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The Pamela Deceased Date Debate

The Pamela Deceased Date Debate

Maybe not as much of a debate back in 1984, when The Final Chapter was first released in theaters, but that headstone shot in the film that clearly shows the date of Pamela Voorhees’ demise as 1979, has got fans talking thoughout the years. As decades past, the fans have wondered what is the correct date that [...]


The “Friday the 13th” Game You Would Die For

I had never picked up on this game back when it was reported to be in development some years ago, but there was talks to produce and sell this “reverse survival horror” game, called Campfire. The premise is exactly what many Friday the 13th fans have wanted from a video game experience, no matter how morbid [...]

“Jason X” Director To Take On Apocalypse

Director James Isaac has been cursed early in his directing career. First, he had the arduous task of taking over directing duties on “The Horror Show”, aka House 3. Then, bad luck struck again when his Jason Voorhees romp, “Jason X” was shelved during a shakeup at New Line Cinemas. Isaac has been on the [...]