Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason Lives

Director Tom McLoughlin had the daunting task of basically jump starting a franchise that had already killed off it’s anti-hero and tried to take the story into a new different direction excluding that same character. When A New Beginning failed to meet fan expectations, it was decided that Jason Voorhees had to resurrected in order for the series to continue. What resulted is to this date the best critically reviewed film in Friday the 13th film history.

That being said, among the many deaths in the film, which kill stands out in your mind and would be called the best kill in the film?

1 : Allen - heart ripped out

2 : Darren - impaled on a spear and tossed aside

3 : Lizbeth - speared through the mouth.

4 : Burt - arm ripped off, impaled on a tree branch

5 : Stan and

6 : Katie and

7 : Larry - triple decapitation with a machete

8 : Martin - broken bottle in the throat

9 : Steven and

10 : Annette - double impalement with a machete on their motorcycle

11 : Nikki - face crushed against RV wall

12 : Cort - hunting knife in the head

13 : Roy - pieces of him are found strewn in woods

14 : Sissy - head ripped off

15 : Paula - hacked up with a machete

16 : Officer Thornton - dart in the forehead

17 : Officer Pappas - head crushed in Jason’s bare hands

18 : Sheriff Garris - broken in half

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28 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason Lives ”

  1. Id have to say the first kill (heart ripped out) or the triple decapitation was the best.

  2. This again has so many badass kills but Allen and the heart rip is just great, especially now that its clearer on the DVDs. The arm rip and smiley face is a close runner up but I like my no bullshit brutal kills the most.

  3. For me it’s a tie between the heart being ripped out and Sheriff Garris being bent in half. My back goes to hurting every time I think of it

  4. La mejor muerte para mi es la triple decapitación, me gusto mucho la forma como lo hicieron revivir a Jason y se lo volvió inmortal.
    Saludos a todos los fans de la saga desde Ecuador.

  5. def my favorite in the whole series. sometimes people have the attitude that unless it was I-IV, it sucked. That may be true for some of the others but Jason Lives just flat out rocks from beginning to end!!!

  6. I think the Sheriff was the bast kill. Still one of my fav. Friday’s in the Franchise

  7. This one had a lot of creative kills. Again I can’t really decide on one kill only so I’ll pick my top 5 favorite kills. (5) Nikki, (4) Lizbeth, (3) Sissy, (2) Stan, Katie & Larry, (1) Allen. The reason why like Allen’s death is because it’s the first person Jason kills now being a zombie, and we are shown what his capable of now as far as killing. And it was a really good kill too.

  8. This is and has been my favorite Friday movie! To me the best kill is Roy’s, now before someone says something about that let me explain why. Number one, you don’t see it. I remember seeing that movie for the first time and thinking holy shit! It was more frightening to me, seeing Roy running through the woods screaming at the top of his lungs for help and then cut. You don’t see what happend… until Rick finds him (or should I say Pieces of him) When they showed that I was terrified. I mean, the thought of how afraid he was and then to be the only one to get slaughtered like that was horrifying to a 5 year old kid. That kill has stood out to me as the best one and you don’t even see it. So I guess it’s true that its what you don’t see that is scary. After that I’d have to go with Hawes having his heart ripped out.

  9. The Sheriff getting folded in half earns my vote.

  10. Even though I am not a big fan of zombie Jason currently, I was back when this movie came out when I was younger. Honestly, without Zombie Jason, we would have never received the more creative kills that came later in the series. It’s funny to look at these kills and compare them to earlier one (as in strength comparisons).

    Which is good for the fact that we got great kills like “Nikki’s”. That effect came out very well on the screen for it’s time and it’s something about that kill that I always liked, not to mention it’s got a Alice Coopers backdrop.

  11. Sissy was the best cause there was an entire cabin covered in her blood yet no body parts all over the floor so you can imagine Jason went to town on her when he killed her.

  12. Meh, starting with this installment it simply wasn’t the same for me. They were almost PG 13-esque “Monster Movies” as opposed to more Exploitation-style Slasher entries as I’ve mentioned before.

    This one was never really high u on my last. I felt the dark humor in the same year’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was much more uniquely done, and plus I never like C.J. Graham’s Jason performance in this one; way too routine and stilted. Plus Zombiefied-Jason Voorhees simply isn’t even halfway as terrofying as the the Still Human Jason as I called him in Parts 2-through-IV. Plus, Jason’s new hock given to him is too round and plate-like for my liking.

    But alas, to each they’re own. I’d say my favorite kill from it is easily the opening heart ripping from the poor doomed-from-the-start Allan Hawes character. From that point on that was a pretty hard one to beat. Immdiately showed off how powerful he was and how the lightening enfused his body, and how he was no longer even remotely human. Too bad after that admitedly awesome opening the film TRUELY goes down-hill for me. Sorry Part VI lovers, but to each his or her own once again. I also thought the usual final reel fight was one of the weakest of the series even up until now.

  13. Nikki’s face plant is pretty iconic. You can imagine what it was doing to the bones in her face if it was making a perfect impression in aluminum

    Sheriff Garris being bent in half was great too

  14. I like Nikki’s death the best.

  15. Nikki getting her faced slammed into the rv wall definitely ranks up there.

  16. JokerMan, the cabin full of blood was a result of Jason killing Paula, not Sissy, Sissy had her head twisted off outside the cabin.

  17. The triple decap was my fav.

  18. Sheriff Garris

  19. Sheriff Garris. ouch! I always liked this instalment, the ending with Jason going back to his watery grave was one of the best endings of the entire series.

  20. Allens heart getting ripped out was pretty intense…Jason was pissed when he was awaken from his slumber…last thing he needed was some jerk hitting him in the head with a shovel…………

  21. Ah Jason Lives….the proverbial fork in the road for many fans of the series. Some stayed on the road, some got off the road and some just found the road…

    Heart rip, triple decapitation and the face smash were some of the best kills in the series and IMO the best entry in the series followed by Final Chapter and New Blood. Yet as I’ve said before all the Paramount movies are fun and watchable. Once you to get to New Line, the fun stops.

  22. Ahh part 6, one of My favorite installments. There were alot of over the top kills and gore. But I have to say Sherrif Garris is My favorite kill of the movie. He actually gets some good hits off of Jason, but I just love how He gets broken in half backwards. And that popping and cracking sound while Hes doing it just really rocks. One more thing about Jason Lives. I think it has one of the coolest intros ever. Why Hawes would be My 2nd choice. The way Jason rips His heart out really demonstrates how much stronger Hes become. Very great installment.

  23. Ah, the installment that brought car chases and gun fire into the series, and no classic chase scene for the end…how scary.

    My favourite kill was Allen’s heart being punched through.

    …”my heart can’t take anymore”…

  24. i would have to say oz getting his heart ripped out…just humorous to see horshack from welcome back kotter getting disheartened!

  25. Lizbeth – speared through the mouth. This is my favorite kill in the film.

    He just jumps out of nowhere. Awesome scene.

    Still my favorite film in the series

  26. The triple decapitation was my fav. Just one swipe of the machete & 3 people lose their heads. How often you see that kind of kills in a horror film?? ;)

  27. Allen – heart ripped out

  28. To me the best death sequence of “Jason Lives” is the one that takes place in off: you know, the girl (I really don’t remember her name) is alone in one of the cabins, then a door suddenly opens and she nervously goes to close it, then Jason suddenly enters the cabin and then we see the cabin exterior while knowing she’s being killed… I think that’s the best death sequence of the film (to me, of course)…; that same girl is too in one of the best sequences of the whole franchise: the one in which she walks through the cabin while Jason stalks her by walking outside, looking at her through the windows… that’s very creepy!, a great sequence, no doubt…

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