A Look At Some International Marketing Materials

As many of the visitors to this website know, I am a huge fan and collector of marketing materials for the series and most of the International materials offer different variations on what the United States has to offer. Whenever I find something unique I like to share with everyone here, so today I want to share a few items, one that I found and another that was sent into the website.

First I have a U.K. video store promotional standee from 1987 for Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. I have seen this once before and I did not display it on the website, so when Chris sent this in yesterday, I thought I better get this out for everyone to see. Big thanks to Chris for the picture!


The other item I found that I wanted to share was a Russian poster for Friday the 13th 2009. I don’t remember seeing this particular poster when the movie was released last year, but the poster art itself is nothing new. I just like seeing the Russian language on the poster. Very cool! Check out the website, www.fri13.ru , that was set up in Russian. It is the original teaser website that was set up before the full site went live.

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  1. I remember gawking as a teen at the Jason Lives poster that hung in the window of the little video store in my neighborhood. These displays and posters are incredible, even the non-horror film promotional items. I wish I was forward-thinking enough at the time to grab the Beauty and the Beast display the store had for my daughter’s room. She would have loved it. This display for Friday V would look great in my living room.

  2. I’m from Russia and it’s nice to see russian goodness here.
    Wow, I don’t remember seeing this poster in the marketing campaign, though I like it most. We have lots of Friday fans here in Russia, as the franchise was one of the most popular hits at the VHS in the 90s.
    For theaters we had a ’standing jason’ posters. Also I remember some cool valentine’s day gift cards, and stickers with another hockey mask poster which read ‘I’m already here’.
    The upper left is a logo of our channel that air many horror, thriller movies, though I never saw friday films among them…

  3. Glad you found something new, st.nagornyy! I like the sound of the marketing materials you mention. It would be cool to see some of those. ;)

  4. I would love to own that standee!! awesome. How tall is it?
    Thanks for sharing!

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