Behind The Scenes Wednesday: Junior’s Head

We are going to start a new weekly blog highlighting behind the scenes photos from all of the films in the franchise. There will be no uniformed pattern or theme, but rather a more random approach to the images that are displayed. It is absolutely possible that images we feature in this weekly blog will have been seen already by the many fans that visit our website. If that is the case, still feel free to comment on the images and let us know your thoughts on what may be your favorite scene.

This week we thought we would showcase Junior’s head from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Yes, we know Junior “ain’t so pretty myself, I know.” However, his edited death scene is still a hilarious and pretty entertaining part of the film to watch. Below are a few images of Ron Sloan’s head appearing in various places.

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3 Responses to “ Behind The Scenes Wednesday: Junior’s Head ”

  1. I remember Carol Locatell saying on her Deadpit internet that Ron Sloan managed to track his fake head down and now takes it with him if he does conventions.

    Funniest part was to hear that they had been using his head in other productions and in one use I think she said they had blown a hole in the back of the head and he just put the helmet and goggles back on it to cover up the hole in the back.

    Amazing they he was able to track it down.

  2. “He hurt me ma!!!”

  3. Cool pics bro. I especially like the one at the bottom with Junior and Ethel. Thanks for posting.

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