Behind The Scenes Clip From Upcoming Friday The 13th (2009) DVD/Blu-Ray Release

If you head over to Bloody Disgusting you can view part of a behind the scenes clip that will be on both the DVD and Blu-Ray Release in a little over a week. There are just a few interviews with some cast and producers showcased. Get a little taste of what you’re waiting for.


On a side note. This comment is to the fans of the series that come to this website. For those of you that saw this in the theater and felt burned, please give this movie a second look with the killer cut. I mean, if you’re a true fan, then you have to like enough about this movie to enjoy it a second time and have it grow on you. I know for a fact that there are people I know who hated movies in the original series from the 80’s and now fully appreciate the films for what they are.

I love the series and know there are crappy scenes, dialogue, direction that have been bestowed upon us in past movies. To me it doesn’t matter. I to this day am still so pissed off about the end of Jason Takes Manhattan, that it’s still hard to discuss with people. However, I like the rest of the movie for what it is. If I only got 1 minute of Jason in Time Square then it’s better than not having him there at all. There’s nothing cooler!

Anyways, enjoy the new movie in a couple of weeks. Happy Friday the 13th!

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25 Responses to “ Behind The Scenes Clip From Upcoming Friday The 13th (2009) DVD/Blu-Ray Release ”

  1. I downloaded the “extended cut”…it wasn’t bad, not great either. I’m definately not going to blow money on it so a bunch of Hollywood elitists can add an extension to their house.

    Plus the subtle hint of racism in the film ruined it. It basically says, if you’re the douchebag white-boy, you too can get the hot girl to ride you all night, but if you’re the Asian or black guy…you’re just fucked.

  2. The extended cut was so much better that I’m definitely buying the killer cut.

  3. I will watch the killer cut and try to give this dissapointing movie another chance but I still have my reservations.

  4. jason kicks ass!i can’t wait for part 2

  5. Looking forward to the extended Travis kill.At the start of the film he’s the guy you just know is gonna get wasted……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  6. june 16th….have you seen “his name was jason” documentary?

  7. Anyone seen Drag Me To Hell.Was thinking about going to see it after work tomorrow if it’s any good…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  8. Drag Me To Hell was a very fun ride. It had a good mix of humor and scares. If you appreciated the Evil Dead series you will appreciate this movie. Trust me, you won’t even notice its PG-13.

    As for the remake…I really can’t justify a purchase of it when it comes out. I thought the first act of the film was great but then it kind of got slow, trailed off, and then boring. I swear, I even think Jason was happy to get that machete impaled in his chest at the end because I could tell he was getting bored with it too. I saw Friday the 13th Part 4 at a revival theater last night in Los Angeles and the experience was much much different.

  9. jimbo

    how so? uhh final chapter that is

  10. neromanson,

    The pacing in Friday the 13th Part is much better and it is not as drawn out or as inconsistent as it is in the remake where very long periods of time can go between a kill. Characters are more developed and likable. The horror formula is just brewed better in Friday the 13th Part 4.

  11. What’s so bad about the ending of Jason Takes Manhattan? Jason didn’t actually turn into a little boy, it was just another one of Rennie’s hallucinations. I believe he just melted and that was it.

  12. See that makes more sense to me now… him turning into a little kid was stupid to me. But then what, did he reassemble himself and walk back to crystal lake for part 9?… idk.

  13. I can not wait for F13 to hit DVD…I know it’s only one more week…but it’s hard!!!

  14. Trent’s extended death scene. Decent quality.

  15. Nosferatu,
    That’s a good explanation in trying to justify the ending, however it was the evil being pulled from Jason’s body after the toxic waste ate him away that left the little boy in the sewers. Very lame. Oh well, throwing future Jason, Ken Kirzinger, into the Diner mirror was worth the ticket alone.

  16. So in order to be a true fan I have to like this turd? bullshit! The rebutchering of F13 is an insult to die hard fans…

  17. hey lay off the reboot….it was awesome!
    jason still kicks ass……..

  18. Chris,
    You don’t have to like the movie. Everyone has their opinion. I am trying to figure out the hatred some have towards this movie. It has all of the elements the original movies have. Some fans don’t like the way Jason looks or the way Jason runs or the cardboard characters he kills. I remember hearing the same comments 20 to 25 years ago about the older movies in the series. Now, most people like all of the original movies.

    Everyone does realize that the characters and plot and whole formula are exactly the same between the new Friday and all others in the franchise? People nitpick this movie to death, much like the new Halloween movies. Be glad you’re not getting hobo Jason and enjoy the fact you got a new Friday the 13th to watch. I’d rather have something new that still uses the original formula than nothing at all.

  19. I ALWAYS thought it was another one of Rennie’s hallucinations at the end of F13 8. She sees him as a kid SEVERAL times in the film. And Jason doesn’t even completely melt (though his mask does). He’s washed away.

  20. Oh and don’t forget about the reviewers saying that Jason is a marijuana farmer. I thought that was hilarious, Jason wasn’t interested in pot. He’s interested in killing anyone who trespasses onto his territory. I see clearly the homages that were thrown in this reboot from Parts 2, 3 and 4. I think this Jason is a little more realistic and almost identical with the earlier human Jasons.

    I’m looking forward to the Killer Cut of this movie. I knew the deaths were toned down a bit for the theatrical trailer. I’m definitely interested in seeing how they were really meant to be. I’m not reading any spoilers or watching any footage. I’m waiting until the 16th. I’ve got mine pre ordered.


  22. I just saw the dvd and honest to god travis van winkle has got to be the absolute sexiest!!! especially with the sex scene wish that was me with him insted of that girl!!! HE IS SOOOOO SEXY AND GORGEOUS!!! I bet he is sooo gorgeous in person!!!! i also have the blu ray hope the sex scene is extended!!!! that is MY FAVORITE SCENE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE along with seeing travis!!!!

  23. OH MY GOD i just looooove travis van winkle discussing his death scene with his shirt off!!!! his laugh is like soooooo sexy and cute. he looked sooooo gorgeous on it!!!! he also has the sweetest face AHH!!!! he is the guy you just wanna GIVE A HUGE BEAR HUG TO!!!

  24. he was one of the more realistic characters, so kudos to him for that. I wish he had a better death. The deaths in this movie weren’t that compelling; were any of them memorable? (think cryogenic face smash in part X, or wheelchair guy in part 2). I was dissapointed to hear how much cgi was used in the deaths too.

  25. I just totally love travis as trent in friday the 13th!!! he is just the kind of guy you just wanna totally get intimate with!!!! especially the sex scene and where he comes outside and smiles AHHH!!! I JUST LOVE THAT!!! ALSO on the seven best kills he is shirtless WOOHOO another reason to be turned on!!! OH MY GOD!!! HOW GORGEOUS CAN TRAVIS VAN WINKLE GET!!! WISH THAT WAS ME IN THAT SEX SCENE instead of that girl!!!

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