Darcy Demoss - "Nikki"
(August 19, 1964 -      )

Contact Information:
Darcy DeMoss
c/o Jack Lippman Agency
9151 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Website: Darcy DeMoss Fan Page

Biography: Darcy Demoss started off her career as a dancer. After appearing in the very 'suggestive' aerobics video Aerobicise, Darcy decided to focus on acting. She appeared in many low-budget teen movies, like T & A Academy 2 along side Jennifer Cooke.

She continued to play sexy roles, and ended up with a leading role in the Playboy channel's first original series, Eden. She continued to find roles in erotic and soft-core movies, most recently starring in Deadly Illusions in 1997. She was also one of the first guest hosts of the Playboy Channel's Home Shopping show.

Update: Darcy completed a supporting role in a film called Starcrossed, which has been recently screened at several gay and lesbian film festivals.

Quote: "Right before Jason Lives, I got Can't Buy Me Love, which is still my favorite of all the films I've done. It was amazing. And it was funny, because Paula Abdul was the choreographer, and we used to be rivals in dance school.

After my bad experience on Part V (see p. 132), Pamela Basker and Fern Champion brought me back in for Part VI. They said, 'Pretend like you never met Frank Mancuso, Jr.' So I did, and I got the part. And it was so apparent the difference with Tom, the humor. When I watched the film recently - I hadn't seen it in a long time - I laughed so hard. That scene in the RV, where I'm being bounced around, that was a blast. The photos on the wall were all attached to strings that crew were pulling - a whole bunch of little gizmos wired all over the place. And the legs flying over my head and the shoes flying off - I got loose shoes, so they'd come right off. I remember Tom showing me how to do it - it was like an I Love Lucy episode." - pg. 155, Crystal Lake Memories

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Made in Brooklyn (2006)
Starcrossed (2005)
Deadly Illusions (1997)
Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets (1996)
Erotic Confessions: Volume 6 (1996)
Stickfighter (1994)
Vice Academy Part 3 (1991)
Living to Die (1990)
Pale Blood (1990)
Coldfire (1990)
Night Life (1989)
Teen Witch (1989)
For Keeps (1988)
Can't Buy Me Love (1987)
Return to Horror High (1987)
Reform School Girls (1986)
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)
Get Out of My Room (1985)
T & A Academy 2 (aka Gimme an 'F') (1984)
Body Double (1984)
Hardbodies (1984)
Aerobicise: The Beginning Workout (1982)

Playboy's Home Shopping (1997)
Bucket of Blood (1995)
Eden (1992)
I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989)
Perfect People (1988)

Television Guest Appearances
Mad About You (1998)
Erotic Confessions (1996)
Hardball (1994)
NYPD Blue (1994)
The Bradys, The (1990)
Full House (1988)

Where Is She Now?: Darcy Demoss appears in the movie Made in Brooklyn, four short stories about an apartment building in New York.

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