Mark Venturini - "Vic"
(January 10, 1961 - February 14, 1996)

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Biography: Mark Venturini's film career was not extensive, but he was able to leave his impression as 'Vic', the disturbed teenager who makes the first kill in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning and 'Suicide', the punk rocker in The Return of the Living Dead along side Miguel A. Nuņez Jr. and Thom Mathews. Mark had a few minor roles in other film productions, and had a couple of guest appearances on Charles in Charge.

Info: "The late Mark Venturini, who portrayed the ax-wielding Vic, was already known to genre fans before A New Beginning, having starred in such cult classics as Return of the Living Dead. But the young actor was never able to realize his ambitions of fame, succumbing to cancer and the age of thirty-six. 'Mark and I really bonded,' remembers co-star Dominick Brascia. 'We really got to like each other and we hung out for a few years afterward. And when I heard he died of cancer, I just couldn't believe it. I was really shocked. I thought, 'Here's a guy in perfect shape, and I'm the little tubby guy still kicking along.' And the funny thing was, during the filming of Part V, Mark and I shared a dressing room for a couple of days. And I hated it! I thought. 'He has to kill me - we aren't supposed to be buddies!'" - pg. 124, Crystal Lake Memories

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Out-of-Sync (1995)
Mikey (1992)
Nam Angels (1989)
Best Seller (1987)
The Return of the Living Dead (1985)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

Television Guest Appearances
Space Rangers (1993)
Murder, She Wrote (1987)
Charles in Charge (1987, 1988)
Knight Rider (1985)

Where Is He Now?: Mark Venturini died February 14, 1996 from cancer.

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