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Friday Heroine Becomes One Of Manson's Girls

Friday Heroine Becomes One Of Manson’s Girls

Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Monica Keena (Freddy vs Jason) will be starring in Manson’s Girls. The drama, which chronicles the strange and unusual world of the Manson Family, will begin shooting in March. Monica has been showing up alot of late with her recent appearance in the Night of The Demons remake and hitting the [...]

Winner Announced:

Winner Announced: “Killer Mommy” Contest

At the beginning of November, we announced a contest to win a unique Mrs. Voorhees bust, provided by Dead End Hollow masks. The contest ran for three weeks and concluded this past Sunday, November 28. We received numerous entries and we thank everyone for particpating! The entries were entered into a random drawing and a [...]

Memoribilia Tuesday: Friday The 13th Spitballs

Memoribilia Tuesday: Friday The 13th Spitballs

I can remember buying the package when I was a little kid. It was my very first item I ever bought having to do with Friday the 13th. Well, pretty much the first, as I had bought a few previously viewed copies of the films before acquiring the spitballs. For those that have not seen [...]