Behind The Scenes With Derek Mears On Predators

Images of the classic Predator were seen at a behind the scenes Q&A with K.N.B effects at Wonderfest in Lousville this past weekend. Some of the images were captured by an AvP Galaxy member and posted at their Photobucket account. Amongst the pictures is Derek Mears getting into costume as a Predator! Until now it was uncertain what his role was in the film, but now it looks as if he is playing the role of a classic Predator. Check out the photos below.




Source: Bloody Disgusting

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10 Responses to “ Behind The Scenes With Derek Mears On Predators ”

  1. Awesome pictures! I am real excied for this movie this summer. I can’t believe you were able to get these images. Good eye catching Derek amongst all of the pics!

  2. Thanks, David. I almost didn’t realize it was him. Had to do the double take and get some sort of confirmation. Glad you like the pics and I too am excited for the film!

  3. “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” The original Predator is so badass. I can’t wait to see this.

  4. Mears you rock!

  5. This is going to be a kickass movie. AVP and AVPR were just awful. I have a feeling “Predators” will make up for it. And as much as I hate Swarzhanegger cause Im a Californian, the original Predator is one of my favorites.

  6. Mears is awesome

    Looking forward to this film.

  7. Lol my two favorite things….Jason voorhees and predator!! Well derek mears is my hero lol

  8. I’m really glad they are actually using real actors in costumes for all of the live action shots instead of cgi Predators. I think Predators will do the series some major justice.

    …I can’t help to recognize the fact that the sequel’s title merely adds an ’s’ to the original title’s “Predator.” This is exactly what James Cameron did when he made the sequel to “Alien.” If “Predators” is to “Predator” what “Aliens” was to “Alien” then we should be in for a real treat. I have high hopes for this film and I hope it delivers.

  9. Mears as both JASON and PREDATOR…hell yeah! I choose Jason over Freddy as I choose Predator over Aliens ANY day and now 1 bad ass actor/stunman has portrayed both of my fav’s in under 2 years! July can’t get here soon enough…I just hope it’s not a flop with a Predator teaming up with humans for something dumb again…

  10. Corey,

    The Alien franchise is FAR more sophisticated than the Predator franchise. I think its cool that Mears is playing a Predator in the new film but that alone cannot take the terror, mystique, and sheer awesomeness that defines the first two Alien films. At this rate, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mears even gets a chance to play an alien in Ridley Scott’s upcoming prequel to the original Alien.

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