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Friday Conversation: Never Go Into The Basement Alone

Friday Conversation: Never Go Into The Basement Alone

One of the more tense scenes in all of the Friday the 13th series takes place in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. The scene we speak of is when Trish and Rob venture over to the party house to see if Jason has indeed arrived. When the pair notice the axe hole in the [...]

'Terror Of Crystal Lake' Contest Winner Announced

‘Terror Of Crystal Lake’ Contest Winner Announced

After a long night of gathering all of the Fridaypedia contributors, we have selected a winner of the ‘Terror Of Crystal Lake‘  Jason Voorhees Statue. All of the contributors names were thrown into a hat and a winner was randomly drawn.
Congratulations billykent1972! You are the new owner of Sideshow Collectibles ‘Terror of Crystal Lake‘ Statue. [...]

Genre Fan's Response To

Genre Fan’s Response To

Dusk and I always appreciate when visitors to our website leave positive remarks in the comments of individual blogs. Our loyal visitors are always appreciated and we do know who all of you are, even though you may not think that we do. We also receive a good number of emails telling us about what [...]