~ R.I.P. Heath Ledger ~ We all know that you’re living in the clouds.

    Ok I’m gonna shup up now just one more thing though, I’d like to give a shout out to the fans of the series & the people made & who are keeping this website alive. EZ

  4. Hey always have been a Friday Fan and I have floated around to some board and I hear a lot of supposed fans bitching about the remake, I admit I bitched a little but all I want is for them to stay true to the characters and same goes for Nightmare on Elms Street although without Robert Englund it\’ll be sad but you could say the same about Kane Hodder or Ken Kirzinger as Jason, but still count me there.

  5. Whodda thunk that Victor Miller was so tattooed? Great pics! Can’t wait to see this on the DVD!

  6. The thing is…some of Victors tats are relatively new! He’s still getting tats to this day! Rock on Victor!

  7. I’m sorry, but time has really taken a toll on Betsy. She is still Mrs. Voorhees in my eyes, but holy crap does she look scary!

  8. Oh but when you hear the voice…you just know. She went in and out of character quite a bit and it was just awesome. When I was talking to her for a bit we were talking about various things and then suddenly she started going in and out of the character. It was insane! She then went out of character again and she started to sign my poster she went back into character. She started talking about how the man in the hockey mask was not her son. She said if her son had of been alive she wouldn’t have killed all of those kids or sat the previous camp on fire or poisoned the water etc. She said her son was dead. Then she started to sign my poster and she started doing the whole “Kill Her Mommy! Kill her!” It was just pure gold! She then took a pic with me. She was just a really cool person to get to hang with. I’m really glad I got the chance to meet her. She was also hilarious during the Q & A. She’s a dirty minded woman for sure! I’m wondering how much of the stuff she said will get cut on the Friday DVD! It was craziness.

  9. That would have been kickass to see. I would very much like to meet Betsy and all of the other actors and actresses who made Friday the 13th possible. That was priceless with her going in and out of character, I don’t know how I would have handled the situation. I would have burst out laughing. I definitely have to attend one of these conventions in the future. It gives me the motivation I need to go.

  10. Tony what a cool story. I too wish I could meet a lot of the actors from the Friday movies, especially Betsy. She seems like such a sweetheart and a fountain of knowledge. Good for you man for bringing such a cool story from such a unique moment.

  11. Can’t wait to see this pannel on the DVD talking about the 1st Friday. Too bad some of the other actors were not there,but I’m sure they had some nice stories to tell. Hope they have some good Kevin Bacon stories. :D

  12. I’m pretty sure the general consensus amongst the female panelists was that Kevin Bacon was “hot”

  13. Blood Jason:

    Well said. ;) And no worries my friend, it’ll be a region-1 disc for all of us North Americans. I’m sure (for you and will carry it. I’ll pre-order the new boxset with the new special features and the up coming His Name Was Jason documentary cause I’m such a huge collector, and of course, people involved with the series are of course always remembering this & that.

    Can’t wait I would want to personally just me) want to spend the money to attend a convention, but even still, look’s like everyone had good, eccentric fun! I must say Mr. Victor Miller doesn’t look like how I pictured him while listening to his Dead audio interview last year on they’re annual Friday the 13th themed show, and too cool that Betsy went in and out of character like that. How cool and surreal that must’ve been to witness! I wonder how everyone reacted, and how much will make it to the DVD afte editing?

    Let’s hope a lot. :D

  14. Dead Pit Radio actually somewhat moderated this Q & A. Seemed like a rather likeable bunch of guys. I never really got a a chance to speak to any of them though.

  15. Sounds very cool, meeting everyone from the cast and crew. It’s just a pitty that these conventions are never in my country. For many years i want to go to Blairstown and camp Nobebosco to really get the friday feeling. Or have a nice chat with Mrs Palmer. Can anyone tell me if the upcoming DVD His name was Jason, comes in region 2? so i can watch the stuff also?
    And, man, am i inpatient with the new Friday!

  16. This Q & A will be featured on the upcoming Friday the 13th special edition DVD. This will not be on the “His Name Was Jason” DVD.

  17. Tony:

    Yeah, they made much mention of it, of course.;) I would have loved to have been there. Can’t wait untill the next show is posted tomarrow morning. Those guy (Uncle Bill and The Creepy Kentuckian) both rock hard.

    Peace out.

  18. Do you know who it is another jason fan. From someone in harrodsburg you know well. Can you hook me up with rob zombie.

  19. I love how Harry Manfredini is full of happiness!

  20. “I love how Harry Manfredini is full of happiness!”

    And, of course, many Pizzas & Burgers. :D
    (not to mention the Sonic drive-in in rural Kentucky he stopped in before he came to the show)

    Nah, ya’ll know me, just playin’ ya know.;)

    Yeah he’s kinda happy lookin’ in the first batch of pics. And kinda sour puss in others. Ah well, we all take medicore and some shitty pictures in our lives.

    Anyway with the remake, the GoreZone UK booklet headed to my house as we speak, and of course the new boxset(s? hopefully) and the His Name Was Jason doc.

    If the ready to be filmed soon enough live-action Voltron film will be shot by next year and will get a decent script, then it;s gonna turn out pretty good as far as film/entertainment year wise for me in the comin’ months. As I’ve said before, bring’em on baby.:D

  21. Funny…Kane Hodder is no where to be found. Oh well, cant win em all buddy

  22. My father told me when i was younger before he passed on that he played a minor part in the original friday the 13th he hung out of the tree at the end when alice was running from mrs vorhees i think he said the “steve christy” dude for some reason could not play that role so he took over can someone tell me if this is true if it is why is his name not in the credits?????????? he should get credit even though it was a minor role email me

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