“A New Beginning” Uncut/Extended Scenes

I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up that these deleted scenes include Jakes death scene complete with meat cleaver to his face or Violet getting the machete to her more than private area. What I have today is nowhere near those type of awesome cut scenes. However, for those fans out there who are not aware, there is an alternative cut of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning called Version 2. This can be found for sale, but I do not recall where I have seen it for sale previously. At any rate, this alternate cut of the film does not offer a lot of differences between itself and the theatrical cut that we have all seen before, however there are a few notable scenes.

From what I remember, the Version 2 of the film is almost like a television cut as there is a lot of profanity and some nudity that is removed. The few notable scenes that are different will only be noticed by real hardcore fans of A New Beginning. These notable scenes are below.

In the beginning of the film, during the dream sequence, Jason stabs one of his victims in the neck. The viewer only sees a close-up of the stabbing into the neck and then his victim falls to the ground. In the uncut scene, Jason stabs his victim in full view without the closeup. This gives a more realistic death.

Demon and his girlfriend are engaged in toilet humor when Anita suddenly quiets down during the pair’s duet. When Demon opens the door, he sees Anita on the ground with her neck slit. In the uncut scene there are two shots of Anita on the ground. The first is a wide shot of the body and then the second shot, which has been seen in the theatrical release, is a zoom in of the neck wound.

Since I do not own the film, I do not have the scenes available to show here, but there is a website that has made the clips available for download to view. View these clips and other uncut scenes of other films at Deleted Horror Scenes. Scroll down a little bit and you will find the scenes mentioned above.

So, although these scenes are not earth shattering, it might satisfy just a little hunger for fans to see something a little different from this film!

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  1. I dont know why all the deluxe editions arent like part 1, UNCUT!!!. All the gore from the FT13th films were considered to inappropreate in the 80’s and was cut from the films. But nowadays we have movies like Saw and Final Destination, which are way more gore than any Jason film. The one installment i want to see uncut is part 7. I know its possible to finalize the raw footage. Just when will it ever happen?

  2. I would love to see that for A New Beginning, but all of that extra footage is gone, according to the producers of the Special Edition DVD’s. It may exist on VHS in someone’s basement? ;)

  3. Here’s a cool blooper, if you watch her throat, you can see the pulse.

  4. I’ve heard several places that the Dutch VHS release of Part V from the 80’s is uncut (same applies for parts 2 to 4 and 6 to 8). Haven’t been able to track it down, much to my chagrin.

    The uncut deaths in Part V are much stronger.

  5. Also, I’m currently working on uncut fan edits of Parts 4 and 6, using the uncut footage from the recent Region 1 DVD’s. So far they look great and I’ll be uploading them as burnable DVD images when they are ready. I’m just adding uncut gore, no extra dialogue scenes or anything like that.

    I’ve given up on Paramount ever releasing Parts 2 to 8 uncut.

  6. you can get this and others from workprint trading :)

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