3D Or Not 3D? That Is The Question.

Starting at the beginning of this year, the visitors to this website have been building and creating the marketing and production crew for a new Friday the 13th movie. Let’s just call it the Ultimate Friday the 13th movie. We have the poster, the production crew and the shooting location. I guess the next question is, should it be in 3D? Every movie that is greenlit nowadays is done so with the thought of putting the film into that 3rd dimension. Yes, if the 3D is done correctly, the film can be enhanced and that makes for a better movie watching experience. However, there is only one reason the studios are pushing the 3D craze. Money!


If you visit the multiplexes on a regular basis, you know that theaters are charging a minimum of $5 extra per ticket for admission. This helps boost the overall sales numbers for the films released in 3D and is the only thing right now getting huge numbers of people into theaters. Otherwise most people would rather stay home with their Blu-Ray or Netflix and their 50-70 inch flat panels. Not saying that the theaters would be empty, but ticket sales would be down a good amount.


 We have already had one Friday the 13th movie released in 3D and I admit that the movie is significantly more entertaining when viewed in the proper 3D at the theater. So, would you like to see your Ultimate Friday the 13th movie filmed in 3D? What about the inevitable sequel to the hit 2009 movie?

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  1. I think that any Friday the 13th movie can stand by itself without needing any gimmcs. Gimmics always have a tendency to take away from the story and the characters. I would love to see a Friday the 13th movie that scared the hell out of me instead of making me laugh and cheer. Lets use the special effects to enhance the story instead of ruining it.

  2. I’m always down for 3D but if it would cheapen the movie in other departments that would really be a let down. I’ve seen cheap movies done in 3D just for the gimmick factor and then there have been highly anticipated films from big studios that have added 3D without it hurting the rest of the movie. I believe it’s possible to make it work depending on the proper budget and time constraints.

  3. I agree. This 3D fad is getting pretty old. Movie tickets are getting expensive as it is without having to shell out the extra cash for the “premium” 3D theatres, especially when the 3D is added in post-production resulting in substandard to awful results. Jason as a character doesn’t need to be three-dimensional and neither does the film. A good film maker can bring you into the film without gimmicks.

  4. Thinkin bout it there should be another 3d F13TH film.It wood be cool,but i agree wit da rest,it is kinda gettin old.But it this does turn 3d please have knives,axes or shapr objects come out like Final Destination 4.They dont do that anymore.

  5. I love Part III, but there’s parts in it I’m thinking WTF? Then I have to remind myself They’re playing to the 3-D. I’d rather have a 2-D Ultimate Friday, and be happy watching it over & over!!! No matter how big or small screen I’m watching it on

  6. I would say No to the whole F13 in 3D. Some movies are cool with it, but not Friday. If they do a 3D movie though, Jason better not be all CGI. The new Resident Evil movie has all CGI monsters for the most part.
    I would rather see Savini, Mears, Manfredini, and Paramount contributing to the film. After all, it’s supposed to be a Horror Movie…..not Avatar.

  7. NO! (This 3-D movie gimmick is really pushing down on our souls), it would be okay for maybe the finale. (Like Freddy’s Dead, but NOT the whole entire movie) I don’t wear glasses, so this would be uncomfortable for me, sorry guys, don’t mean to offend. This is the “13th” in the franchise, so allow it to have an old-school feel, and bring back Savini-NOT ALL CGI, Yes for Mears’ return, and Paramount should have FULL rights to it. I would even like to have Mr. Sean S. Cunningham directing again with Mr. Harry Manfredini composing the music score.

  8. I say, hell yeah! Why not? What some may or may not think. I thought part 3 was pretty good. As long as there is a talented crew, I’m sure the 3-D would add to the movie, rather than take away from it. Just please, don’t let it be Fuller, Form, and Bay!

  9. I say no to 3D. Enough is enough. What this franchise truly needs to do is focus on how to make it great, scary again. Try to find a way to make it fresh. Have a great story, believable/likeable characters and other things. I for one will be hoping for a new kind of story. Taking some old ideas and mixing them with some new ideas. Just please, please, please don’t put it in 3D. I’ve never really liked the technology and I believe it to be a fad, that I had hoped would fad away but doesn’t seem to.

  10. I actually like the 3D aspect on films, especially on horror movies, but this 3D gimmic is getting out of control, it’s okay to have 2 or 3 horror films in 3D, but not all of them. As for this Friday the 13th sequel I much rather have them do it in 2D and wait for later sequels to do it in the 3D aspect.

  11. Yeah, this 3d fad is FAR from over. I mean now it’s 3D-TV…(acting like HD is no good anymore…stop it, just stop it with the 3D hype shit already.)

    Hey JASONFURY, don’t mean to drag Never Sleep Again into another blog post, but I just wanted to let you know I broke down and bought it on Amazon for $21.00. It said I’ll have in 3-5 business days with it shipping out tomorrow. So now “my nightmare” is over…unless we see Friday2 is in full 3D that is…anyways, yeah, good buy, and good times ahead for it…8hrs. long

  12. Yeah you never have two 3D versions in the same series. I can’t think of any movie series or sequel that had more than “1″ 3D version of the film.

    If there is a movie that put out more would have to be some Disney / Pixar type of film that I have never seen or it would have to be something with a main “3D” premise to the whole series.

    But If I am wrong I would love to know. If anyone knows please reveal.


  13. I don’t think the 3D thing is going away. In fact I think it’s going to become the standard for most films in the near future. It’s coming to the tv and soon to video games. It’s also being developed to work without the glasses. It’s not just a gimmick anymore, it is the future of media.

    Saw VII will be in 3D, and another NOES is in the works which will be in 3D. There’s no doubt The next time we see Jason he will be in 3D. So it’s not really an option. I hope it works out and they make a good movie that doesn’t just treat the 3D like a gimmick, but a new way to experience movies.


  15. definitely yes

  16. no 3D, it’s still not that good. It’s 3D on a 2D screen..yah?! When we get to movies that can do 3D like the Time Traveler Game (1981), oh yeah, you remember the cowboy and the girl in the skirt, lol. Now that is 3D.

  17. The next one is part 13, so they should do something special. Friday the 13-D th!!! Not.

    I so wish I had seen part 3 in the proper polarized 3D instead of the beat blue and red DVD that gave me a migraine and didn’t even work right. Then I could make an informed decision

  18. 3D is fine only if it’s shot in 3D but doing that is very time consuming and expensive and we know the studio won’t invest a lot in it so that takes that option off the table. However I’d love to see F13 in IMAX (as far as gimmicks go). 90 foot screen, crystal clear video & audio. I’d love to see that instead of 3D to be honest.

  19. Yeah might as well make it in 3-D. For years and years I wished to see FT13th Part 3 in the theatre with the right glasses. Not like the crappy 3-D on the deluxe edition. I figure if they do this sequal in 3-D itll be the closest I’ll get. I dont live in one of those big towns where they bring classic films back to theatres. So Im all for a new 3-D FT13th film.

  20. 3D or Not 3D isn’t really the question. It’s PD or NOT PD! (btw the answer is not PD)

  21. I was lucky enough to see “Friday The 13th Part 3″ in 3D with the polarised glasses, damn good fun it was too - I was really disappointed with the 3D effect on the DVD release with the coloured lenses. I’m all for a new “Friday” in 3D, as long as it continues the original franchise and completes the series with the 13th episode. I’d call it “The 13th Friday”.

  22. No 3D. And no more remakes..Please!!!

  23. No 3D…

  24. @bk with Bloody sauce:

    The game you are referring “Time Traveler” from Sega wasn’t actually “3D” in the traditional sense, it was done with “Holograms” which would require a very oddly shape theater to pull it off. Cool in some degree, but the price of a movie ticket would be out of this world.


  25. I heard that the movie is at a standstill and most likely isnt going to happen anytime soon…can anyone confirm this? Im not going to say the site.

  26. Crap NO!

    Friday the 13th doesn’t need any 3-D.

    The ONLY 3D allowed would be if Devon and Bubba Ray come out and watch it. That’s it!

  27. Friday The 13th does not need 3D. 3D is a fad that really should’ve stayed dead. My Bloody Valentine 3D and even Final Destination 3D are reasons enough why a horror movie of this caliber shouldn’t even think about it.

    On a side note, that cover kicks so much ass.

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