A Tale Of Two Shrines. Past To Present Mummy

Leading up to the release of the new Friday the 13th in 2009, a lot of fans were already beginning to draw comparisons between what they had seen in trailers and in print and how they correlated to the films in the 1980’s. Questions were swirling around about what elements of the original movies would be depicted in the new film and how would those elements stand up to what had been established so many years ago. For alot of the fans, there were going to be a few main points that were of great interest.

Were the writers and director going to show what happened to Mrs. Voorhees, at what point in the film was that scene going to happen, and would the sequence play out similar to the original 1980 film’s ending. Those questions were answered almost immediately in the beginning of the new film, but another major question still loomed. When in the film would Mrs. Voorhees’s shrine be found and how would the shrine to his mother be depicted. Since the climactic discovery of the shrine of Mrs. Voorhees in Part 2 was so instrumental in discovering the driving force of Jason Voorhees, many people were curious to see if the effect of discovering the mummified head of Jason’s mother in the new 2009 film would hold the same effect with today’s audience. Sadly, the film failed to capture any of the magic that the original discovery brought forth in 1981’s Friday the 13th Part 2.

In the 1981 film version, an actual shrine display was created by Jason to memoralize his mother in a respectful manner in her own room. The shrine was completed in the middle of the room with a table and decorative bodies. However, in the 2009 film, Jason shoved his mother’s head into a hole in the wall of the bathroom? Not quite the respectful showing of a son who is mourning the loss of his mother. The whole scene of Whitney and her boyfriend finding the deceased Mrs. Voorhees’ head seemed like it was written into the story quickly to insert another quick homage into the modern retelling of Jason Voorhees. It felt rushed and did not lend anything extra to the Jason character except for a cheap scare, which marginally worked at the first viewing.

It really is too bad that poor, mummified Mrs. Voorhees could not have been memorialized in a better light. At least she can be assured to be only inches away from a nice bath in a tub full of dirty water and disease.

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  1. Yea, I was disappointed with the way the shrine was setup for Mrs. Voorhees in the film. I thought they would have found that at the end ofthe film and then there would have been a flashback to what happenned to her at the Camp back in 1980. Oh well, the reboot was pretty good anyways.

  2. i didn’t even know it was her head the first time.the bloke drops it before you realize!bad directing!the mothers head should of been underground in the mines(with candles)!

  3. the mothers head should of been underground in the mines(with candles)!

    Agreed, it would have made much more sense that he would have had her down in the area where he seemed to spend the most time.

  4. The “reboot” left some to be desired mainly in the supporting cast. But as far as Jason and Pamela goes, I think they were handeled fine. People beat up on the 2009 movie way more than I would have expected. Especially seeing as how we have let WAY bigger inconsistencies go in the series before this one.

  5. If i remember correctly. there was candles around the hole in the wall i am not sure if they were lit or not. We cant forget the reboot was a ” re-imagining” and not a scene by scene remake. The fact that jason keeps his mothers head hidden in a hole in the cabin is maybe because he doesnt want anybody to find it when hes not there. And I when i first saw the movie I thought to myself how gross it must be to pull that thing out. Ishhhh!

  6. After its discovery in the shack, it would only make sense to re-hide it. Maybe he liked it being in a hole to make sure people searching through his things were less likely to find it. But, as mentioned, it would have possibly made more sense for it to be where he would be able to keep a better eye on it. He does spend more time in the mines, or so it would seem, and it would likely have been a better hiding place.

    Maybe it had decayed so much over so many years that it made him too sad and or angry to look at. In Part 2, it still somewhat resembled his mother. Decades later, it is mostly a skull with hair. Perhaps it was too much for him to bare so he hid it in a hole with candles outside to respect it without having to see it.

    She died 1979/1980 (Depends if you take the 1980 [present] date on Part 1’s intro or the 1979 date on her grave stone in Part 4, or the 1980 date on Part 12’s intro.) Part 2 is said to happen five years after Part 1. So, the head wouldn’t be too decomposed after five years. It had been decades sense her death by the [present] date in 2009; twenty nine years. It hardly even looks like her anymore, as would be expected.

  7. Your right, it was rushed, it was like…..well her head is in the film, and that was it!!
    They should off put more effert in to making it look like a proper memorial like you guys say, he loved his mother so so so so much!

  8. At the beginning of part 2, Pamela’s head was in Alice’s refrigerator wasn’t it? That’s not the best way to honor her death either. Seemed like Jason was trying to make Alice aware of why she’s dying. Later when he has the shrine it was like;”here mom, this is for you”

  9. That was poor how they did the shrine scene in the remake. And it was kind of ruined for Me anyway because they showed that part in the trailer at comicon. I wasnt there but I watched a bootlegged trailer on Youtube. Why Jason would stuff His Mothers head in a wall I cant really figure that out. He goes on an apeshit rampage when He thinks back to the night His Mother died. Its a sore subject for Him, so the head in the wall just makes no sense. There were some melted candles, but still it wasnt a smart desicion. The one scene that reminds Me of any of the classic FT13th films, is when Jason grabs Clay from behind through a window. Makes Me think of Jason grabbing Tommy in The Final Chapter. And Id like to close on something a little off subject, but its kind of in relation to the shrine scene. In Wrong Turn 3 which I watched last night, Three Finger has His sons head on a stick kind of set up like a shrine with candles and everything. It made Me think of FT13th part 2 immediately. I always figured Wrong Turn was inspired by FT13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Who knows.

  10. The remake was crap, and I will never change my mind.

  11. The head was preceded by a stairway of melted wax and candles and surrounded by fairy lights. Mrs Voorhees head was in the wall just like a statue in a grotto so I think Jason (or the set designers) put a lot of thought into it. I do think the remake was made to introduce a new audience to the franchise… an audience that needs faster paced jump scares hence the quick shot of the head. Overall I think the opening to the Friday remake was outstanding in the series… It was certainly one of the most disturbing scenes and a pretty intense chase scene overall…. I only wish that the writers had used less characters in the rest of the movie to take a little more time to flesh them out a bit before the disposed of them… then again… that’s what Friday the 13th has always been about…

  12. I like to tell myself that its because people snooping around the campgrounds (maybe a potential re-open) but its definately not very Jason-esque to shove her head in the bathroom wall.

  13. I disagree with putting the head in the mine. He wanted it in the house he grew up it. Maybe he hid it so it wouldn’t be found if someone was snooping around.

    I like the remake. 20 years from now, you all will too. It will probably be a while before you see another Friday the 13th film. At least 4 years, I’m sure.

  14. Honestly this seemed a little more realistic to me. I see a hole being made in a wall as a makeshift shrine, but making a whole center piece for her while jason is supposed to be a wild child seems off to me.

  15. I liked the remake and I didn’t have a problem with how it was done. The driving force behind Jason is his mothers death and honestly the flashback he had when sharpening his machete which sent him into a berserk mode and it sold his motivation very, very well. He was seething and just went ape shit. I dug that aspect a lot.

    The shrine itself didn’t feel rushed, it just wasn’t important which I had no problem with. As long as the feeling is there for her (and it was) then that’s what matters.

  16. THe ’shrine’ in the 2009 movie was very good. I try to explain why, sorry my language.
    The first, Jason is shown pretty much as a scavenger. He sees something, (if it looks good to him) he takes it. The mask, kerosene, and the other stuff. Basicly, he takes things that fit his very basic needs (cloth, kerosene,weapons (e.g. the bow) etc.) and things that matter something for him (his mothers head, her necklace etc.).
    The second, he thinks primally (practically). He’s a primal being. not a savage, but close to it. So, the reason why the ’shrine’ looks ‘not quite respectful’ is beacuse Jason doesn’t know about how to disguise a place. He did what it takes to keep his mommy close and safe (in his mind): found a safe place from which it couldn’t be stolen (a hole in the wall is the safest one, it’s simple), solved the problem of candles (bathtub). He even added some extra light (the chain of bulbs which is on). That’s his best at disguising a place.

  17. hey jasonsfury,
    can we do a poll about the 2009 movie!!!
    like/dislike-and age.
    i would really like to know the statistics.
    ill start…

  18. Wanted to love it but I do like it

  19. Liked it - 34

  20. Liked it (a lot actually) - 22

  21. Liked 33

  22. Dislike isn’t bad enough for me…LOL!!
    Hate beyond words-39

  23. I thought the shrine was done very well. Maybe, if it wouldn’t have slowed the pacing down badly, the writers could’ve expanded on it some more. But honestly, it’s a small part of Jason’s story, and without going into a lot of ridiculous details, the people behind the remake left it open for fans to guess why Pamela’s shrine is set up the way it is. I really like some of the theories behind the shrine’s placement that others have listed so far on this thread.
    I appreciate the remake and, aside from the last 20 mins or so (which felt rushed), I thought it was very well developed and executed.

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