Australian Lobby Sheet, Daybill Posters Friday the 13th (1980)

I really love the vintage look of these posters for Friday the 13th (1980). What’s great about the lobby sheet is it can be cut up into lobby cards for display. In fact, a lot of theatres would do so to promote the movie.


I like the the Australian Daybill for the sole reason that is has the picture of the axe in the bed. One of my favorite images from the movie. Plus I like the slim dimensions of the poster. I think it’s 30 inches by 13 inches.


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4 Responses to “ Australian Lobby Sheet, Daybill Posters Friday the 13th (1980) ”

  1. I like the one with the axe on the bed.
    I wonder if the cover of ‘Kill ‘Em All’ was inspired by it..

  2. great artful nude pic shown. The vintageness of these reminds me how cutting edge this flic was at the time. I can still watch it with the lights out and get that bleak creeped out feeling. And the brutality of it, like Bill pegged to the door with an arrow through his eye, neck and… nuts. Now that’s pure hate

  3. 1980 was a long time ago, it is vintage. these cards look sweet though, love the kevin bacon holding the boobs shot

  4. Love the shadow of the axe

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