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Interview with Shavar Ross (Reggie, A New Beginning)

Interview with Shavar Ross (Reggie, A New Beginning)

Steve De Roover of / recently interviewed Shavar Ross who played Reggie the Reckless in 1985’s Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Shavar discusses his expreriences in the film, what the film did for his career at an early age and what he currently is doing now.

How did you get involved in the movie/entertainment-business and [...]

New Friday the 30th Reunion Promo Banner

New Friday the 30th Reunion Promo Banner

I just wanted to share this cool banner with everyone. As you can see things are moving along swiftly in preparing this event.  I really hope all fans can make it out to this once in a lifetime event!

Friday the 30th Reunion Update

Friday the 30th Reunion Update

Part of the big news I mentioned can finally be posted. Mario Kirner, who owns the Friday the 13th Props Museum is in serious talks to bring his entire museum to the 30th reunion. For those of you who have not seen his collection, it is quite impressive. What’s exciting about this rare opportunity is [...]

A New Beginning Film Location

“Germaniac” has been a busy boy and with the help of Google Earth and the The Friday the 13th Community we now seem to have the filming location of A New Beginning.  I am pretty sure this is it, but check out the photos below to see for yourself. If anyone lives near this area, see if [...]

Big News Coming For 30th Reunion

Big News Coming For 30th Reunion

I have found out some really big news pertaining to the Friday the 13th 30 year reunion next year. I cannot say what it is now as final details are still being hammered out. I promise you that if this goes through, fans will be very excited and will defnitely want to head down to [...]

Preview: Friday the 13th Bracket Challenge

Coming soon to Friday the 13th films is a new game that will pit all of your favorite characters against each other and you, the fans, are in control of who wins. One huge bracket of all of your favorite Friday characters will be broken up into their own divisions. Each division will be comprised [...]

House of Horror Part 3 Jason Latex Bust

Created by House of Horrors. I really like this bust. Great detail and screen accurate to boot. When the bust is completed with shirt and hock  it truly looks amazing , and in a way, terrifying.

A New Beginning Japanese Poster

Some fans may not like the movie as it fits into the series, but you must appreciate the Japanese poster created to promote the movie in theaters. This is by far my favorite of all of the Japanese 1-sheets for the series. I love how they cover Tina’s breasts with a bra using some pre [...]

NECA regains Friday the 13th license?

NECA regains Friday the 13th license?

That seems to be the word coming out of Comic Con.  With the horror collecting community now buzzing, what does this mean for the amazing Cinema of Fear line, featuring horror icons from the New Line House of Horrors, from Mezco?  What does NECA have in store? Can they live up to the highly popular Cinema of Fear [...]

Custom Jason Takes Manhattan Figure

For those figure collectors that have been clamoring for a release from Jason Takes Manhattan, here is something of interest. This figure is up for auction on eBay and it’s pretty damn sweet. I love the fact that it comes with JJ’s guitar and Julius’s head. There is some great detail in this figure. Also [...]

Sad Day For Part 2 Camp Film Location

I found this out on the Guts and Glory Forum.  The site was razed in late 2008 after a buyer paid 3.3 million for its 45 acres. There is not much left of the cabins and their foundations.

Part 2 Screenshot

2003 Location Shot

What’s left of the Main Lodge Taken on July 19, 2009

Check out Check out [...]

The New Blood Japanese Movie Program

I just received this recently and it is one of the better programs that were produced for the movies in Japan. There are some excellent photos  of scenes that never made it into the movie as well as the classics we all know.

There’s also a picture of Jason holding David’s head, which is something we [...]

Friday the 13th (1980) on Spike Tv This Friday 7/24

I know that nobody really likes watching great horror movies cut to shreds, but when I was a kid watching these movies without parent supervision, USA network and local broadcasters were my saviors. The only way I could see my favortie franchise was by watching the cut versions on TV. Now, years later, I absolutely [...]

Fanfilm “Dark Friday” Poster Art

I think that fanfilms have relevance in that fans get to express themselves in their affection and appreciation for the franchise. In doing so, some real cool ideas and concepts are revealed. And although most of these fanfilms never really turn out to be anything better than your or I could make with our parents [...]

Texas Fearfest 30th Anniversary Reunion

Whoa! This is going to be huge. Texas Fearfest is back at it again and it could be the biggest gathering of Friday the 13th stars and fans in history.
The last 3 Fear Fest shows combined have sold over 10,000 tickets, and sold out 9 hotels. Typically, our shows are themed with a reunion of [...]

Stunning Part 7 Jason Bust

I think this is the best looking rendition I have ever seen. It is truly remarkable. This is up for grabs on eBay now, so if anyone has cash and is interested, go get it.
Here’s part of the listing:
a very rare latex mask-bust called raw 3 from nightowl production. this mask is long out of [...]

Inflatable Jason Voorhees Halloween Decoration

I found this on eBay and I thought everyone would get a kick out of it. I think every fan should have one on there lawn for Halloween!

First Winner of Friday the 13th Props Museum Contest

Mario announced the first winner of his contest, which involves touring the different filming locations of the Friday the 13th movies. See our original story for all of the details. To win the contest, participants must send in proof they visited the various locations. The first winner sent in his proof which includes the advertisement placemat from [...]

Darkside Studios Part 2 Jason Mask

This mask has been around for a few years, but I saw one of these listed for sale recently and thought it was worth posting some images. It is a descent mask and is a close to how he is depicted at the end of Part 2. There is even the machete mark in the [...]

Daniel Farrands Interview on Friday the 13th Deluxe Editions

In an interview premiering soon at, Steve De Roover asked Daniel Farrands (producer of the special features for the new Friday the 13th Deluxe Editions) about his passion for horror, the friday the 13th series and what it took to bring the fans the the current deluxe editions as well as what is in [...]