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Biography: "Vincent Guastaferro, who plays Joey in The Old Neighborhood, graduated with an MFA degree from the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago. He remained there during its burgeoning theatre scene in the late seventies to win awards for his performances in Cowboy Mouth, P.S. Your Cat is Dead, and Cowboy #2. Vincent has appeared in several of David Mamet's films, including Things Change, Homicide, and Water Engine. On television he had a recurring role on NYPD Blue and was seen in several mini-series including Sinatra and In a Child's Name. He has worked extensively in Los Angeles area theatres as well as in staged productions in Chicago and New York." - Professional Acting Company

Quote: "Before Jason Lives, Tom had directed me in a play. And up until then, I'd only done two small movie roles, where I was like a gang member or something. And I looked really skinny and young and had long hair. Tom was the first one to cast me as a grown-up. I was like, 'Whoa!' I didn't even know he was an up-and-coming film director. Then my agent was called about Jason Lives, and frankly, it scared me. But I heard Tom McLoughlin was directing it and I got excited. Tom's an accomplished everything. He's one of the finest artists I know. I love this guy! He's capable and he has a good soul. He appears like Wes Craven and those other guys - very straight and professional, but with a demented mind. I knew he would do something special with it." - pg. 149, Crystal Lake Memories

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Edmond (2005)
Spartan (2004)
Maniacts (2001)
Animal Factory (2000)
State and Main (2000)
Jacks or Better (2000)
Liberty Heights (1999)
Sweet and Lowdown (1999)
Hoods (1998)
Trouble Bound (1992)
Eyes of an Angel (1991)
Homicide (1991)
Megaville (1990)
State of Grace (1990)
Shocker (1989)
Next of Kin (1989)
Things Change (1988)
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)
Nothing in Common (1986)
Legal Eagles (1986)
King of the Mountain (1981)

Spenser: Small Vices (1999)
Days of Our Lives (1995)
Midnight Run for Your Life (1994)
NYPD Blue (1993)
Sinatra (1992)
In a Child's Name (1991)
Tagget (1991)
Trenchcoat in Paradise (1989)
L.A. Takedown (1989)
Frank Nitti: The Enforcer (1988)

Television Guest Appearances
The Unit (2006)
CSI: NY (2006)
Law & Order (2006)
The West Wing (2005)
Las Vegas (2005)
Without a Trace (2005)
It's All Relative (2004)
The Beast (2001)
The Beat (2000)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2000)
Becker (1999)
Brooklyn South (1997, 1998)
Space: Above and Beyond (1996)
Minor Adjustments (1996)
Melrose Place (1996)
Cybill (1996)
Home Improvement (1995)
Viper (1994)
The Commish (1992)
Civil Wars (1991)
Hunter (1991)
The Flash (1990)
Wiseguy (1990)
Crime Story (1987)
Hardcastle and McCormick (1985)
The Twilight Zone (1985)

Where Is He Now?: Vincent Guastaferro continues to be involved in theater, film and television productions. He recently had a guest appearance on the series The Unit and CSI: NY.

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