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HHN 'Kill Jason Kill' Maze Footage

HHN ‘Kill Jason Kill’ Maze Footage

I have been trying to get some official press images from this attraction for weeks now, but with no success. Universal, what’s the problem? Anyways, some new video was posted up from each of the mazes at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and below is a short video of some patrons going through the Friday the [...]

London 1888 Offers 'The New Blood' Jason

London 1888 Offers ‘The New Blood’ Jason

Last week, London 1888 offered a 5 color screen print of Freddy Krueger that took the WWW by storm. It was inevitable that they would offer Mr. Voorhees at some point and now they are offering up most fans favorite version of Jason from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. The styling of [...]

Friday Conversation: Where Jason Hangs His Hat

Friday Conversation: Where Jason Hangs His Hat

One major point of emphasis for the negativity of the 2009 Friday the 13th was the fact that Jason lived in underground tunnels at the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake. Many fans could not understand where the tunnels came from and failed to realize that the tunnels were part of an old mine that had long since been [...]

Derek Mears, Richard Brooker Added To Scarefest

Derek Mears, Richard Brooker Added To Scarefest

Big news for Derek Mears and Richard Brooker fans. Both Jason Voorhees actors have been added to the Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention that takes place in Lexington, KY November 5th through 7th. Derek, especially, has been sought after even more than usual as his career has really taken off of late which makes for [...]

'His Unlucky Day' Has Finally Arrived!

‘His Unlucky Day’ Has Finally Arrived!

I am going to do a full video review on this piece this Saturday, but I simply could not wait to show a glimpse of what I received this week. I know there are a few others that have received their copies of this and posted their pics on other forums, but to see this [...]