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Biography: Noel Cunningham is the son of producer, Sean Cunningham, and Jason X was his first foray into producing a film. He had been assistant editor on several films before this, including the film My Boyfriend's Back, written by Jason Goes to Hell's Dean Lorey.

Q: "Aside from your father directing the original Friday the 13th, what other experiences have you had with the series?"

"I have always been a fan of the series. But as far as my involvement with the other installments, I was one of the campers in the opening scene at Camp Crystal Lake circa 1950's. I think I was the third kid sleeping in the cabin we see as the killer walks through before offing the first two counselors. (Did you notice they were co-ed cabins? Pretty progressive for the 1950's, huh?) I was also involved in post production aspects of the last film - Jason Goes to Hell." - Full Interview at Diabolical Dominion

Quote: "I had been working for Sean for a while doing development. We had done the whole Freddy vs. Jason rigarmarole for a while. We worked with the studios for a long time and the scripts were always good, just not good enough. Also, while we were trying to develop Freddy vs. Jason, Cunningham Productions was trying to expand without spending the money that comes along with that. That's tough. If you're an independent producer like Sean and you have three people working for you and you don't have a deal with a studio, you can easily be racking up - on the low end - $250,000 a year just to keep the lights on. Then if you want to buy property - a script - pretty much everybody else has seen it by the time it comes down to you. So most of what you get on that level is pretty much useless. So you try to develop your own stuff with new writers. So in that time we also ended up shooting this experimental short, as well as a movie called Terminal Invasion. But everyone still wanted to see Freddy vs. Jason happen, and Sean was just sitting on the Jason rights the whole time. Finally, he said, 'Fuck it. We've got to do something with this. I can't just let it lay here.'" - pg. 242, Crystal Lake Memories

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Producer Filmography
Jason X (2001)

Acting Filmograpy
A Stranger Is Watching (1982)
Friday the 13th (1980)
Manny's Orphans (1978)
Here Come the Tigers (1978)

Where Is He Now?: Noel Cunningham recently appeared on the morning talk show, Ireland AM.

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