Bracket Challenge: Bikers of Higgin’s Haven

The opening round of the Bracket Challenge is beginning to wind down. Only a few more divisions are left before the start of round two. Rememeber, this is supposed to last through the end of the year, so hold on for the long ride.

There are so many memorable moments in Part 3, which is why is ranks in the top 3 of the franchise in numerous fan polls. One great part of the film are the bikers that Shelly and Vera run into at the convenience store. Each of the bikers were pretty funny and their deaths are some of the best in the movie. Which biker has what it takes to burn down the barn and make it to the next round?

aliAli (Part 3)
The undisputed leader of this biker gang. Not only can he siphen gas from vans, but he’s best at intimidating a jerk that’s better than being a nothing. However, him worrying about the extra activities of Fox and Loco in the barn may have impeded his senses about ol’ Jason lurking near by.

“What are you guys doin’ up there?”


Fox (Part 3)
She believes in proper manners and feeling good between the legs when swinging on …… …ropes in a barn. However, she didn’t have a good feeling about starting a raging fire in a barn. But since the gang was going to go ahead and do it anyways, why not go into the barn for a swing, and a pitchfork to the neck!

“Is this your rubber?”


locoLoco (Part 3)
That damn Ali took the hose away from him. He wanted to suck on that hose and get the gas out of the van. How frustrating. Because of that, he had to go babysit Fox screwing around in the barn. He should have just poored the gas around the barn and lit it. Instead, Jason really sticks it to him, er in him.

“Your dead now woman”

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73 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Bikers of Higgin’s Haven ”

  1. Ali. He’s the only one that fights back & that shot of him smiling before he breaks the windshield is priceless.

  2. Fox, ’cause she’s…well foxy.

  3. Fox,

    Damn you magnoliafreak you stole the damn words out of my. . . ugh finger tips? Well you know what I mean.

  4. Ali!!!!!

  5. Fox

  6. come on, they’re a team! really tough choice. I’m going to say Ali. he had a heart of gold behind that exterior, and he took on Jason twice with ever diminishing returns. That takes a pair right there.

  7. Ali

  8. Ali. He actually stood up to Jason. Not many people intentionally fight the guy. He could have sneaked out the back while Jason was killing Chris. I would have opted for that myself.

  9. Ali. Its all about the balls of steel.

  10. Tough choice erm Fox

  11. Interesting weekly Bracket Challeng.

    Gotta say over all I vote for Ali.

    I mean he actually withstood his initial Jason attack, and then several hours later in the middle of the night around 1 AM-ish, he brave exclaimed “Ya mothafucka!…” and charged after him, only to sadly get his right art hacked off, and then of ocurse, to get brutally hacked to pieces. And if it wasn’t for him, in order to distract Jason with Jason’s sudden need to REALLY make sure he’s dead and to over-hack him, then Chris never would have planeted that axe into Jason’s forehead.

    So Ali all the way. Oh plus, that fine character actor who played him also had a breif role in the enjoyable 1985 original vampire flick Fright Night, of course, which was written & directed by Tom Holland (writer of the fine Psycho II and director of the first Child’s Play film). Really cool guy who played Ali.

  12. fox

  13. Loco-he did all the dirty work.

  14. Ali

  15. Loco

  16. Ali all the way.

    I like him… plus, he gets whooped in FRIGHT NIGHT also.

  17. ali,even tho fox was hot,he went toe to toe with jason,and accidentily saved chris,he did die tho

  18. Ali, the fighter.

  19. Ali!

  20. captain_brandon:

    i agree Psycho II rocks

  21. Ali all the way!

  22. Fox (Part 3)

  23. I vote for Ali. At first You want to just smack him for being a jerk. But at the end he helped chris by him suprisingly rising from the “dead” and losing a limb and then Jason went to work on him with the machete…which of course allowed chris to get the axe to bury in Jason’s dome.

  24. Ali.

    He put up a hell of a fight against Jason and, as a character, is most memorable.

  25. It looks like the Ali’s have it. I’ve also gotta go with Ali.

  26. Ali

  27. Ali on this one…. He comes back for round 2! gots to give him credit for that!

  28. Ali

  29. ali, for failing so badly at revenge

  30. Fox

  31. Ali, for all the reasons everyone else says.

  32. No challenge. Ali is a bad mo-fo. Loco is a dolt. Fox and Loco went down weakly. Ali put up a fight.

  33. Loco

  34. Thanks, ratta tatta touille ;)

  35. Ali. Least he put up a fight…. but then he got cut up a good amount of times by Jason

  36. Ali

    What’s with Loco when he barks? Maybe helps him steal gas easier…

  37. timc,
    That’s his mating call. :)

  38. Fox cause of the pitchfork scene!

  39. A ha! I always thought that part was funny even when I saw it as a kid and wasn’t able to sleep for a week. Sorry, but best film in the series!! Love part 3

  40. Oh and I voted for Ali cause any dude that gets beat down by Jason and gets back up to try and take him down at the end is one tough mutha…..

  41. ALI

  42. I vote for Ali, he managed to survive through the end of the film and had a very cool death.

  43. come on now……Jason had to kill Ali twice to get by him. He was the leader of the group and went down like a leader. Without him, Chris would have gotten the axe(or machete) instead of Jason!!!


  44. ALI

  45. my vote goes to Ali in this one.

  46. Ali!

  47. i vote for Fox

  48. Ali, because he survived getting bludgeoned with a wrench and then instead of sneaking away to safety he decided to try and help chris and then his reward was getting half his arm chopped off

  49. I have to agree with JMDavis. Loco did all of the dirty work, except Ali wanted to suck on that hose to get the gas. Hmm. Alas, I do agree with the majority here. Ali is my pick.

    You know what would have been awesome, if in the dream sequence Jason runs out of the house towards Chris in the boat and then Ali lunges at him with his one arm and starts beating him with one of his chains. Then Jason chops of the other arm and around and around they would go. Ali could have been the Orville Ketchum of Friday the 13th. :)

  50. Definitely ALI!

  51. ali

  52. ali-for all the reasons already given…but really like foxy.

  53. Ali, his was the best death… In part 3, I think Ali was just going after Jason out of revenge for his friends being killed. It didn’t look to me like he was trying to help Chris, it seemed like he didn’t even notice her. He just went straight after Jason with the “mother-fucker” insult, and he seemed pissed.

  54. Ali

  55. Ali

  56. Ali,….I was going to say “For the priceless smile he gives right before breaking the windshield” but when I went to check the comments to see if anyone else said that,sure enough,in the very first comment Tiger Mask said it LOL Oh well,..I’m still sticking with that reason :D

  57. ALI BABY!

    Ali: was all bad-ass
    Fox: was a ditz
    Loco: was an idiot

    There is a reason he was the “leader”.



  58. ALI!

  59. Fox… didn’t yo’ momma teach you manners? Fox all the way!!!

  60. Ali

  61. i will have to go with Ali…

  62. My vote has to go to Ali. He pulled off his own version of Jason’s “coming back-to-life” gag. Just when you thought he was dead, he pops out of nowhere to help Chris. Pretty sloppy on Jason’s part, but he was younger and still honing his craft at that point. lol

  63. Gotta go with Ali. He showed the most heart against Jason. He could’ve stayed low after waking from his initial attack and crept off after Jason left, but he decided to try to avenge his gangs deaths by attacking Jason one last time. Too bad for him Jason was just too much for him.

  64. ALI.For basically all the same reasons as everyone else that’s voted for him………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  65. I also vote Ali. Aside from all the great scenes that have already been mentioned (smiling at Shelley, fighting with Jason), I like a lot of his “little” moments, like yanking the cigarette out of Loco’s mouth when he’s smoking and leaning over an open gas tank at the same time.

  66. Ail Of Course But My Favorite was Fox she was tough but i think she had a heart unlike the other 2 esp in the Novel version

  67. I like in the novel she looks at Shellys condom and say HEY BOYS WE GOT YOURSELVES A REAL MAN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Ali….no contest

  69. shelly! LOL
    no seriously fox

  70. loco, just because he is a low budget character who doesnt seem to fit with fox and ali.

    “Your’e messing everything up, Stop screwing around”

  71. I vote Fox.

    She has some nice sarcastic lines that add humor and I like the drum solo she does while in the barn.

  72. Ali! Not to many victims wind up popping up again!

  73. Ali. Yeah, he dies, but doesn’t he live in one of the alternate endings?

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