A New Beginning Japanese Lobby Cards

I have been meaning to post these up here for a while and keep getting preoccupied, so here they are. They are really great cards and are much different than the Mexican lobby cards that I own. I have to say thanks to daizab for using these images.








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8 Responses to “ A New Beginning Japanese Lobby Cards ”

  1. There are six kinds of robby cards presented here.
    However, eight kinds of robby cards exists.
    Therefore, two kinds of designs are sure to exist excluding these.
    However, because I do not own them,
    I cannot present it. It is regrettable.

  2. Oh, I made a mistake.
    “robby cards” was a mistake, and correctness was “lobby cards”.
    English that I used was poor…

  3. Badass set. Very nice indeed.

  4. Great images!

  5. Is it me or does the picture of the poser Jason look like Michael Myers with a Hockey mask. I know, I know they guy also Myers

  6. love those cards!! yes he does! i think hes a bit confused as too who he thinks he should be.

  7. yea Michael wears a dark blue jumpsuit just like that 1, i booked that way back when too

  8. nice pictures

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