Three issue adaptation published 1993 by Topps Comics
Written by Andy Mangels
Based on the screenplay by Dean Lorey and Jay Huguely
Pencilled by Cynthia Martin (Issues 1 & 3) and Bobby Rubio (Issue 2)
Inked by Allen Nunis
Colored by Evelyn Stein
Lettered by Lois Buhalis (Issues 1 & 3) and Jean Simek (Issue 2)

Summary: This adaptation follows the shooting script of Jason Goes to Hell, so some elements that don't appear in the theatrical or video versions are in here: Agent Marcus nearly gets hit with a sign at the beginning, when confronted by Jason she shoots him, dialogue about Creighton Duke trying to steal Diana's body (but being beaten to it), a new character, David (Vicki's boyfriend), whose head is crushed against the sink by Jason, and demons (see #3's cover) that appear to pull Jason into Hell.

Review: Unfortunately, only the things which didn't make the film make this adaptation worth reading. It does a good job of condensing the movie, but the artwork is ghastly (and not in a good way.) This is the kind of movie adaptation Marvel used to do. Avoid it.

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