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part5japanposterSome fans may not like the movie as it fits into the series, but you must appreciate the Japanese poster created to promote the movie in theaters. This is by far my favorite of all of the Japanese 1-sheets for the series. I love how they cover Tina’s breasts with a bra using some pre Photoshop work.

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  1. this poster fucking rocks! i must have it!!!!

    i personally don’t hate the movie. it’s the first one i saw in it’s R-rated form - previously i had just seen tv cuts of part 1 & pieces of part 2 with my parents, and i was just becoming aware of the hockey mask jason hype.

    i was about 8 yrs old and me and my dad saw this one in the video store with the (inaccurate) hockey mask on the cover and i said “dad, it’s one with JASON in it!!!” so he rented it for me.

    my ultra-religuous best friend stopped by right at tina’s big-tittied nude scene and i was like “dude, look she’s laying there naked!!!” the next day he told me he was never allowed to see me again.

    anyways, enough reminiscing. i don’t hate this entry. it’s lower on my list, BUT the belt around the eyes is one of my fave kills. great choice of pics for the poster.

    this is one of my main disputes with the new Friday, FvJ, & JX…why aren’t they coming up with shit like that?? i’m sick of seeing jason slash and jab with a machete…this may not have even been the real jason, but at least they knew they had to have some inventive kills.

    once again…i want this fucking poster.

  2. now this is an intense movie poster! i’d hang this in my living room wall if not for my girlfriend beatin the shit outta me when she walked in and saw it.

  3. everything about this rules. if they had to put a bra on her, at least they chose a good complimentary color. Everyone remembers this belt on the head kill. How did the killer know which tree to hide behind? Who cares? That’s what’s great about these movies. He just KNOWS

  4. I love this poster proudly displays the belt kill front and center. Why can’t most US movie posters be that cool?

  5. F13 Japanese poster:


  6. daizab,
    Thanks for posting the link. I own all of these except the Jason X poster. I have seen it before and I think that one looks great too. The Final Chapter poster is funny because it also is promoting another movie at the bottom.

    Isn’t geocities going away soon, too?

  7. Great poster, love the images they used in it … Friday Part 5 will always be a weird and strange entry in the series but it holds a special place in my heart cause that was the first film of the series i ever saw. I remember being about 10 or 11 and huddling up with a few friends in someone’s basement and someone had gotten the video tape and we just heard it was the scariest movie around so of course we just had to see it. I remember the movie just being so shocking … no one was spared, there was no pity, that guy behind the mask just had to kill everyone who got in his way.

    Once i saw part 6 … i was hooked forever !

  8. Sorry……
    I am very weak at English……

  9. hell yeah tommyblah, the new ones could get a little more creative. I think I’ll always prefer the old ones no matter how many more they make.

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