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Friday The 13th: The Obsession - Episode 2 Now Online!

After a violent beginning, we have a bit more fun in this second episode as we introduce the main characters who will be appearing regularly in the series. The next few episodes will now premiere weekly so there will not be as long a wait. Episode 3 will appear next weekend. For more info on the series [...]

The Map Of Crystal Lake

Within the Friday the 13th franchise (notably the Paramount years before New Line decided the only constant need be Jason) are a smattering of locations loosely within the geographical sphere of Crystal Lake. With rarely any direct indication of one chapter’s location’s proximity to another other than “vaguely nearby”, fans have attempted over the years [...]

The Slasher Movie Encyclopedia: Friday The 13th Part 3D

Are you guys ready to enter a new dimension of terror? Don’t say you are if you aren’t, cuz it’s about to get harry.

Jason X Director James Isaac Ill

We have some sad news to report, courtesy of reader George: Recently I received an autograph from the director of Jason X, Pig Hunt, Skin Walkers and the Horror Show - Jim Isaac. In conversing with Harriet Isaac (his wife I believe) she let me know how much my fanmail meant to him afterwards. Apparently [...]

F13th: Tommy Jarvis – Chapter 14

Picking up where the story threads of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning left off, Friday The 13th: Tommy Jarvis is a 16-chapter fan novel written by Christopher Highland serialized here on Friday The 13th Blog. Previous Entries Click Here Chapter Fourteen

The Slasher Movie Encyclopedia: Friday The 13th - Part 2

Howdy, one and all. I’m the new counselor, Caliber. I’m Caliber Winfield, and through the power of our gracious hosts here at, I’ve become their newest acquisition in the writing department. What I tend to bring are things like Top 5′s, reviews of Friday related merch, and excerpts from my Slasher Movie Encyclopedia. What’s [...]


Episode 1 of Friday The 13th: The Obsession is live! The new Friday the 13th web series will be running until the 8th and final episode on Friday January 13, 2012 Friday the 13th: the Obsession involves a a fan of the ‘Friday The 13th’ series, “Amy” who is so obsessed with the series villain [...]