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Friday The 13th: No Man's Land, Watch Now!

Friday The 13th: No Man’s Land, Watch Now!

We are pleased to premiere the latest Friday the 13th fan film, Friday the 13th: No Man’s Land! There are two methods to use to watch the film. The first method is to visit the site for the flash version. The second method is to watch the Divx version with an option to download the .avi file (compressed version). That [...]

Friday Conversation: Tina's Body At The House Entrance

Friday Conversation: Tina’s Body At The House Entrance

Survivors or Final Girls always end up finding the dead bodies of their friends towards the end of Friday the 13th films. Finding these bodies really is one of the foundations of the franchise as well as any good slasher movie. Every film in the Friday series has these “discovery” moments and they really are [...]

Behind The Scenes: Young Jason, Friday the 13th 1980

Behind The Scenes: Young Jason, Friday the 13th 1980

Young Jason Voorhees’ leap from beneath the watery depths of Crystal Lake to drag Alice Hardy out of the canoe and into the frozen lake is indeed iconic and legendary in the horror genre. It is amazing to see one scene, that approximately lasts 5 seconds, live on in the hearts and minds of fans [...]

Rare Double Impalement Photo From Part 2

Rare Double Impalement Photo From Part 2

This image was sold at the Monster Mania convention back in August by Bill Randolph (Jeff). The photo was signed by Bill and Marta Kober (Sandra) at a very rare occasion when both actors were together. This photograph is from an original polaroid taken on the set of Friday the 13th Part 2! Bill Randolph found [...]