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Winner Announcement: Guess That Scene Game

Winner Announcement: Guess That Scene Game

Yesterday we posted one of our games where visitors could guess which scenes the photos that were posted were from and their respective movies. We had a lot of great guesses and responses and pretty much every answer was correct. The one twist on this guessing game was that for the first time we offered [...]

“Kill Jason Kill” Grindstone Kill Photo

A few weeks ago we mentioned that the new “Kill Jason Kill” maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights was going to contain a kill using an instrument from an edited scene from the 2009 Friday the 13th. The “grindstone kill” was also mentioned to be a very unique kill and something that should have [...]

'Friday the 13th' Proclaimed

‘Friday the 13th’ Proclaimed “In And Out Of Marketplace Quick”

Way back in May of 1980, not much was really known about Sean Cunningham, Harry Manfredini, Steve Miner, Kevin Bacon and the rest of the cast and crew of Friday the 13th 1980. All that was known about the film itself was that is was a negative pickup and that Paramount was crazy to give a [...]