AMC FearFest Week: Derek Mears And Jason Voorhees

As part of the miniseries of events that AMC has put together for fans to enjoy between movies, Derek Mears took part in what is called ‘New Blood’. This small series examines new talents that injected something fresh and exciting into the horror genre. In Derek’s case, he reinvigorated a character that was soured by the film Freddy vs Jason.

In the video below, Derek talks about his approach to the Jason character and how people interacted on the set!

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6 Responses to “ AMC FearFest Week: Derek Mears And Jason Voorhees ”

  1. you can kind of just tell he’s a fan. Especially on the behind the scenes footage of the remake dvd, where he’s getting made up and describing how jason is setting them up. you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice.

  2. Whether you like the remake or not you have to admit Derek did do a really good job! I mean I thought he made Jason scary and a little creepy again instead of just some big guy wearing a mask like he said. He was by far the best since Kane Hodder!

  3. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s watching all the Friday’s. My favorite Jason is still Kane but I was really impressed with Derek a lot and like thevengefulmachete said, you can really tell he’s a big fan. Great job Derek!!!!!

  4. derek ha logrado darle la potencia e inteligencia a jason…grande derek…es uno de los jason favoritos mios como el de kane hodder de la parte VII los mejores de la saga…the best!!!!!!!

  5. I agree the shape78. Even though the remake blew, he was good as Jason. That just goes to show that no matter who plays a villain, it can’t save the rest of the movie, at least in a horror movie. Jackie Earle Haley didn’t keep the NOES remake from sucking. Tyler Mane’s brutal version of Michael didn’t keep H2 from sucking either.

    Hopefully if they ever do make that Friday sequel, they keep Derek Mears as Jason and get someone talented involved unlike Platinum Dunes.

  6. Derek rocks!!!! I really hope He comes back for the sequal.

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